Baby gate for uneven walls

Best Baby Gate for Uneven Walls

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Parenting comes with the need to ensure that your little one is safe. Babies tend to move around the house a lot during their development stage and it is important that your house is baby-proof to ensure your baby does not have a household-related injury. A step to making your house baby-proof is getting a baby gate. Baby gates are used to divide spaces or rooms in your house. It is used to ensure that your little one stays out of potentially dangerous areas such as staircases and kitchens. If you have an uneven wall in your home, you might begin to wonder what is the best baby gate for uneven walls. You don’t have to be worried anymore. Below are five (5) best baby gates for uneven walls

5 Best Baby Gates for Uneven Walls

1. Retractable Baby Gate, OTTOLIVES Mesh 

This is a retractable baby gate with a width of 55 inches (140 cm) and a height of 33 inches (85 cm). It is meant to fit any door or stair width up to 55 inches.  It may be customizable and configurable to fit uneven walls and can be retracted when not in use, saving you space. An amazing feature is the double locking mechanism which works as both an infant gate and a pet gate to keep household injury contained by providing a safe, closed-off environment to play. When a child or dog unexpectedly bumps into the door, the robust, soft mesh protects them.

All gate lines are safety checked, so you can be certain that your children’s safety is assured. This baby gate comes with two sets of attachments that can be simply relocated and de-attached from the gate mount hardware and put in a different spot. It may be used in both indoor and outdoor, stairways, doorways, and hallways.

2. Bonnlo 73-Inch Configurable Walk-Through Baby Safety Gate 

Another great baby gate for uneven walls is the Bonnlo baby safety gate. Because each panel can rotate over 270 degrees, you can bend the Bonnlo gate to fit practically any entrance in your home. This feature makes this baby gate customizable and configurable to fit uneven walls. This gate has multiple functions. It can serve as a baby gate that keeps your little ones away from having any household injury and the door gate which keeps the little one and toys in the playroom. You can also block access to uneven walls and stairwells, etc. with a doorway fence.

The walk-through door with a safety locking mechanism is a fantastic feature of the baby gate that many moms will love. It’s simple to open with one hand by pressing the button and lifting the gate at the same time. When swung past a particular point, it will remain open (over 90 degrees). The gate opens and closes in both directions. For increased stability, it comes with four metal wall mounts. The mounting brackets slide freely up and down the end rails and pivot freely as well, allowing you to attach them at any height and angle you desire, giving you even more versatility in how you build the gate.

3. Summer Custom Fit Walk-Thru Extra Wide Baby Gate

The Summer Custom Gate is a 30″ tall gate that fits extremely wide openings ranging from 65″ to 87″ (2 panels) or 87″ to 141″ (3 panels) (3 panels). The gate is held in place by the hardware installation. It is one of the best baby gates because it has features that are customizable and configurable to fit uneven walls. The simple, one-handed walk-thru door allows parents to move effortlessly from room to room for optimal convenience, regardless of how you arrange this configurable baby gate.

You can set up the gate against uneven walls, extra-wide openings, or in the corners of the house to create play areas. With this high-quality baby gate from Summer, you can rest easy knowing that your little one is exploring without the fear of getting injured. Also, this baby gate has a fashionable grey mesh that will help you childproof your home in elegance.

4. Regalo 76 Inch Super Wide Configurable Baby Gate

Three 24-inch wide changeable panels are included with the Regalo baby gate. It fits areas ranging from 28 to 76 inches wide. It also includes a wall mounting brackets 2″ to each side, for a total of 4″ to the height. It is extremely user-friendly since it features a walk-through door with a safety locking system and can be cleaned quickly and easily. Because each panel can be altered to fit practically any opening, this baby gate is easily configurable and customizable to fit uneven walls.

Wide spaces, uneven walls, hallways, doorways, and the bottom of stairs are all excellent fits. For storage, the all-steel construction may be folded flat. It is also durable and effective. With its additional security and protection, the Regalo baby gate meets all current safety standards. It is important to note that this baby gate is built for babies from 6-24 months

5. Toddleroo by North States 72” wide Deluxe Décor Gate

The Toddleroo baby gate is suitable for a wide range of openings, including those with uneven walls. With one simple push, it closes securely but easily, keeping your little one safe and secure while exploring. This baby gate also has a unique feature that allows it to be configurable and customizable for uneven walls which is a plus for many parents.

Keep your little ones secure with this hardware-mounted baby gate that mounts to both straight and uneven walls. The warm white finish will go with any decor, and the heavy-duty metal structure will last for years. The safety gate also features an easy one-handed opening and a childproof double-locking system making it the best baby for uneven walls. It is suitable for babies aged 6 to 24 months.


Babies love to explore and as that might be good, you need to ensure that your little one is safe. Hence the need for a baby gate. If you have uneven walls at home and you need to get a baby gate, the highlighted baby gates above would be helpful. They are configurable and customizable; hence they are the best to keep your baby safe from household injuries

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