Best video baby monitors

Best Video Baby monitors in 2020

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Imagine this scenario:

You’ve just had your baby.

Your husband is busy at work.

You are busy running around to make sure everything is good for the baby and the entire household.

But today, you were just too tired

You have a pile of dishes to do

You have the baby’s laundry waiting for you

You have to fix lunch for the family

And as your mind is filled with all you have to do.

Suddenly your baby falls asleep. You slowly breathe a sigh of relief

Now, you can do other things in the house.

But. you. are. wrong.

As soon as you stepped your foot in the kitchen to fix lunch

Your mind wanders back to the baby. Is she fine? Is she still sleeping? Is she awake?

With this barrage of thoughts, you quickly dash into the bedroom to watch the baby. She is still sleeping.

You dashed back. You had to check on your baby 7 times before you finished cooking.

What if I tell you that there is a better way to keep an eye on your baby as they sleep and you work around the house?

Best video baby monitor to the rescue.

A video baby monitor is a must-have for every first time mom and experienced moms. It helps you to keep a tab on your baby while you work.

Babies are a handful! They are adorable and needs a lot of love and care. So, they need a lot of monitoring whether they are sleeping, playing, eating, or bathing. You must constantly watch what they are doing so they don’t hurt themselves. It is easier to monitor them when they are awake than when they are sleeping and you quickly want to do something or the other before they wake up.

One great tool you can use to monitor your baby is the video baby monitor. It helps you to watch your baby when you are not there and you can easily check them out on your phone through an app. You need a baby monitor if you are a working mom and you have a nanny at home watching your baby. You can easily check on them through the camera as you work in the office.

Having the best video baby monitor enables you to know if your baby is breathing, the position in the crib and whether they are sleeping or fighting to sleep. These are very essential to know.

Below are the five best video baby monitors. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

1.    Baby monitor for iPhone and Android: Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera, WiFi Home Surveillance IP Camera for Baby/Elder/Pet/Nanny Monitor, Pan/Tilt, Two-Way Audio & Night Vision SD Card Slot Q3-S

Best Video Baby monitors

The world is advanced. There are the best video baby monitors for phones. Video monitor helps you to check on your baby when you are working on the laundry, fixing meals in the kitchen, working in the garden or even when you are at work.

One of the best video baby monitors that work with iPhone and Android phones is the Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera. You can watch what is happening to your baby live through your iOS/Android phones, Windows PC and Apple Mac software through the Wansview Cloud app available on the Apple and Android app stores. Save and replay videos on the app. If you lose the camera, you can replay it to see how it happened.

The Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera has a wide coverage area that ensures the whole of your home is covered. It has presets you can either zoom in or zoom out to view objects.

It enables you to talk and listen from anywhere through the mobile app. This will help you communicate with your children when you are at work or out of the house. You can talk directly to your babies through the app. This is essential for moms who have nannies at home watching babies.

With the Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera, it can send instant alerts to your phone in 10s to keep abreast of what is happening in your absence, even in the night. It has a 20ft night vision so you don’t miss out on anything in the night.

The Wansview Wireless 1080P Security Camera is not only suitable for watching babies, you can also use it to capture special baby moments and share with your friends at work and family members.


  1. It has apps for both iPhone and Android phones for monitoring babies.
  2. It can send instant alert videos to your phone to inform you of what is happening in your absence
  3. It is easy to install
  4. It has a compact camera that is and easy to position
  5. It is easy to control the camera from your phone


1.            The motion detection does not work well.

2.   Baby monitor for twins: Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Best video baby monitors

Monitoring one baby is work on its own, not to talk of adding a second baby to the picture. But, you need not worry, with a good baby monitor for twins, you should be able to monitor those adorable cuties. One of the best video baby monitors for twins is the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens. It is the No.1 Bestseller on Amazon and the 2018 award winner of the Popular mechanics best baby monitor. You will love it!

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is compact and uses a medium-sized battery. It is lightweight and portable to make it easy to use around the house. It gives you total viewing control. The Monitor has a camera with a pan/tilt/zoom feature and an interchangeable lens which is important for monitoring twin babies. You use zoom in and zoom out with the wide-angle lens to see babies and objects closely. Pan left and right and tilt up and down to see the whole room at once.

It is a plug and play baby monitor so it does not require set up. The LED bar, which is sound activated enables you to see when your baby is crying. It can be expanded up to 4 cameras with scan mode.

It does not require WiFi access to work. This means you can travel with it to anywhere such as a vacation on a lake house and still be able to monitor your children without internet access.


