Arms reach cosleeper vs halo bassinet

Arms Reach Co-sleeper vs. Halo Bassinet

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Babies are adorable little sleeping models. They like to sleep most of the time after being well-fed, and they would prefer a very comfortable bed that enables them to relax. Baby beds come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. There are different lovely designs that you may love when you think about where your baby can rest and be comfortable.

In this article, I will be discussing two different infant beds that are comfortable, unique that any parent would love for their babies. The two variations of baby beds under discussion are Arms Reach Co-sleeper vs. Halo Bassinet.

Arms reach co-sleeper, and Halo bassinet are beds that provide the required comfort that any parent will want their babies to sleep soundly. The brands are popular brands that are recommended by pediatrics as the best in the market for infants. Due to this fact, you may find it hard to decide on which brand to settle for between the two.

That’s why we are making this article to remove that worry of indecision that you will encounter when trying to choose between the two. The comparisons will also project their features as well as their pros and cons.

Arms Reach Co-sleeper

Co-sleeping usually means that you will have to share a bed or a sleeping arrangement with someone. It can also mean being able to sleep near someone or, in this case, your baby.

This is what the Arms reach co-sleeper offers for any mother and her child. The infant bed is like having a mini bed that is safely attached to the side of the mother’s bed. It also allows the mother the flex to get her baby within arm’s length of trying to do so.

The co-sleeper comes with a mesh that allows you to see the baby. It also enables you to attach it safely to the side of your bed. You do not even need to get up from your bed anytime you wish to reach for your baby. Simply put, it’s built for comfort.

Merits of the Arms Reach Co-sleeper

Arm's Reach Mini 2-in-1 Co-Sleeper Bassinet, Grey

Easy to Assemble

The parts of the Arms reach co-sleeper are simple and straightforward for you to assemble since it doesn’t have any complicated details. The leg extensions are sold separately, and you can use this to lift its height to a level that you’re comfortable with.


The bed comes with a comfortable padded mattress for babies and helps keep them firmly balanced even if they attempt to crawl in them.


You can adjust the co-sleeper to another style of baby bed like the Pack N play should you decide to stop using it as a co-sleeper.


The co-sleeper is relatively light in weight, and this means that you can move it from your bed to any other part of your house for convenience. You can also take it for outdoor trips with your baby, and the fact that it’s easy to set up is a massive plus for you.


The Arms reach co-sleeper is a relatively cheap infant bed at $189 (as at the time of writing this article) despite its good quality.


The bed also comes with underneath storage to help you store baby supplies you may need if the baby wakes you up in the middle of the night. Materials like diapers, clothes, and other clothing can be stored easily there.

Demerits of the Arms Reach Co-sleeper

Short-Term Usage

Despite its comfortability, the co-sleeper is a bed that you can only use for infants between the first six months of their lives. It will be much harder to use them afterward because the bed is small in size.

Different Sheets

You may need to buy separate sheets for the bed since it does not come with its bedsheets.

Halo Bassinet Baby Bed

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Soothing Center with Nightlight, Vibration and Sound, Premiere Series, Pebble

If you’re looking for a comfortable bed that will give you the freedom to have your baby close to you and at a distance where you could do them no harm, then the Halo Bassinet is the perfect bed for you. The unique thing about the Bassinet is that in addition to the fact that it has proximity to your bed, it will give you a 360 degrees swivel that allows you to reach your baby without straining yourself.

Let’s say, for instance, that you just gave birth and are exhausted; the Halo Bassinet can comfortably house your baby, keeping them within arms-length where you can reach them from any side of your bed. You do not even need to move too much from your bed to do this. The Swivel can come in handy when you want to soothe your baby without picking it up. It also has a wall that you can quickly lower to any height you’re comfortable with.

Advantages of the Halo Bassinet 

360 Degrees Swivel

Halo Bassinet comes with a swivel that gives you the required flexibility to reach your baby from your bed at every corner it’s located. It comes with a sidewall that can be lowered as you deem fit at any time. This means that you can choose the right level that you want your baby to be at any point.

Easy to Assemble

It’s pretty easy for you to assemble the Halo Bassinet with little or no technical skills to build things. The essential tool you need for that is the screwdriver and a few batteries for its soothing center. The rails of the bed have a matching system you can easily click on each other.


The Bassinet comes with many features that can enable you to adjust in different ways depending on what your baby wants. You can decide to remove the sleeping surface and use it directly with the portable stand and give your baby a suitable sleeping surface that it will be comfortable in. You can as well adjust the Bassinet to fit the bed in any way you want.

Disadvantages of Using Halo Bassinet

Additional Crib

Using the Bassinet offers flexible use for one, but you will still be required to get a crib after some time as the baby grows. The Bassinet can only be comfortable for 0 – 6 months old babies.

Similarities: Arms Reach Co-sleeper vs. Halo Bassinet

  • They are both cheap and affordable.
  • They are adjustable beds that are comfortable for babies.
  • They are also both portable.
  • They both provide you with ease of access to your baby.


Baby’s beds are made with one reason in mind, to give the sleeping beauties the comfort that they need when they sleep. We hope you have at least gotten a good insight into which of the beds suits you comfortably between Arms Reach Co-sleeper vs. the Halo Bassinet.

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