Baby burping tips

Burping a baby: Top 7 Baby Burping Tips

Are you looking for baby burping tricks to make baby burp fast? Does feeding make your baby cranky and fussy? Do you feel like he/she isn’t gaining enough weight? What could be the reason behind this behavior? Sometimes during feeding, babies swallow air bubbles along with milk. That little air gets trapped in their tiny tummy and makes the baby uncomfortable and full, even before they have satisfied their appetite. This is where burping a baby comes in. Burping babies during each feed can help in getting rid of this feeling and also help in creating a space in their stomach so you can feed them more. It will also help in soothing colicky babies. For these reasons, burping is a very important part of feeding a baby.

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While it may sound so easy, it may become frustrating because every baby differs from each other and what baby burping tips and tricks may work for one, it may not work on the other and thus causing distress for the baby and for the mother. But do not worry mommy! We have got you covered. If one method does not work try different methods.

Before we look at the best ways to make a baby burp, let’s consider the signs that show that your baby needs to burp.  Below are five signs to watch out for.

5 Signs that show that baby needs to burp

#1.       The baby squirms while feeding: Squirming or fidgeting is a sign that the baby needs to burp while feeding and after feeding. 

#2.       The baby stops feeding: If your baby stops feeding suddenly, maybe they need to burp. The baby may have swallow lots of air while feeding, even though they are not full yet. So, when this happens, stop feeding them and burp them before you go on. 

#3.       The baby scrunches the knees up: When your baby scrunch their knees up, it is a sign that they are in pain and need to burp. If you spot your little one doing that, try to burp them to help relieve the gas built up. 

#4.       The baby spits up a lot with every burp: One reason baby spit up is because air gets trapped under the milk. So when the baby burps the air, the milk also comes out with it. If your baby is spitting more after you burp them, it is a sign that they need more burping. 

#5.       The baby wakes up from sleep: Sometimes your baby can wake up from sleep just to burp. This is especially true for babies who sleep on their backs. They have air built up long after they finish eating.

Now that you know the signs that show your baby needs to burp, let’s look at the easiest ways to burp a baby.

Different ways to burp a baby

1.       Shoulder Burping (also known as the traditional burping method): This is one of the best tricks to burping a baby. Hold your baby in your arms and place their head over your shoulder, place one hand on her bottom to support her and pat her back with the other hand till you hear that distinct burping sound.

Baby burping tips

2.       On your lap: Looking for how to burp a baby fast? Lay your baby’s stomach on your lap and pat her back gently while holding her securely with the other hand. The baby will burp in no time.

3.       Sit-up Burping: This is another good tip and trick to burping a newborn fast. Hold the baby on your lap in a seating position with one hand under their chin to support their head and neck while rubbing their back so gently with the other hand.

Baby burping tips

        Knee Burping: The fourth way to make a baby burp easily is to place the baby’s tummy down on your knee and rub its back gently.

         Rocking the baby back and forth gently while rubbing their back is one of the tricks to burping a newborn. It will help in getting rid of this trapped gas.

6·        Cycling: This is another great tip for burping a baby. Cycling the baby’s legs lightly back and forth to their chest like pedaling a bike as they lay on their back can get the air out of their system.

7. Sheri Criso Burping Method: Recently, I came across a unique burping method from a Labour and Delivery Nurse, a Certified Nurse Midwife, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and a mom – Shari Criso. It contains two new methods you’ve never heard of before that mothers are using to burp their babies. They are easy, fast, and effective. Read what moms said about the baby burping methods on Facebook.

Let’s get on to it!

To get started you need to follow two rules:

a.           The baby must be awake

b.           The baby must not be crying

Shari goes against putting the baby on your shoulder and patting its back. The key to baby burping tricks is to make the baby as relaxed as possible in order to get the air out. So follow the steps below to achieve immediate success:

i.            Sit your baby on your lap and put your hand under the jaw and not around the neck. This will help to stabilize their head and neck together.

ii.           Put the second hand under the baby’s bottom and gently move them up and down. This motion will help the baby to totally relax.

iii.          If the baby cries while at it, shush them in the ear.

iv.          Repeat the process until the baby burps.

If your baby is grown and becomes too heavy for you to move around. Follow the steps below:

The second baby burping method

a.           Put the baby on your shoulder and ensure that their diaphragm is touching your shoulder.

b.           Then move them up and down, until they burp.

Burped baby = Happy baby

Shari Criso is a Labour and Delivery Nurse, Certified Nurse Midwife, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and a mom. When it comes to breastfeeding, she is an expert. If you are having difficulties breastfeeding your baby or you want to breastfeed with ease, check out her breastfeeding course. It is the best breastfeeding course online.

Baby burping: What to do when baby won’t burp and has gas

Now, you’ve seen different ways to burp a baby. But what happens when you’ve used all the bab burping tricks you know, but the baby won’t just burp? Below are things you can do to get your baby to burp fast.

