No baby shower? 5 alternatives to baby shower

No baby shower? 5 alternatives to baby shower

Looking for alternatives to a baby shower? You’re in the right place. Expectant moms hold baby showers in anticipation of the arrival of their newborn. If you are one of such moms hoping to host parties and invite your friends and family members to join in all the fun and frivolities of baby showers, please hold on and carefully read this blog post. There might be a unique baby shower alternative that you can hold while awaiting the arrival of your little one. Yes, you read that right! You can decide there will be no baby shower and, instead, go for other events you will live to remember. 

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Will I regret not having a baby shower?

No, you will not regret not having a baby shower. You are not under any obligation to have one. Baby showers have indeed become increasingly popular. But if having one does not sit well with you for some reason, you shouldn’t have it, as you should not run your life based on other people’s sentiments. Friends, well-wishers, and family members whose baby showers you have attended will not crucify you for not having one for your unborn child. You can still experience the euphoria and fun of hosting a baby shower with other unique alternatives.

Is the baby shower for the mom or the baby? 

Baby showers are usually organized for both the mom and the baby. They are both the center of attraction. A mom cannot have a baby shower without first being pregnant with the baby. Also, friends and family come together at such even to shower the mom with presents. So they are both important.

5 Alternatives to a baby shower 

1. A Dinner party

You can decide to host a dinner party with a few friends and family members in attendance instead of having a baby shower. You may add some side attractions to the celebration by including fun activities, though optional. Organizing a dinner party instead of a baby shower is cheaper and will consume less time and effort. You can reduce the number of guests to invite to help simplify things a little more.

2. Baby Celebration 

Welcoming your newborn to the world is worth celebrating. Having a baby celebration instead of a baby shower is a brilliant idea. It is more like having a usual party. You can have this celebration to introduce your little one to your friends and family members before they finally arrive. You can have some simple flower decorations to add beauty to the occasion. 

3. Baby Sprinkle 

A baby sprinkle is a good alternative to the usual baby shower. When you want this kind of celebration, keep it simple, nothing flashy. You can invite a few friends and family members. It takes off the elaborate type of planning from you. You don’t even have to invite everyone who should be on the list. With baby sprinkles, less is better.

4. A day of pampering

The journey of pregnancy can be challenging, so organizing a day of pampering for yourself is an excellent alternative to having a baby shower. You can choose a spa section at home or a very conducive and relaxing environment. There should be lots of fruits and salads for you to feast on. You can have your friends make you up and spend the rest of the day having fun. 

5. Donation to orphanages

Hosting a party in an orphanage home and donating to them is another excellent alternative to having a baby shower. You can invite a few friends and family members to go with you. You can spice up the occasion by organizing games for the children at the orphanage. You can provide them with food, drinks, candies, and cookies. You can also buy some toys and stuffed animals for them as presents.


Having so much fun before your baby arrives is possible even with no baby shower. With the alternatives discussed already, you can decide that there will be no baby shower for your next baby. These alternatives will significantly reduce expenses and save you time and effort that you would have ordinarily expended on elaborate baby shower celebrations. And don’t worry; you can still receive gifts from your guests.

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