Baby Pram: What all First-time Moms Need to Know (Q&A)

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Being close to your date of delivery will encourage you to get the needed baby’s equipment. Yes, you must be near delivery before you buy equipment that might take up space in your home – prams are a perfect example. Prams are baby equipment that makes upbringing easy for parents and makes babies comfortable. The equipment is mostly designed for newborns till they’re six months and can use it as a sleeping surface within that period.

Prams exist in various colors, models and designs, so you’ll have to buy the one that suits your budget. However, as a first-timer or mother who is new to prams, there are some things you should know about the equipment before purchasing it.

This article will enlighten you on some things you should know about pram’s usefulness and how it can help you. Below are common questions some mothers usually ask to understand the efficiency of baby prams.

  • When should you buy a pram?
  • What should my baby wear in the pram?
  • Do you need a mattress protector for the pram?
  • Do you need sheets for the pram?
  • How long should a baby lie down in a pram?
  • When to change pram to pushchair?
  • What features to look out for in a Pram?

When should you buy a pram?

The time/period you should buy a pram will depend on you. In case you’re an expecting mom, it’s reasonable you buy a pram when you’re about 31 or 34 or 35 weeks along. At that period, you’ll be close to your delivery date, and you’ll get to familiarize yourself with the equipment before your baby arrives.

 Note that it’s not a good idea for you to get your baby’s equipment when you’re in your first trimester; it might lead to a space problem, especially if you live in a small apartment. However, if you’re not used to using prams for your babies, and you’ll like to get it, it’s advisable you get the equipment as soon as your baby is born. That’s because prams are meant to be used for newborns till they’re six months, and you change to another baby’s equipment.

In a nutshell, that is the basics of what you need to know about when you should buy a pram.

What should my baby wear in the pram?

The kind of outfit your baby will wear in his pram is worth knowing. As it is, there are pram suits that your baby can wear, but is it the only wear? That’s not it. Moreover, the clothes your baby should wear in his pram will depend on the weather. That is, if it is winter and you are wearing a thick and double-layered cloth, it’s better to add another dress to your baby’s wear.

If you are wearing a flimsy dress due to hot temperature, wear breathable clothing for your baby. In essence, use the temperature you’re feeling to decide the kind of dress your baby should wear in a pram – your baby’s immune system can’t be stronger than yours, after all.

Do you need a mattress protector for the pram?

A mattress protector is vital for any pram. You wouldn’t want your mattress stained with pees and poops, and that is inevitable if there’s no mattress protector. Studies have shown that many mothers use mattress protectors in babies’ pram to prevent the mattress from wearing out quickly. Hence, you can get mattress protectors that are machine washable and breathable to protect your baby’s mattress.

Do you need sheets for the pram?

Using sheets for a pram is another thing you should know about baby prams. You can use sheets for pram, which is backed by the fact that there are pram sheets. Pram sheets are mainly used for prams, although some mothers who can’t afford them use other things instead.

Some of the things you can use instead of pram sheets include a pillowcase, folded muslin, towels, flat sheet etc. But you must make sure the material you use is made from cotton, preferably.

How long should a baby lie down in a pram?

Your baby should lie down in his pram for about 2 hours max. It’s seen from the manufactures’ advice that babies shouldn’t stay long in the pram and babies’ position should be changed frequently. As said before, your baby can use pram from his infant stage till when he’s about four/five/six months old. All these are for his safety and development.

When to change pram to pushchair?

The transition from pram to pushchair should occur when your baby is about 4-6 months old. Your baby should be getting ready to sit within this age, so a flat sleeping surface might not be the best place for this phase. However, babies tend to breathe easier while in the pram; pushchairs are also quite suitable for your baby.

What features to look out for in a Pram?

Furthermore, when trying to know everything about prams, it’s vital to understand features to check for while purchasing your baby’s pram. Here are some of the features you should check out in prams.

1)Compact & Foldable.

Look for prams that are foldable because they’re less stressful. This kind of pram is easy to set up, and you can easily pack it up while travelling.

2) Travel-proof

It would help if you made sure the pram you get is travel-proof, that is, it can easily fit your car while going for a long journey.

3)Weather protection

Since your baby will spend a lot of time in his pram, you should get one that’ll protect him from weather changes. This feature is essential, and you shouldn’t overlook it.

4) Wheels

To avoid asking for a refund after purchase, make sure to check out the pram’s wheels. You can test the wheels by taking it for a spin around before payment.

5) Front bars

Check out the pram’s front bars you want to buy and make sure they’re detachable and in good condition.

Bottom line

Prams are needed to lessen the responsibility of bringing up a child. They’re equipment you should have If you’ve got the means. It’s indeed a good idea to know everything about prams because the knowledge will aid you in the equipment’s usage. Hence, this article has done justice to the common things you should know about prams- one of them is the features you should look for while purchasing a pram.

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