6 Things to use when a baby is too big for a changing table

It is fascinating how children can grow up very quickly after birth, sometimes it is a heredity trait in their genetic makeup. The normal age and weight for a baby that has passed the level of a changing table are two years and 30 pounds respectively.

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The fact that they are big for a changing table does not mean there is no alternative way of changing their diapers. The following are some safer places for changing your baby other than a changing table.

Things to do when a baby is too big for a changing table

1. Changing the baby on the floor with a blanket or towel under

You can change the diaper of your baby on a floor covered with a blanket. The blanket serves as a soft and smooth surface where the baby can rest on. The blanket also gives the baby warmth and comfort while you are changing his or her diaper.

You can also use a towel in place of a blanket to cover the floor and give the baby a comforting surface. Ensure that the towel is not wet but dry and cool before you use it. Ensure that you wash, rinse, and dry the blanket and towel before and after every use.  If your baby’s poo is much you need to take him or her to the bathtub and wash him up before putting another diaper on him.

Using a blanket or towel on the floor is beneficial if your baby likes to roll because it creates room for your baby to roll and crawl and it saves your baby from the accident of falling from the table by mistake. Make sure to fold the blanket or towel more than twice to make it thick. This is to make your baby feel comfortable.

2. Use of changing mat on the floor

When your baby grows above the normal height and weight he is meant to, you can go for an alternative of a changing table which is a mat on the floor. The use of a mat on the floor can be a good and safe spot to change your baby’s diaper.

A changing mat such as the Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad comes in various lengths. It is made with high-quality foam for the inside and a smooth fabric as the mat cover. The changing mats are specially made to give the baby comfort while they lay on it and get changed.

The changing mat is very portable. You can fold and store it when not in use. Using a mat is a very easy changing arena to set up but the only disadvantage is that it can lead to back pain for you. But it gives your baby a comfortable and steady environment to roll and crawl.

3. Use a couch/sofa with a blanket or towel

Another alternative you can use when your baby is too big for a changing table is a couch surface with a blanket or a towel. You can change your baby’s diaper on your couch or your sofa as long as you cover the surface with a blanket or a towel to prevent the poo from your baby from messing up your sofa.

Since your sofa is made from soft materials, it helps give your baby comfort while you change his diaper. The sofa can also serve as a crib for your baby to nap.

4. Using changing pad on the crib and bed

The use of changing pads is one of the easiest ways of changing your baby’s diaper, some quality changing pads are designed to restrict your baby from the stomach to the neck from moving. With this type of changing pad, you can easily change your baby’s diaper while he is in his crib or on the bed. A good example is the Munchkin Secure Grip Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad.

This changing pad is also waterproof so if the baby makes a mess while you are changing the diaper in his crib it will not affect the crib. Some changing pads are portable which makes it easier to carry them even while on a journey in case of an emergency.

5. Use of a waterproof mattress on the floor

While changing your baby’s diaper it can get messy sometimes but with the use of a waterproof mattress, it can be controlled. That’s why it is among the things to use when a baby is too big for a changing table.

A waterproof mattress such as the Waterproof Crib Mattress protector Pad can be used in place of a changing table to remove your baby’s diaper. A waterproof mattress can be said to be better than a changing table due to its waterproof feature.  A waterproof mattress does not smell; it is not moldy or mildew because of the waterproof feature.

6. Use a changing pad on a dresser

In place of a changing table, a dresser such as the Graco Noah 3 Drawer Chest with Changing Topper (Espresso) can be used to change your baby’s diaper. All you need to do is get a changing pad and place it on a dresser then place your baby on the changing pad then replace his diaper. Using a dresser is beneficial because most of the baby’s clothes are kept in a drawer in the dresser thereby saving time.

Changing table for 18 month old

Searching for a changing table for 18 months old or more? Find the right changing tables below and other alternatives.

1. Mobile baby changing table with Wheels

The mobile baby changing table with wheels is a suitable changing table for 18th months old. It has the capacity to hold up to 80lbs. This means it can successfully take babies from 0-36 months. It has a larger storage organizer for diapers, towels, tissues, small baby toys, and dolls. It is foldable and easy to move from one part of the house to another, helping you to save space.

2. Graco changing table with water resistant changing pad and safety strap

The Graco changing table is another changing table for 18th months old you can get. It has a changing pad, safety strap, and everything that makes changing baby diapers easy. The surface is deep making it safe for wiggly babies. It has storage spaces for diapers, toys, dolls, and wipes.

3. Use a breakfast table with a secured changing pad

Searching for a changing table for 18 months old? You can try changing the baby on the breakfast table with a secured changing pad on it. Sure, the table should be sturdy to take the weight of an 18 month old baby.

What age do you stop using a baby changing table?

It really depends on the baby. You can use the changing tables until the babies are out of diapers, they can stand on their own, they exceed the changing table weight limit, and when they are potty trained.

In summary

When your baby is above 2 years or greater than 30 pounds, the baby is too big for the changing table. In such situations, there’s no need to be tied down because there are alternatives. The guide above shows 6 things to use when your baby is too big for the changing table.

A baby diaper changing table will help make diaper duty go more smoothly by giving you a place to keep diapers and other essentials close at hand. But in the absence of a changing table, you can always improvise, isn’t it? At the end of the day, what matters is that you have successfully changed the diapers that need to be replaced. Remember the saying about how the end justifies the means? That’s it! So go on and make do with what you have nicely.

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