Best diapers for chunky babies

7 Best Diapers For Chunky Babies

Do you have a chunky baby and wonder about the best diapers to use for them? Chunky babies are beautiful and have a lil extra weight. This makes it difficult to find the best diapers for big babies that fit them perfectly. This is because there are a lot of diaper brands and you won’t even know the best one to choose from. For these beautiful babies, you need the best diapers for babies with big thighs. You’ll just have to go through many of them to know the most suitable one. However, diapers still come in sizes, so how will you know the best diapers for chunky babies?

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This question will be answered when you know the factors you need to consider before getting diapers for your chunky baby. These factors are very important as they’ll save you from going through unnecessary stress and also save your baby from getting diaper-related problems.

Factors to consider before getting the best diapers for chunky babies

1)          The tightness of the waistband:  Checking this before purchase will determine if your baby will be comfortable while wearing the diaper or not. This is because you need diapers for babies with big thighs. so the waist should not be too tight.

2)          The size of the diaper:  Because you have a cute chunky baby, you need a diaper that will really cover the baby’s bum.  Thinking about this will make you choose the right size and save you from getting your hands messy every time you’re changing diapers. This means you need the best diapers for fat babies.

3)          Wetness indicator:  Check out if the diaper you want to buy has an indicator that will show you when it is time for a change.

4)          The absorbency of the diaper: This factor is important as it will determine how well the diaper can prevent leakages.

5)          Softness:  Getting a soft exterior and interior diaper will protect your baby’s skin from rashes and skin irritation.

6)          Brand: Check out the brand before purchase. It is advisable you get a well-known brand as this will provide you with other customers’ reviews and testimonies.

You should note that diapers sizes are based on how much your baby weighs and the development stage, so weight is an important factor when purchasing diapers. Especially where chunky babies are concerned. In case your baby has big bellies, you will have the opportunity to choose the best diapers for babies with big bellies.

With these factors, it shouldn’t be a hard task to choose diapers for your baby with thighs anymore. If you consider the above tips, you could choose a suitable diaper for your baby. However, choosing the best diaper for chunky babies might be a bit challenging. But do not fret, as this article will show you the best diapers you can use for cute chunky babies.

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7 Best Diapers For Chunky Babies

1)   LUVS

Luvs is a diaper that is widely used by nursing mothers. It is economical and has extra stretch sides that help to prevent blowouts and pees of babies. It is also equipped with an ultra-leak guard protection area that makes it one of the best diapers for chunky babies.  It is very gentle on the baby’s skin and smells like scented baby powder.

In fact, Luvs diaper has a fastener that can be adjusted to fit babies snugly.

2)   Huggies Little Movers

The Huggies Little Movers diaper has a unique shape that makes it fits babies snugly. It is one of the best diapers you can choose for chunky babies. It also has liners to absorb pees and a wetness indicator. It is super stretchy and has a double grip strip which makes it fit and comfortable for babies.

In addition, Huggies Little Movers have been used by various mums with chunky babies and they’ve given excellent reviews of how great the diaper is.

3)   Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers is one of Pampers’ diaper products. Swaddlers have a lot of amazing features, which makes them ideal for chunky babies. It has an adjustable fastener that makes it snug and comfortable against your baby’s bottom. It also absorbs wetness into its inner core, which makes your baby dry and comfortable even after peeing.

In fact, Pampers Swaddlers can prevent your baby from getting diaper rashes. It also has a blanket-like soft exterior that makes it gentle on babies with sensitive skin. This incredible diaper is the softest of all pampers products which makes it a great diaper for big babies.

4)   Pampers Baby Dry

Baby Dry is a Pampers diaper product with 12-hour protection that allows your baby to sleep without disturbances. It has about 3 layers which help to absorb leakages and wetness. Chunky babies can use this diaper as it comes in different sizes. It also has an umbilical cord cutout which helps to protect your baby’s belly.

Pampers Baby dry has 3 absorbing channels to keep and distribute wetness evenly so that make your baby will be dry and comfortable after peeing.

5)   Pampers Cruisers

Pampers Cruisers is very stretchy and has a soft exterior. It is designed to absorb and distribute leaks evenly to prevent your baby from feeling uncomfortable and crying too much. Cruisers can hold leaks along the waist, leg, and bottom which makes it one of the best diapers chunky babies can use.

It is gently sealed along the leg to make it suitable for rolling, crawling, and walking babies.

6)   Huggies Little Snugglers

This is one of Huggies’ diaper products that help to protect the baby’s skin. Little Snuggler has a pocketed waistband that keeps blowouts in and makes it ideal for chunky babies. It is very breathable and allows the inflow of air.

This wonderful diaper also has an umbilical cord cutout which can protect your baby’s navel while it heals. This diaper is perfect for babies with thick thighs.

7)   Honest Diaper

Honest is a diaper-free of fragrance and any other strong smells. It is very gentle against the baby’s skin and is decorated with adorable designs. This diaper is large and can fit chunky babies perfectly. It is produced from plant-based products which makes it environment friendly. Also, it has leg cuffs that prevent leakages and messy blowouts.

Best overnight diapers for chunky babies

1. Huggies overnight diapers

One of the best overnight diapers for chunk babies is Huggies overnight diapers. This diaper is great because it has extra absorbency and double leak guards to prevent leaks and help babies to enjoy a full night’s sleep. The drytouch liner absorbs moisture and provides leak-proof protection.

2. Diaper doublers

Diaper doublers are worn together with a normal diaper. They help to extend the life of a diaper so that you can minimize diaper changes at night. Your baby will sleep longer at night as there will be no leaks. Great diaper doublers you can use as overnight diapers for chunky babies are:

a. Sposie overnight baby diaper booster pads/doublers
b. Dimples Booster pads, Baby diaper double with adhesive
c. NorthShore disposable baby diaper doubler with adhesive

3. Babyganics diapers

The Babyganics ultra-absorbent diapers are another set of overnight diapers for chunky babies. They are large and highly absorbent with soft stretch sides. They don’t leave rashes on babies and they generate no leaks overnight. You know what? They are blowout resistant, yeah!

4. Cloth diaper covers

The trick here is to use cloth diaper covers over the disposables. This means once you wear the disposable diapers for them, cover them up with the cloth diaper covers to prevent leaks during the night. Below are great cloth diaper covers for your chunky baby in the night.

a. Blueberry Newborn coveralls cloth diaper cover
a. ALVABABY baby cloth diapers
b. Wegreeco washable reusable baby cloth pocket diapers
c. SmartNappy Cotton Knit cloth diaper cover

Diaper cutting baby’s leg

If the diaper you use for your baby is cutting the baby’s leg, that means they are too small for the baby. You need to get bigger sizes for them. One of the best diapers you can use to prevent this is the Huggies diapers. They fit better on fat thighs because they are more stretchy. Pampers cruisers also have tons of rooms and stretchy parts.

When to start using overnight diapers?

There is no particular time. It all depends on your babies. But it can start from around 3 months to 6 months of age. There are also signs you can watch out for such as:

a. When your baby starts soaking through his daytime diapers at night
b. When your baby starts having leaks at night

Are overnight diapers worth it?

Overnight diapers are well worth it. This is because the diapers are a lot more absorbent than regular diapers so they help babies to sleep for long without waking up for a diaper change. This helps you to avoid unnecessary feed and waking up.


Whenever you’re trying to choose the best diapers for chunky babies, you should consider the above factors as it will save you from going through unnecessary stress. As it is known that babies can’t admit what they feel, it is up to you as a parent or caregiver to use the best materials on them. The above diapers are the best you can use for chunky babies, just try out one of them and you won’t regret it.

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