Bellababy Breast Pump Vs Baby Buddha Breast Pump

Breastfeeding a baby is one of the exciting moments of motherhood; hence one of the preparations made for the arrival of the baby is how the feeding can easily be done. According to the WHO, the standard period for exclusive breastfeeding is 6 months while moms are encouraged to do extending breastfeeding for a minimum of 2 years. However, some mothers find it difficult to breastfeed their munchkins for that long period due to one reason or the other.

This is when the idea of a breast pump comes in handy. You have the option of pumping breast milk and keeping it in a bottle. This enables your baby to get breast milk for a longer period. It also eases you from stress while you’re equally assured that your baby is well-fed. However, it is possible for you to be confused about the pump to use. In this article, we present to you Bella Baby and Baby Buddha breast pumps, from which you can make a choice after looking at their features.


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Bella Baby breast pump is of a high quality with a low price even though it competes with other top-rated expensive pumps in the market. Do you like it already? Let’s run through its pros and cons first.


  • Bag adapters for milk storage

Bella Baby is a silicone breastfeeding pump; it is portable and comes with 2 milk bag adapters and 10 extra bags, all for storage. With these, you can pump milk directly into the bag and store it. This is not only cost-effective, it is also space-effective. It is as well hygienic.

  • Dual, closed breast pump

Bella Baby is a double and closed breast pump; it pumps from both sides simultaneously! Based on your milk flow and comfort, you can always choose from 4 modes and 9 levels of suction that it offers. Before pumping, this pump massages your breasts, thereby stimulating your breasts and giving you a soothing experience.

  • High definition screen

A high definition screen on the Bella Baby breast pump clearly shows the mode being used by you, the suction level you choose, time, battery level etc. With this, it is easy for you to effectively monitor what goes on.

  • Smart touch

No buttons; this makes it easy for you to use just like you use your smart phones.

  • Portable

Bella Baby pump is not heavy; built with 2200 mAh Li-ion battery, it is portable and can be easily carried around anytime and anywhere in your handbag.

  • Hospital-grade

It is built to offer superior productivity

  • Ease of charging

You don’t have to worry about power outlets because you can easily charge it using a power bank. You know why? It uses the Li-ion.

  • Natural pumping

Bella Baby breast pump gives you a pain-free experience; you’d think it was your baby suckling your breast. It comes with a petal-style cushion made with soft silicone; hence the comfort and pain-free experience you will have while using it.

  • No noise

Using this pump doesn’t come with embarrassment. The working sound doesn’t disturb you or others at work, neither does it wake up your baby. So you have nothing to worry about its sound.


  • No option of buying spare parts such as suction cups and bottles. Therefore, other bottles don’t fit in.


The makers of Baby Buddha take pride in helping breastfeeding mothers by creating products that are of high quality, convenient, and easy to use. This breast pump is an impressive handy pump. Would you like to go for it? Wait until we see its pros and cons.


  • Portable and can be used on the go

The Baby Buddha is a portable pumping system which lets you move about your day, so you don’t have to be tied to a large electric pump or plugged in pumping spot. It contains a lanyard suspended pump, capture bottles, and wearable cups. This breast pumping system is light and easy to carry around; you can easily do this by using the included neck lanyard which is easy to wear or carry for every mother. It’s truly an innovative pump idea for a busy mom like you.

  • Easy to use

Baby Buddha pump is easy and ready to use as soon as you take it out of its box. The limited number of buttons makes the user interface fairly intuitive. The buttons includes the lanyard, a carry bag, collection bottles, a t-connector, 3 tubes, and 24mm silicone flanges.

  • Hygienic closed system

Though Baby Buddha is a closed system, you can easily disassemble it for cleaning. This enables you to preserve the expressed milk and later use it for your baby.


As portable, easy to use, efficient and hygienic as Baby Buddha is, it has its cons.

  • Hard suction

Although Baby Buddha has a breast flange with soft silicone which feels good against your skin, the suction at the letdown phase is both hard and aggressive; this can leave some sensation or soreness behind.

  • Buzzing sound

While using the Baby Buddha, you may feel embarrassed. It produces a loud, periodic noise that can be disturbing and irritating to you, your neighbor and your baby. It is known to be one of the loudest breast pumps which emits a buzzing that can be annoying.


  1. Both are light and portable.
  2. Both can be charged.
  3. Both are closed and hygienic systems.


  1. Bella Baby has no buttons while Baby Buddha has buttons.
  2. Baby Buddha has an aggressive suction.
  3. Bella Baby is a double pump while Baby Buddha is single.
  4. Bella Baby produces no irritating noise while Baby Buddha gives an annoying buzzing.

Bottom Line

The Bella Baby breast pump is a portable, easy-to-use, closed double pump system with no noise. On the other hand, the Baby Buddha is a portable pump for busy breastfeeding moms on the go. It is lightweight, easy to use, and efficient. It, however, comes with a loud buzzing and the suction is aggressive. Which one would you like to go for?

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