Best baby monitors similar to Owlet  

5 Best Baby Monitors Similar to Owlet

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If you have used the owlet baby monitor before, you can tell it’s suitable for monitoring your baby while asleep. Since its disappearance from the US market, there’s been a need for another baby monitor similar to Owlet. This blog post will discuss 5 baby monitors similar to Owlet and their features. So if you have to dash to the grocery store while your baby is asleep, you can do so with peace of mind. For working moms who left their babies with the nanny, you can see how your baby is doing in their bassinet from your phone. 

Why do you need a baby monitor similar to Owlet? 

Owlet has been an excellent baby monitor trusted by most moms for years. However, in November 2021, the FDA removed it from the US market to the dismay of many moms who have previously enjoyed the device’s features. As much as concerned moms would like to have Owlet back in the market, they must attend to the safety needs of their babies now. Hence the need for baby monitors similar to Owlet. A careful search online will reveal other superb baby monitor devices with which you can keep up with your baby’s sleeping patterns and overall health while not physically present beside them.

5 Best baby monitors similar to Owlet  

1. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand

This Nanit Pro smart baby monitor boasts of the finest camera in the world. The camera has Intel with which you can monitor your baby’s sleep pattern, breathing motion, and quality of sleep. Catch those memorable moments when your baby smiles and make unexplainable facial expressions with this powerful baby monitor. In addition to monitoring, Nanit offers helpful tips on improving your baby’s sleep quality. That and other beautiful features make your baby sleep for a 10% extended period. That translates to 2 weeks of more sleep in a year. 

2. Miku Pro Contact-Free Breathing & Sleep Tracking Monitor

If you need a baby monitor similar to Owlet, the Miku Pro baby monitor is excellent. It enables you to monitor your baby’s breathing and sleep quality properly. You can see your infant’s real-time respirations per minute (RPM) on the device screen. It’s a wireless device, so don’t worry about wires or batteries. The video quality of the Miku Pro is superb, and the audio is made possible by Ole Wolff’s custom dual speakers. Miku Pro is safe to use with your baby. It gives you total control of your data at home or in transit. 

3. SNUZA PICO 2 New Model

With the Snuza Pico 2 baby monitor, you can watch your baby while they sleep. From their sleep pattern to breathing motion, and body temperature, this device provides you with all the data you need to ensure your baby sleeps well. It provides you with real-time updates on your phone. With its improved breathing pattern detector, false alarms are a thing of the past. The Snuza Pico device can stir your baby if their breathing stops for up to 15 seconds. It also alerts you to take quick action if your baby’s breathing doesn’t pick up after 5 seconds of stirring. What an excellent way to ensure your baby’s safety as they sleep.

4. Sense-U HD Video Baby Monitor 

The Sense-U HD baby monitor can monitor your baby’s sleep movements and quickly alert you when your attention is needed. It does not require you to pay any monthly fees or hidden charges, as you can purchase it with a one-time payment. The Sense-U HD baby monitor utilizes a powerful HD video camera to provide video and audio streams while your baby sleeps. With this device, you can see the minutest movements your baby makes while asleep. It also includes information about your baby’s body temperature changes so you can act without delays. 

5. Snuza Hero SE

The Snuza Hero SE baby monitor helps to monitor how your baby breaths while sleeping. Where any breathing irregularities last up to 20 seconds, the device alerts you by sounding a loud alarm. Before then, it rouses your baby with vibrations when it notices your baby hasn’t made breathing motions for 15 seconds. The Snuza Hero SE baby monitor is safe for your baby’s health because it comprises medically graded materials. It is light in weight and very handy. It’s a wireless device, so wires won’t lie around the whole place. With its adjustable sound settings, you can hear any sound your baby makes while sleeping.


Have you been disappointed about the non-availability of the Owlet baby monitor in the US market? No need to worry further. Now you know the available options and can pick from any of them. You can now watch your baby using a baby monitor similar to Owlet. 

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