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Can’t keep up? 50 clever baby hacks for First-time moms

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Babies are great, but they come with lots of work.

The nappy- changing, the breastfeeding or formula feeding time, figuring out why they cry, diaper changing, burping time, constant checking on them while they sleep, inability to rest when they sleep, being too tired to take care of yourself and a lot more.

Sure, you will agree with me that taking care of babies can be overwhelming

Don’t worry, it will only be for a few weeks, once you get the hang of things, it will be different.

Meanwhile, the clever baby hacks below will help you get through until you become a seasoned mom.

Let’s get started.

1)  Sleep when the baby sleeps: Don’t deprive yourself of sleep because you need it. Postpone all other house chores when the little one sleeps. If you don’t, you will be sleep-deprived. An hour of sleep here and there is a Godsend, don’t waste it.

2)  Share the load with your partner:  Don’t take care of your baby alone without the help of your partner, except you are a single mom. Share every chore to enable you to rest. It will help you avoid burnout. Teamwork with your spouse is vital.

3)  Get good baby books and read up on current things you need to do to take care of your baby. For example, it is not advisable to put your baby to sleep on his tummy, but most people still do it. It is an outdated knowledge. Putting babies to sleep on their backs reduces cot death.

4)  Use the latest gadgets to help you prepare baby food quickly, especially at night when you are tired.

5)  Accept help from people: People know that it is hard work taking care of a newborn, so they regularly offer to help. If you receive such help, don’t turn them down. You can use some help.

6)  Get some easy to make healthy food and snacks because you may be too busy taking care of your baby to remember to make food to eat. They will come in handy whenever you are hungry. You will discover that 2 am is a great time for a snack.

7)  Use your instincts: If you feel something is wrong with the baby, quickly call the doctor. You should know your baby better than anyone else. Don’t worry about disturbing the doctor, it is better to disturb them and be finer than to allow something bad happens to your baby.

8)  Avoid pressures: Don’t allow people to pressure you into doing everything perfectly. You may not want to follow your friend’s ways of doing things. For example, some parents may want to breastfeed their babies exclusively for a year. But you may not feel like doing the same. Do what you feel is good for yourself and the baby. This is a good baby hack you must learn to remember.

9)  Remember that baby cries a lot:  Don’t be too bothered about the cry of your baby. If you need to take a shower and the baby is in the baby seat crying, take your shower anyway.

10)      Put your baby in a baby carrier to allow you to do house chores. It will also allow the baby to calm down as it is near you. You can check out this great baby carrier.

11)      Use sleep training if your baby is not a good sleeper. It will help the baby sleep as at when due.

12)      Good news! 99.9% of what you are worried about won’t happen. So take it easy and do not panic over everything.

13)      Do not forget diapers. Take them with you anywhere you go. You will always need them for the baby. Too many diapers are great but not enough is bad.

14)      Carry a diaper bag all the time.  A diaper bag containing diaper cream, diapers, thermometer, a washcloth in Ziplock bag, formula bottle or pumped breast bottle, teether, teething tablets, Tylenol, etc should always be with you.

15)      Ask questions whenever you are confused. There is no dumb question to ask about babies. Ask questions whenever you need clarifications. No one is born as a parenting expert.

16)      Get printables for your baby’s vaccines.  They are very important. Keep up with all the vaccines at the ages specified.

17)      Search for baby freebies and sign up to reduce some costs: There are lots of baby product manufacturers offering baby things for free such as diapers, bottles, and clothes. Find them and sign up to get them to reduce costs on baby things.

18)      Save for college: As soon as you have the baby, start saving for the college. The cost of college is rising each year. Start saving now to help ease the cost when the time comes.

19)      Have an emergency fund:  Keep some amount of money as an emergency for a job loss or an emergency hospital stay. Have an emergency purse that you can dip your hands to get money when an emergency arises.

20)      Learn self-control:  Babies cry a lot and at times you will feel like exploding. It is not their fault; they have well developed vocal cords. Control yourself and know that it is a temporary condition that will reduce as they grow.

21)      Know that the baby / children books you read are not set in gold. It is simply a guide. This is because every child is different. The truth is your baby did not read them. So, they are bound to behave differently.

22)      Enjoy the moment:  There will be pain, discomfort, and inconveniences, but the first smile recognizing your face is priceless. Caring for a child has its rewards.

23)      Babies express their needs when they cry:  Do not allow your babies to cry it out when they are in need. Address it. Neglecting them when they cry is abuse and neglect. Grow up and be the mom your baby needs.

24)      Get a network of support people around you.  Get your parents, grandparents, sisters, Pediatrician or other people you admire around you. You will surely need them.

25)      It is normal for breasts to hurt: It is normal for your nipples to be painful, especially if you don’t find it easy breastfeeding, it is normal. Have a warm bath with a warm flannel on your breast. It will help you. However, if you don’t feel any better, consult your doctor.

26)      Buy inexpensive baby things:  The truth is, kids, ruin everything. Toys will be broken and, clothes will tear. It will even get lost. So, buy things that are not expensive, so it will not freak you out when they get lost or broken. Your kids will even throw things out into the drain where you cannot retrieve it. So, don’t bother wasting your money on expensive toys and other things.

27)      Get good car seats: Car seats, strollers, and high chairs are things you will need every day. Get good quality items easy to use. Ensure the quality is good because you will use them in awkward situations like bad weather, with kids screaming and when you are running late, so ensure they are sturdy, reliable and very easy to use.

