Baby is too big for pack n play

Baby is too big for Pack n Play? 7 alternatives you can use

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Do you have a baby that has become too big for the Pack n Play you have at home? Don’t worry this article got you covered, as its purpose is to show you other alternatives to a Pack n play that you would find useful. A variety of these products have been made just for this purpose exists. The products can be used during relaxation and also during leisure time.

Outlined below are the 7 alternatives that a Baby who is too big for Pack n play can use.

1.    Sleeping Bag – Bixbee Kids Sleeping Bag, Children’s Nap Mat, Unicorn

Bixbee Kids Sleeping Bag, Children's Nap Mat, Unicorn

This is the first alternative to Pack n Play you can consider. This product has a unique design and it serves as a sleeping bag. It is a rectangular sleeping bag that comes mostly in pink color and is unisex. The unicorn sleeping bag for kids is sure to spark the imagination of your little ones as they drift off to sleep. With this sleeping bag, it is sure to be a case of function meets fashion and your little ones will be a magical addition to your child’s next indoor sleepover, rest time, or travel adventure.

This product is super soft and perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep with its plush interior lining. It features a full zipper and an on-the-go carrying handle to take on your next trips. The company is a reputable one that is committed to providing fun, high quality bags and accessories for children to help spark their imagination and inspire their love of adventure. You definitely can’t go wrong with this amazing product.

2.    Travel Bed – The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed, Portable inflatable air Mattress Blow up Bed

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed Portable Inflatable Air Mattress Blow Up Bed for Indoor/Outdoor Camping, Backyard, Hotel, or Home Use Kids Floor Bed with Security Bed Rails and Electric Pump

This product is a portable travel bed that works when it has air pumped into it and your kids will find sleeping on it worthwhile and comfortable. This Mattress doesn’t take much time to get inflated – tops is 40 seconds and you’re up and rocking. Your kids can hardly roll and fall off this product because it has rails that are inflatable and they give protection.

This bed is perfectly suited for activities such as travel, sleepovers and also a good fit for your kids transition to the use of big beds. It is an air mattress that features a unique design which keeps secure and comfortable.  It features a peculiar provision that enables you to tuck in the sheets and you can use the standard sized sheets for cribs on this product. This mattress without a doubt guarantees your kids a cozy sleep at night. It is a great Pack n Play alternative for travel.

3.    Toddler Cot – Regalo My Cot Extra Long Portable Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet

Regalo My Cot Extra Long Portable Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Gray

This is an awesome product to use after Pack n Play. Regalo is a reputable brand that has been keeping a lot of its customers happy. This product is a really small cot that works like a chair and it is smaller than your regular pack n play. It comes with a fitted sheet that is washable and easy to put on. The cot is not too high off the ground and your little ones can easily get on and off of it.

The first look you get of this product is how simple it is. When you unpack it, you’ll find it easy to set up. One thing I can tell you about this product is that when you get it, you’d be mad at yourself that you didn’t find it sooner. Atop the cot is a thick durable material, and this product will save you a lot of traveling issues.

4.    Toddler Airbed – Eltow Inflatable Toddler Air Mattress Bed

Eltow Inflatable Toddler Air Mattress Bed With Safety Bumper - Portable, Modern Travel Bed, Cot for Toddlers - Perfect For Travel, Camping - Removable Mattress, High Speed Pump and Travel Bag Included

If there is anything that air mattresses have in common, it is how comfortable they would make your little ones feel when they lie in them. This Eltow product is a safe to use and reliable product. It is a strong product that features a vinyl material that prevents the bed from puncturing. It is also portable as it can be carried around for travel.

Your little ones are kept safe as a bumper is fitted on each side of this product. It features a leak proof valve, and you can tuck in the sheets on it. At the purchase, you get an extra-large bag and the product also comes with a removable mattress that has eight sections fitted on it to provide better comfort.

5.    Pop up Sleeping Tent – Eackrola Pop up tent

Eackrola Pop Up Tent for Camping, Fits 2-3 Person (Adults) / 4-5 Kids Family Tent, Easy Setup Beach Tent Sun Shelter - Ventilated Mesh Windows, Water Resistant, Carry Bag Included (Green)

The Eackrola pop-up tent is another product you can use when your baby is too big for a pack n play. The product is a nice and easy-to-use sleeping tent that can fit into the trunk of your car. When not assembled, the first look you get of this product is how round it is when packaged. Setting up this tent requires two people to do so, first-person holding one end and another person at the other end to stretch out for the tent to pop up. After that, you can then read the instructions that came with the product to set it up properly.

This product is a high-quality water-resistant tent that has all its zippers working fine. Inside the tent is roomy enough to accommodate 2 to 3 little kids. The tent has provision made for an air inlet at the side to enhance proper ventilation.

6.    Slumberpod – Slumberpod Privacy pod for Babies and Toddlers

SlumberPod Privacy Pod for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers: Easy to Set Up Blackout Dark and Private Sleeping Space - Canopy Compatible with Graco Pack ‘n Play, Lotus Travel Crib, Baby Bjorn

Searching for what to use after pack and play? The Slumberpod is a privacy pod as the name implies because it allows your child to sleep comfortably and in a familiar environment no matter where you go. With this pod, your baby is sure to get quality uninterrupted sleep because it features a totally enclosed area that keeps it dark no matter the time of the day.

Keep in mind that the slumber pod is made for indoor use in a temperature-controlled area. It will make traveling with your child easy because it provides a comfortable and familiar environment for your child. Though the material is black, it will keep the pod completely dark. Inside of the pod is air permeable so you will have enough air getting in and out of this product.

7.    Traveler Crib – Phil & Teds Traveler Crib

Phil & Teds TR_V4_5 Traveller V4 Cot/Crib - Black

This product when packaged looks like a travel bag that you can hang on your shoulders. The Phil and Teds traveler crib can serve as a sleeping solution when you are traveling with your kids. It is a very light crib and weighs about 6 pounds. Assembling this product takes 5 minutes tops to get it all rocking.

It comes with its own sheet and an inflatable mattress. The instruction that comes with the product can be found inside the frame so you won’t have a hard time finding it. It is a great product to use when your toddler is too big for a travel cot.


Can a baby sleep at bottom of the pack n play?

Yes, your baby can sleep in the bottom of pack n play. However, you need to get a fitted sheet for it and a mattress cover to prevent leaks. It is difficult to get the mattress clean when there is a leak. You can check out this fitted sheet and waterproof mattress cover on Amazon.

Can baby suffocate in pack n play?

Not really. Pack n play is designed for sleeping and must have passed specific regulations before they released it out. It is loose fabric and cushiony items that can suffocate a baby in the pack n play.

How long can a baby sleep in a pack and play?

A baby can sleep in the pack n play once they begin to roll over. Then you can move him to the bigger part (the bottom) of the pack n play to sleep till about 1-year plus.

Baby sleeps with face against the side of pack n play?

When a baby sleeps with face against the side of pack n play, you know it can be a bit dangerous. But if your pack n play has mesh sides, it is safer. However, for your peace of mind, get a baby monitor such as the Angel care baby monitor. It helps to detect the baby’s movement. It blinks when the baby moves. It also monitors the baby’s breathing. It bleeps once and then continues to let you know something is out of place.


It is no secret that babies are different when it comes to what they want or what makes them happy. it might surprise you to find out that your baby will prefer some of these alternatives to the regular pack n play. So, if your baby is too big for the pack n play, feel free to use these amazing alternatives. I can guarantee you that the products are from reputable brands and you will hardly go wrong with them.

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