  1.     It produces stunning video and audio quality
  2.     Its interchangeable lens makes it suitable to monitor twin babies
  3.     It does not require WiFi to work
  4.     It does not require an app on your phone to work
  5.     It has a monitor that shows the room temperature and alerts you if is too hot or too cold.


1.            The battery does not last for more than a year

3.    Baby monitor for camping: DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

Best video baby monitors

Do you love taking your families out for camping? Are you worried about your baby’s safety while out camping? One way to keep an eye on your baby while camping is to use a baby monitor for camping.

One of the best baby video monitor suitable for camping is a wireless and battery-operated baby monitor. This will help you charge it when the battery runs down and also be able to use it without WiFi. This is where you need the DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor. It has a 4.3 inches color LCD screen and sound-activated led lights that allow you to see if your baby is crying.

The DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor has manual video recording that helps you to capture lovely moments with your family members as you go camping. It also comes with an automatic video recording that captures moments for you to keep abreast of what is happening when you are not there with the kids.

The DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor comes with an automatic night vision that detects the light conditions. It has a visibility of up to 15 feet in darkness. This helps you to see what is happening during the night. The two-way talk microphone and speaker attached to the monitor ensures that you can communicate with your baby. It has a transmitting distance of up to 1,000 ft.


  1. It is possible to remotely control the camera with the monitor when you are far from your baby. The range is strong.
  2. Its pan/tilt feature enables you to extend your vision to see 95% of your camping tent
  3. It is easy to mount the monitor in a camping tent
  4. It has a temperature sensor
  5. It has night vision mode that doesn’t keep a sleeping baby awake


  1.    It has a short cord
  2.   The microphone is too powerful. Picks up every little sound

4.    Baby monitor for 2 rooms: Babysense Video Baby Monitor with 2 Digital Cameras

Best video baby monitors

Do you have children in different rooms that you would like to monitor from the same baby monitor device? If your answer is yes, then the Babysense Video Baby Monitor with 2 Digital Cameras is the best solution for you.  With the video baby monitor, you can view two babies in different rooms from one unit. This means the monitor has two digital cameras you can install in each room to view babies.

The parent unit is portable and lightweight, so you can move it around with you. This enables you to see and talk to your baby from anywhere in your house. It is long-range with up to 900 feet of open space.

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor’s infrared night vision makes it possible to watch your baby in the day and at night. The videos are clear even in the dark rooms, so you will know what is happening in the night.

The baby monitor has a 2x digital zoom that allows you to watch your baby closely. You can easily zoom it in to watch your sleeping baby closely or see when they wake up.

The best thing about the Babysense Video Baby Monitor is that it helps you to monitor the temperature in your baby’s room. It then alerts you if it is too hot or cold for your baby. This helps to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.


  1.     It is small and lightweight
  2.     It charges fast (in 1-2 hours) and lasts for 8 hours
  3.     It has a high video resolution
  4.     It is suitable for two rooms
  5.    It shows room temperature


  1.      The LCD screen is small
  2.      It has connection problems.

5.   Baby monitor for travel:  Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

Best Baby video monitors

Traveling and worried about how to keep a tab on your baby? Not to worry, there are best video baby monitors you can take with you as you travel. They are mostly without WiFi and with rechargeable batteries. One of the best baby monitors for travel is the Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera.

The Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera is great for monitoring baby as you travel to visit friends and family vacations, holidays, etc. It gives you peace of mind knowing you can always keep an eye on your baby anywhere you are around the house. One good thing is, the portable parent unit is portable and you can always carry it with you to see, talk and hear your baby around the house. It is long-range – about 900 feet open space.

The Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera has an auto infrared night vision that ensures that you see your baby whether it is night or day. It provides a clear video in the dark, helping you to see what your baby is doing at any point in time.

The digital zoom feature, allow you to closely view your baby and the surrounding environment. With this feature, you can catch memorable moments of your baby waking and sleeping moments. Apart from that, it also monitors room temperature, alerting you when the room is too hot or cold for baby’s comfort.

It has lullabies to help lure your baby to sleep.


  1.     It is a great baby monitor for travel
  2.     It covers a long-range (900 feet)
  3.     It monitors room temperature to make sure the baby is comfortable
  4.     It has 2x digital zoom to ensure you closely monitor your baby
  5.     It has lullabies to help your baby sleep better


  1.      The battery does not last long
  2.      Connections are constantly out

Best Baby video monitors are a must-have for every mom

The truth is, there is little you can do to watch over your baby especially when they are sleeping. But you can get a second eye by using video monitors to keep an eye on your baby where you are in the house, at work, at the mall, etc. Click on any of them to check out or shop below.

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