1·         Mother’s Diet: For breastfeeding moms, something you eat may be the real culprit behind your baby’s aching tummy. Keep a diary and mention the food you consume. See if there is any food that is making your baby uncomfortable. Try eliminating that food from your diet and see if it works.

2·         Mixing formula and water in the baby bottle are mostly done by shaking it. This causes some air bubbles to form in the bottle. Try gently swirling the bottle to get rid of bubbles before offering it to the baby.

3·         Buy Anti-colic bottles; they have vents and straw-like features that do not let air get into the baby’s tummy.

4·         Over-the-counter colic drops: These can also help in easing stomach pain. Usually, the anti-colic drops are a huge help in aiding gas pain.

Now that we have learned why burping a baby is necessary and how to do it, here are the seven most important and the tips and tricks to burping a newborn:

7 Useful tips for burping a baby

1.       Always place a burp cloth over your shoulder before burping your baby. It will prevent your clothes from getting stained with spit-up that might come when the baby burps.

2.       Burping your baby before switching from one breast to another is a good idea. This way, the baby feeds more comfortably. As for bottle-fed babies, burp them when they’ve finished the bottle halfway and then continue feeding the rest of the formula.

3.       Bottle teats come in various sizes according to your baby’s age(preemie, newborn, 3-6 months, 6+ months) so, buy the nipples that are age-appropriate for your baby as it controls the flow of milk that goes into the baby’s stomach. A fast flow nipple causes a baby to swallow quickly, swallowing too quickly can get air trapped into their stomach more often as compared. So, choose appropriately.

4.       Gripe water is an herbal remedy to calm the stomach. It can help some babies in relieving trapped gas (Consult your pediatrician before using it).

5.       Most of the time, a gentle rub is enough to release the gas but some babies may need firm patting on their back to get there.

6.       The left side of the baby’s back is where their stomach lies. Try to focus on that area as it can get the work done sooner. Massaging a baby’s tummy gently can also do the trick sometimes.

7.       Remember, some babies don’t swallow a lot of air and others pass gas enough to lighten themselves. That’s why don’t fret too much if your infant isn’t burping after every feed as long as they are gaining an appropriate amount of weight.

Now you know the tips and tricks of burping a baby that won’t burp. Now, what if the baby doesn’t burp and falls asleep, what will you do?

What if the baby doesn’t burp and falls asleep?

It is common for babies to fall asleep as they feed, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. When they are full, they are happy and relaxed and they sleep off. This is common at night when they really want to sleep. But the thing is, you need to burp them even as they are asleep so you can get the gas out of them before putting them back to sleep. If you did not do it, they can wake up with lots of gas that can cause them pains.

Burping a sleeping baby is the same as burping a baby that is active. However, you need to use methods that will not wake them up.

Here you can hold them on your shoulder and gently pat their back and rub it as they sleep. Second, you can hold them lower on your chest close to the sternum area. You can do this while sitting on a couch and allow the baby’s leg to curl up in a frog position. This will help the gas move up quickly from their stomachs and bottoms. Support their heads with your hands and wait for them to burp. Third, you can sit down and lay them on your knees. Move your legs in slow motion to rock them back and forth and gently pat and rub their back until they burp.

The Best way to burp a baby with acid reflux 

Babies that have acid reflux need to be burped more often. This will help to reduce the reflux symptoms. If your baby is breastfeeding, burp them when they stop feeding and if they are bottle feeding, burp them after one or two ounces. This will help to reduce stomach pressure considerably. It will also reduce regurgitation and help the baby digest the milk fast. 

How to Burp a Preemie

Are you finding it difficult to burp your premature baby? Well, here are some easiest ways to burp a preemie.

  1. Sit the baby on your lap and slowly move their upper body in circles. This is known as the “churn the butter” method of burping babies.
  2. Make circles in their lower back with medium pressure
  3. Prop the baby upright on your shoulder and walk up and down the stairs (if you have one).
  4. Rob the baby’s head gently
  5. Put the baby up on your chest between your breasts andfacing you and stand. Make sure the legs are slightly stretched/dangling
  6. Stroke the baby’s back from butt to shoulders and then burp them.

Baby burping tips: It is easier than you think

The baby burping tips and tricks above will make your baby burp really fast. The sound of a satisfied, well-fed baby letting out a loud burp is like music to new parents who are worried if their baby is getting enough nourishment. While it may be rude for an adult to burp loudly in public, for babies it is both cute and a sign that everything is fine and the food has settled into their tiny tummies. It can be a while before they let loose one.

If one position doesn’t seem to work, try to switch to another position while singing a calming song. But once they get there, a peaceful nap and cheerful playtime are guaranteed. Keep in mind that while some babies need to be burped after every feed, others seldom need to. Just be sure to follow your baby’s cues. If they are uncomfortable, they will let you know. Even though sometimes it may become hard, just remember that once that good old sound is heard, a peaceful nap and cheerful playtime is guaranteed. Also, burping a baby is not a forever task, it stops at a point in the baby’s life.

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