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Best Baby washcloths that make bath time comfier for babies

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Bath time is essential to clean up your baby, and it provides a great time for bonding between you and your baby. But the truth is, a baby’s skin is delicate to chemicals and baby products can cause skin irritation, rashes, eczema, and dryness. This is where you need a baby washcloth made with natural ingredients to help protect your baby’s skin from irritations.

To do this amazing task, you need a soft, durable washcloth comfortable for your baby. A good washcloth helps to soothe irritation, exfoliate, and it prevents flare-ups like eczema in babies.

Apart from using a washcloth to bathe babies, you can also use it as a soft wipe for mealtime cleanups, diaper changes, and spit-up situations.

Below are the washcloths at a glance:

Below is an in-depth review of the best baby washcloths.

1.   Baby washcloths for infants: Burt’s Bees Baby – Washcloths, Absorbent Knit Terry

Best baby washcloths

The Burt’s Bees Baby Washcloths is excellent for infants’ bath time. It is a set of 8.5 x 8.5 inches of washcloths. It is soft and absorbent knit terry. Made of 100% GOTs certified organic cotton, it is gentle on baby skin. One side of the washcloth is soft terry, and the other is smooth, thus you can use the soft side for bathing and for baby’s face, while the rough side is great for wiping spit-up off clothing.

The Burt’s Bees Baby – Washcloths is absorbent and extra soft making it perfect for a washcloth and for cleaning up after meals. They are thin enough to reach all the tiny crevices in a baby’s body.

The Burt’s Bees Baby – Washcloths is cheaper than most common washcloths. They are fray, thick and paper-thin. They are machine washable too.

Apart from using the Burt’s bee baby washcloth for bathing baby, you can also use it as a face cloth as it is super soft for the skin.


  1.     They are fray, paper-thin and cheap
  2.     They are soft and absorbent
  3.     They lather up well
  4.     They are suitable for a washcloth and face cloths as well
  5.     It is machine washable and designed to get softer after many washes.


1.            The packaging is not attractive

2.   Best Baby washcloths for sensitive skin: Best Bamboo baby washcloths soft & hypoallergenic sensitive skin

Best baby washcloths

One thing you want to be careful of is the washcloths you use for your baby, especially when they have sensitive skin.  You want to ensure that the washcloth is not irritating their skin.  One good washcloth specially designed for sensitive skin is the Best Bamboo baby washcloths. It is an all-natural bamboo washcloth. It is made with hypoallergenic natural bamboo fibers and free of toxic dyes and chemicals. It is soft and super absorbent giving your baby the fun they deserve at bath time.

The Best Bamboo baby washcloth is specially designed for babies with sensitive skin. It is also suitable for babies who have dry skin or baby eczema. It is softer than cotton wool towels making it soothing on baby skin.

The Best Bamboo baby washcloths are 10 x 10 (6) bamboo washcloths in different beautiful colors of lavender, yellow and lime. The Best Bamboo baby washcloths are made to last for a long time even after many washing. As you use and wash it, it becomes softer and delicate to touch for a long time.


  1.     It is suitable for sensitive skin and babies having Eczema
  2.     It comes in three different colors of lime, lavender, and yellow
  3.     It is machine washable
  4.     It is an Organic washcloth with finished edges
  5.     It is incredibly soft and absorbent


  1.    The glur on the paper wrapping pulls a bunch of threads when removing it from the pack.
  2.    The threads pull out after few washes

3.    Best organic Baby washcloths: Organic Bamboo Baby Washcloths – Soft Baby Wash Cloths for Face & Body, Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Best baby washcloths

Organic brands of baby products are always the best. They are good for a newborn baby’s skin.  The Organic Bamboo Baby Washcloths is made of 100% organic rayon bamboo and hypoallergenic that is soft enough for baby’s skin. It comes in two different 10 pieces and 6 piece sets.  It has three different beautiful colors for girls and boys. There are also neutral colors for undisclosed baby sex.

Organic Bamboo Baby Washcloths is great for newborn skin because it is organic, free of dangerous bleaches, dyes, and latex. There is an extra bonus that comes with an organic washcloth. It comes with a bag to wash them in.

The Organic Bamboo Baby Washcloths are multipurpose washcloths you can use for both bathing, clean-up after meals and it is a great alternative for wipes. You can use it to clean the baby up when changing diapers.


  1.     It is extremely soft and absorbent
  2.     It is perfect for bathing, cleaning up after meals, and diaper changes
  3.     It comes in a laundry bag for washing
  4.     It comes in different colors suitable for both baby girls and boys
  5.     It is suitable for babies with sensitive skin


1.            They lose thread after a few times of washing

4.   Best Baby washcloths for wipes: Luvable Friends 12 pack washcloths, yellow

Best baby washcloths

The Luvable friends washcloths come in a pack of 12 washcloths. 2 washcloths are white, 4 are patterned and 6 are solidly adorable color washcloths.  The Luvable friends washcloths are suitable for both bathing and for both cloth and diaper wipes. They are soft, durable and machine washable.

They are cheap and suitable for cloth diaper wipes. They are soft, absorbent, thin and sufficient for baby’s breastfed poops than most common cloth and diaper wipes out there. In fact, they are the perfect size for a wipe dispenser.

They are machine washable and when they get too old or stained, turn them into rags and replace them.

It is a must-have if you plan to do cloth diapering.


  1.     They come in cute, bright colors
  2.     It is soft, thin and absorbent for diaper duty
  3.     It saves you a lot of money in wipes
  4.     It is suitable for baby wipes
  5.    They don’t peel, pull or come apart after washing.


1.            The threading comes undone after a long time of use

5.   Best Baby washcloths for face: Bamboo Baby Washcloths for Face and Bath, Soft and Absorbent Organic Baby Towels

Best baby washcloths

Not all washcloths are suitable for washing the baby’s face because some of them can cause irritation for babies with sensitive skin. If you are looking for the best baby washcloth for face, you would want to consider Bamboo Baby Washcloths for Face and Bath. It is an organic washcloth made from Bamboo. It is hypoallergenic and extra soft. This softness and the antibacterial properties make it suitable for the baby’s skin.

It comes in a pack of 8 soft and absorbent baby washcloth measuring 10 x 10 inches. The softness helps to prevent skin irritation such as eczema.

The Bamboo Baby Washcloths for Face and Bath is ideal for baby bath, burp cloth, clean-up during mealtime, etc. 

The Bamboo Baby Washcloths for Face and Bath is sewn at the edges to strengthen the seam line so that it can last for a long time.


  1.     It has an excellent moisture absorption that helps to keep your baby dry
  2.     It keeps its size after many times of washings
  3.     Its antibacterial property makes it difficult for bacteria to live in the washcloth
  4.     It is organic and great for sensitive skin
  5.     It is super soft with fabulous colors


1.            They are smaller than normal washcloths            

Above are adorable and best baby washcloths

The reviewed washcloths above are adorable and safe washcloths for your baby. They are organic and do not contain harmful chemicals. They don’t irritate baby’s skin also. It is time to get a bunch for your little baby. 

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