Essential Items for Dad’s Hospital Survival Kit

20 Essential Items for Dad’s Hospital Survival Kit

Whenever a woman is expecting a baby, the whole family gets ready by making sure the mom’s hospital kit is intact, but they don’t think of the dad’s kit. It’s important to note that dad is a very essential supporting actor who needs to be there to welcome his baby, and you certainly don’t want to underrate how key he and his role are in your birthing process.

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There are loads of articles on what moms have to include in their hospital bags, but there’s a scarcity of information on what dads have to prepare for the experience.

Many dads don’t prepare their survival kit when expecting a baby. That’s why many of them don’t find the experience funny. He would like to stay with his wife and the new angel, but how would wearing one clothe, not brushing his teeth for two days be funny to him?  If care is not taken, such a man would not like to stay with his wife in subsequent births. This is why a list of 20 essential items has been made for a dad’s hospital survival kit.

  • Dad’s Phone and Phone Charger
  • Names of People to Inform
  • Essential Papers
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Refillable Water Bottle
  • Food Delivery Numbers
  • Cash and Credit Cards
  • Extra Face Masks
  • Movies and Music on Phone or Tablet
  • Extra Clothes
  • Sweatshirt
  • Blanket and Travel Pillow
  • Toiletries
  • Read on

1. Dads Phone and Phone Charger

He will need his phone for two things: for calling and sending updates to important people, and for taking memorable pictures and videos. Imagine yourself forgetting your phone or your phone going off due to dead battery. You won’t find it funny at all. This is why you need to take along your phone and its charger.

2. Names of People to Inform

One of the reasons you’re taking along your phone is to inform and update some important ones in your life. Ensure that you have their names intact. This is because you may forget them due to pressure or excitement.

3. Essential Papers

The hospital will need some papers from you. Insurance papers, your baby’s post-birth plan, and other vital information should be with the dad.

4. Snacks and Drinks

While mom won’t eat much during labor, dad isn’t in labor, so he will be able to eat. Take along some of your favorite snacks and drinks. However, be mindful of the food you will pack. For the sake of your wife and others in the hospital, avoid food with strong scents.

5. Refillable Water Bottle

Since this experience is always intense for dad, it is important to stay well-hydrated. You may not have the opportunity to visit a cafeteria or vending machine, so take along a refillable water bottle to fill up in the room. A good refillable water bottle you can check out is the Hydracy water bottle on Amazon.

6. Food Delivery Numbers

The new mom will need good food and may not like the hospital food; you may not like it either. This is why you need to have a list of your favorite food vendors that can deliver straight to the hospital.

7. Cash and Credit Cards

You will definitely need some money either in cash or in your credit card. You may need to buy one thing or the other in the cafeteria. So bring enough money.

8. Extra Face Masks

Since the use of face masks is now a new normal, you have to make a provision for extra ones that you’ll need in the hospital.

9. Movies and Music on Phone or Tablet

Since you could be in the hospital for a while, you may need to have some movies and music for you or both of you. Sound of movies may annoy her during labor, so you need to take along a pair of headphones.

10. Extra Clothes

You may not have a chance of going home to clean up. Bring some good clothes. You need nice clothes to take first family pictures with your baby. It’s a good idea to take along some shirts you can easily button down so your baby can have a contact with your skin.

11. Sweatshirt

The hospital room will certainly be set to a suitable temperature for a woman in intense labor. Such a temperature may probably be a bit unfriendly to you, so put a sweatshirt in your bag. Don’t have a good one? Check out the Hanes men’s sweatshirt on Amazon.

12. Blanket and Travel Pillow

A blanket and travel pillow will make the hospital a little more comfortable for a nap. Check out the Bluehills premium blanket and travel pillow on Amazon.

13. Glasses and Contacts

Don’t forget your pair of glasses if you wear one. Don’t forget your contact case, your saline solution, and your spare glasses.

14. Toiletries

Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and the like. You may like the 20 piece kit of Convenience men’s premium toiletries found on Amazon. Do check it out!

15. Medication

If you’re under medications, be sure you have them in your kit.

16. Bathroom Slippers/Sandals

You may need to take a shower, ease yourself, or use the toilet in the hospital. Let shower sandals or slippers be part of your kit items.

17. Comfortable Shoes

As the husband, you’ll likely be on your feet most of the time. You’ll also need to be helpful with your strength and support while your wife is pushing. This is why you need to wear very comfortable shoes that has a firm grip on the hospital floor.

18. Massage Oil

Your wife may want massage when she goes through labor; this will ease her of the labor pains. You need some good massage oil to give her the relief she will need. Check out the Relax therapeutic massage oil on Amazon.

19. Push Present

It’s now common for dads to present gifts to their wives; it is called a “push present”. You’ll need such after your wife puts to bed. It will make her happy. Check out these two push presents for new moms on Amazon – “new mom gift basket by first landings” and “Chic Gift Box for new Mom” on Amazon.

20. A Spacious Bag

You need a spacious bag inside which you’ll put all the items mentioned above. It doesn’t have to be a new one. Just bring out one of your old bags which can contain the items and dust or wash it. Check out these portable bags on Amazon – Targus Classic Slim Briefcase with Crossbody Shoulder Bag and the “KROSER Bag for travel

Bottom Line

Planning to take along your own survival kit as a dad is a good initiative, which will lessen your wife’s worry. Your wife will be proud of you for taking care of every little detail in order to welcome your little angel. Packing these 20 essentials in your hospital kit will not only make your stay in the hospital comfortable, but it will also make the experience memorable and worthwhile. It’ll also point to your wife that you’re excited about the whole process.

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