15 Month Old Wakes up Screaming Inconsolably

15 Month Old Wakes up Screaming Inconsolably

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As a mom, you will experience several behaviors from your child, especially as they meet different developmental milestones. Their size, feeding, and sleep patterns will change as they grow. As part of their changing sleep patterns, you may one day discover that your 15 month old wakes up screaming inconsolably. Though that may initially be confusing, you must always pay attention to such behaviors. This blog post will explain why your 15-month-old wakes up screaming inconsolable. Keep reading because we will also proffer solutions on how you can best manage the situation.

Why is my 15-month-old waking up screaming? 

1. Sudden illness

Sudden illness is one reason your 15 month old child wakes up screaming non-stop. They may suddenly develop pain in their ears or abdomen, or it could be discomfort experienced from teething. That can make them cry from their sleep out of pain. At other times it may be a way of them getting your attention so you can come to attend to them.

2. Extreme temperature

If your child sleeps under extreme temperatures, they will get uncomfortable even after sleeping off. They may be too hot from over-swaddling or too cold from the wind coming into the room through unlocked windows. Their pajamas may also be unsuitable for the prevailing weather causing them to be too hot or cold. Whatever the case, if your child is not comfortable with the temperature in the room, they may scream out of their sleep.

3. Separation anxiety

Your child may scream out of their sleep if they suffer from separation anxiety. They may be afraid of being alone for specific reasons like transiting from co-sleeping to sleeping alone. They may scream from their sleep due to fear of the dark also. 

4. Trauma

If your child has suffered any trauma, they may scream from their sleep at night. Toddlers can experience trauma from domestic accidents, bone fractures, or motor vehicle accidents.

How to stop a 15 month old from screaming inconsolably

Try the following tips if your 15 month old wakes up screaming inconsolable.

1. Find the cause of the problem. 

Before knowing how to help your child overcome this problem, you must find out its origin. Talk to your child to understand why they always scream from their sleep. Are they hungry, ill, or afraid of anything? Is your child trying to tell you something? Find out by talking with them. Be patient until they open up and tell you what the problem is.

2. Offer comfort and reassurance 

After your child tells you the problem, try to comfort them and remind them how much you love them. Reassure them that you will care for them and that everything will be alright.

3. Provide healthcare

If the cause of your child’s predicament is an illness, you should immediately take them to the hospital for proper medical care. 

4. Maintain healthy temperatures

Ensure the room temperature is right for your child to sleep in. Cover them adequately during winter but ensure they are not covered in too many layers of cloth, which can lead to overheating. 

5. Redirect their attention

If your child always screams out of sleep because of fear of sleeping alone, do something to distract them, especially before they fall asleep for the night. It would help to fill their minds with happy thoughts by singing them a lullaby before they fall asleep. You can also read them an exciting bedtime story. They will most likely sleep off with imaginations of the story. 

6. Feed them

Some kids may need to be more focused on eating to their satisfaction during meals. Not being particular about eating a decent portion could adversely affect them at night. Ensure your child eats to their fill before sleeping. That will solve the problem if they have been screaming out of their sleep because of hunger. 


Your child deserves all your love, care, and attention. Even though they may exhibit strange behaviors occasionally, as a loving mom, you must do all you can to help them get through it. If your 15 month old wakes up screaming inconsolable, the above tips will significantly help. It would help to have your child regularly examined by a pediatrician.

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