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Ameda Finesse Vs. Lansinoh Signature Pro: Breast pumps of Choice

The essence of getting a breast pump after birth delivery can’t be overemphasized. Breast pumps are like God-sent equipment that reduces the burden of taking care of a baby on parents. They make it easier for mothers to pump milk and feed their babies whether they’re present or not. Though there are various breast pumps and choosing the best one might be hard if you’ve got no experience. Hence, this article will evaluate Ameda Finesse Vs. Lansinoh Signature Pro.

Ameda Finesse Vs. Lansinoh Signature Pro are types of breast pumps and are quite popular. However, some parents get torn between choosing Ameda or Lansinoh, which is the essence of two pumps’ review and evaluation. So, if you’re still confused about the breast pump you want to purchase, this article will bring clarity to vital issues about breast pumps. As it will show all you should know about Ameda Finesse Vs. Lansinoh Signature Pro, and you’ll get to make your choice.

Ameda Finesse Breast Bump

Ameda Finesse Hospital Technology Electric Breast Pump with Tote, True Closed System, Includes: Pump, Dual HygieniKit Milk Collection System, 2 CustomFit Flanges (25.0mm & 30.5mm), (2) Extra Valves
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Ameda Finesse is an efficient breast pump with eye-catching features that are appealing to nursing mothers. The breast pump has an assembled dual kit such that you won’t have to go through the stress of assembling it. It also features a contemporary outlook that fascinates parents.

Pros of using Ameda Finesse

1) Lightweight

Ameda Finesse is the type of breast pump that you can carry anywhere, thanks to its weight. It’s relatively portable, and you won’t have any worries carrying it to and fro

2) Hospital grade

Do you want a hospital-grade breast pump? Ameda Finesse is perfect. Ameda Finesse is a hospital-grade pump that’s mostly used in hospitals. It’s called Hospital grade not only because it’s used in the hospital but because it has a bacterial barrier system.

3) Bacterial barrier system

 The Ameda Finesse pump features a system that prevents mold and bacterial from getting to the pumped milk. With this system, you’ll be assured that your milk is safe and your baby isn’t exposed to germs from the milk. You can call this feature the closed system feature.

However, the pump’s bacterial barrier is also FDA proven and protects the tubes, pumps, and most especially the milk from harmful microorganisms.

4) Pumping Rhythm

The breast pump has a smooth pumping rhythm that encourages milk production in mothers, and it helps to maintain the desired sped and suction without issues.

5) Batteries & Adapters

Ameda Finesse is designed to use an adapter as power when it’s pumping time, and interestingly, it can also use batteries when there’s unstable electricity; It uses six AA batteries and can function with a car adapter too.

6) Warranty

Purchasing this breast pump will give you to a 2- year warranty, isn’t that amazing? With the warranty, you’ll get to return it in case of unforeseen complications.

Cons of using Ameda Finesse

1) The breast pump is a bit noisy, which doesn’t portray privacy while pumping.

2) Ameda Finesse doesn’t have a control button where you can shift to the letdown phase.

Lansinoh Signature Pro Breast Pump

Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump , BPA Free
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Lansinoh Signature Pro is a comfortable and well-designed breast pump with numerous features. The pump has features like; disposable nursing pad, breast stand, tote bag,  breast flange bodies, pump manual, etc., that make it a great and efficient breast pump.

Pros of using Lansinoh Signature Pro

1) Efficiency

The breast pump is quite efficient in its functions. It has a controllable letdown cycle, unlike Ameda Finesse, and allows nursing mothers to control their suction level. Also, it has a visual interface that makes it easy to operate the pump. Besides, Lansinoh Signature Pro has a timer that shows mothers their pumping duration.

2) Portable

It’s a portable and compact breast pump that you can carry anywhere you go. The ease of carrying the pump gives it an edge over other breast pumps.

3) Comfort

If you’re looking for a comfortable breast pump, you might as well check Lansinoh Signature Pro. The pump has breast flanges that make pumping more comfortable, and its soft peaks act as a seal to encourage comfortable and efficient pumping.

4) Batteries & Adapter

The pump uses an adapter normally, but it’s also designed to use batteries as well. It uses six AA batteries, and they can function for about two hours non-stop; meaning you can be assured pumping is possible when there’s no electricity.

5) Closed System

Lansinoh Signature is a safe breast pump such that its closed system is responsible for preventing mold and bacteria from getting to the expressed milk. Also,  It features a diaphragm that prohibits the backflow of breast milk into the tubes.

6) Proven Airflow Protection

It even has a proven airlock feature that helps keep the tubing dry, and it’s done by preventing airflow between the pump tubing and pumped milk.

Cons of using Lansinoh Signature Pro

1) This breast pump is relatively noisy for some mothers.

2) Lansinoh Signature Pro’s suction might be a bit low for some nursing mothers.

Thus, Ameda Finesse Vs. Lansinoh Signature Pro? Choosing between any of these pumps will depend on what you want in a breast pump. Both the pros and cons of the pumps have been highlighted, so it’s up to you to choose your choice.

Moreover, the justification of Ameda Finesse Vs. Lansinoh Signature Pro won’t be complete without seeing the similarities between the two pumps.

Similarities between Ameda Finesse and Lansinoh Signature Pro

1) Both the pumps use batteries and an adapter

2) Both Ameda Finesse and Lansinoh Signature Pro has a closed system feature.

3) Both of the breast pumps are quite noisy for some mothers.

Bottom line

Using a breast pump after delivery might be inevitable for more efficient baby feeding sessions. But because there is many breast pumps’ brand, you might get into the dilemma of not knowing the best pump to choose. Hence the reason for Ameda Finesse Vs. Lansinoh Signature Pro, so that you’ll know the best pump for you between these pumps.

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