28)      Relax:  Take life easy. Your kids will turn out just fine. Ensure you feed them at the right time, teach them and keep them warm. If you do your job well, your child will be just fine.

29)      Create an emergency meltdown kit for yourself. These are kits you will need when things get awkward on the go.

30)      Buy the baby care products you need: It is not a must to purchase every baby care products outside there. You don’t need all of them. Choose the essential products like the Baby strollers, carriers, baby seats and the rest of them. Don’t let anyone pressure you into buying things you may not need for your baby.

31)      Don’t neglect yourself: Most newborn moms do. You forget to take care of yourself and you focus on the baby. Childbirth can be exhausting, but you need to take care of yourself afterward. Pamper yourself as you recuperate. A healthy and happy mother will make for a healthy and happy baby.

32)      Read to your child: Take time to read to your baby at a very early age. It makes them smarter. It will also change their lives. Read tons of books to your baby as an infant. They may not understand it quickly, but they will learn with repetition, especially books with rhymes. The words you read to them will help improve their vocabulary greatly. You need not spend hours reading to them, a few minutes a day will do.

33)      Be a role model for your kids: The truth is, kids, do what you do most of the time, not what you say. They copy your actions, so live right.

34)      Have a diaper changing station in your car:  Are you a working mom who moves around mostly in the day?  Create a diaper changing station in your car. Use the backseat pocket to store your baby’s diaper, wipes, hand sanitizer, changing pad and diaper cream. Have a box behind the passenger seat on the floor and keep the baby’s clothes, jackets, a blanket, diapers, and toys, etc in it. So that whenever the baby poop you can easily change the diapers and clothing.

35)      Take a stroll with your baby:  After some weeks in the house, start going out on a stroll with your baby. A change of scenery will do you and the baby a lot of good.

36)      Get a ton of receiving blankets in the house and in your diaper bag. It helps keep your clothing clean wherever you place your baby.

37)      Use the car seat covers: It is useful during the colder months and it helps protect the baby from the cold. Also, it helps protect the baby against germs when you are in the public, especially in stores.

38)      Pad the crib when the baby rolls to prevent the little arms and legs from getting stuck. You can use a mesh crib liner to keep your baby from getting stuck.

39)      Have a schedule or routine for your baby: Having a schedule for your baby make things easier for you and the baby. Sometimes, the baby gives you a clue as to the schedule to follow, simply follow suit to help them. The schedule can be for feeding time, toilet time or bedtime, reading time, etc. This is a great baby hacks that will help you to structure your day appropriately.

40)      Buy baby things you can repurpose: For instance, instead of using a changing table, you can buy a dresser and put your baby’s changing pad on top. Once, your baby grows, you can use the dresser for as long as you want. You can even use it for any other child you have in the future.

41)      Do shopping in bulk:  As a first time mom, you don’t have all the time in the world to go shopping every week. So, it is best if you buy a lot of stuff for the baby weekly or twice a month. Doing this baby hacks will enable you to reduce the time you spent in the shop and increase the time spent with your baby.

42)      Have a plan for your meals:  Being a first time mom, it will be difficult to plan for meals after the baby is born. So take the time to plan for the meals. This includes daily, weekly and monthly menus. This baby hacks will save you a lot of time thinking about what to prepare for the family.

43)      Keep your home clean:  The truth is, after your baby arrives, it will be difficult to keep the house clean. But after a few months, you should get a hang on things in the home. Use help if you need one to ensure the house is clean all the time.

44)      Reduce the time you spend on the phone:  This is the age of technology and everyone seems to be on their phone 99.9% of the time. You are a first-time mom now, so things need to change. Phones will have to wait until your baby sleeps or they are out on their own when they grow up. This is the time to prioritize and focus on your baby for healthy growth.

45)      Use baby carriers around the house:  Get a good baby carrier to wear your baby so you can have time to take care of your home.

46)      Follow a feeding pattern:  Creating a feeding pattern for your baby during the day will ensure they sleep better at night. This does not mean not feeding the baby when they are hungry. Just try to create a feeding pattern for them. Most babies wake up in the night to eat. But when you give them enough milk during the day, they will eat less when they sleep. Don’t also overfeed your baby.

47)      Find out why your baby cries too much: If you have a baby that cries all the time, it is good to look into it. But if you have fed the baby and are sure all is right, just allow them to cry sometimes. It is hard but you have to learn that power negotiations start at birth. This is the time to structure their life when they are small. This baby hacks might be difficult, but it is needful.

48)      Switch off the lights:  Sometimes when your baby refuses to sleep, switching off the lights and patting them gently might help.

49)      Get many feeding bottles: If your baby drinks formula or breast milk from a bottle, get several bottles. It will help to save time in washing the same bottle over and over. Filling bottles with milk is very convenient if you have them handy.

50)      Take it easy and enjoy motherhood. Don’t forget this baby hacks.

Make your life easier with these clever baby hacks

Imagine you follow the clever baby hacks above and life become easier.

You can sleep when you want and do whatever you want.

Your baby no longer cries like before and they sleep soundly at night too.

Motherhood becomes easy for you.

Yes, you can have it. Read the 50 clever baby hacks and print it out. It will help you get to the place you want to be in mothering an easy and obedient baby.

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