wet/dry bags for pump parts

Best Wet/Dry Bags For Pump Parts

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Are you a parent who sometimes has to pump while on the go or at the office? If you frequently pump breast milk for your baby, wet-dry bags might be quite helpful. You don’t want to lose any small parts in the large baby bag when you’re packing your bottles and pumping accessories. As a result, having a wet/dry bag that can keep everything organized is an excellent idea. Additionally, if you don’t rinse your pump parts after you finish pumping, they can still be damp and covered in milk. It may be possible to keep the rest of your bag clean by putting your dirty pump parts in a wet-dry bag. Below are the best Wet/dry bags for pump parts you can get.

5 best Wet/dry bags for pump parts

1. Idaho jones wet bag

You don’t have to waste your time at work washing and drying breast pump parts! You can reuse the same parts for numerous pumping sessions by simply putting the used parts into this Idaho Jones waterproof breast pump bag and storing it in the office fridge. Flanges, backflow protectors, duckbills, and freezer-safe breastmilk bags can also be kept in these wet-dry bags for pump parts, allowing you to hide your baby’s milk supply and keep coworkers from seeing the parts. Furthermore, the dry wet bag for the breast pump is easy to clean so that bacteria can’t grow or hide in it.

2. Sarah Wells Pumparoo wet/dry bag

Use the Pumparoo breast/dry bag to set up and take down your pump components on a spotless staging mat while still discretely transporting them!

The detachable, inventive staging mat can be used as a clean surface on your desk, bathroom counter, etc. for setting up your pump parts. The Pumparoo breast wet/dry bag is the ideal size for breast pump parts as it holds 4 8-oz bottles in addition to all other pump parts and more.

3. Damero wet/dry bag

The Damero wet bags for baby needs are made of lightweight, breathable polyester and includes both a mesh bag and a waterproof mat. Additionally, it has a useful carry loop.

This wet/dry has adequate room to store all the components for your breast pump and other accessories. Your breastfeeding supplies and breast pump parts can be kept safely inside thanks to its zipper closing. It includes a coordinating mat that is foldable, waterproof, simple to clean and provides a clean surface to lay all pump components.

4. V-COOL wet/dry bag

Both the interior and exterior of the V-COOOL are made of waterproof fabric for simple washing. It has a large capacity design that can hold diapers, storage bags, breast pumps, and other breastfeeding supplies. For mom’s dry belongings, such as milk storage bags, diapers, etc., the outer layer has a zipper design. Three layers of zippers are used, one of which can be taken off. To preserve the health of the breast pump accessories, you should immediately set the breast pump on it after using it.

5. Iris & Ella wet/dry bag

The Iris & Ella baby wet bags are made specifically to keep the components of breast pumps clean. It includes a carry loop, a replaceable insert, and a waterproof staging mat. These breast pump floral baby wet bags are made from high-quality, hygienic polyester. You can now easily pump wherever you want. No matter where you need to pump, you can be guaranteed that your breast pump parts will be kept hygienic and clean thanks to the detachable waterproof staging pad. After you’ve finished pumping, your baby’s milk can be safe in the freezer and refrigerator.

How can I dry my pump parts faster?

Making sure that pump parts are clean is the first step in ensuring speedy drying. First, you must thoroughly rinse the milk out with cool water. The plastic pump parts’ sticky residue will be removed with this. Make sure to completely disassemble the pump and wash every component with hot, soapy water.  Having a separate wash basin or rinsing the pump parts while holding them in your hand and running hot, soapy water over them is a great option. Rinse the pump parts once again in hot water after washing them. The pump parts will dry more quickly if you use hot water. If you are at work, hold the pump parts under a clean hand dryer after shaking off as much water as you can. To finish drying, spread the pump parts out on a mat or a fresh piece of paper towel. The parts might not be completely dry before your next pump session if they are not allowed to air dry.

How do you store pump parts without washing?

The growth of bacteria can be slowed down by rinsing and storing your pump parts in the refrigerator for a few hours in between uses if you are unable to fully clean them after each pumping session. Instead of cleaning the pump parts as usual after your pumping session, you can place them in a new, reusable plastic bag and place them in the refrigerator where you store your breast milk. Take your pump parts out of the fridge and put them in fresh bottles when it’s time for your next pumping session. Furthermore, it’s important to understand that refrigerating does not prevent bacteria from developing.

Do pump parts need to be dry before use?

The risk of germ transfer will be reduced by letting pump parts air dry. Furthermore, the parts of breast pumps must be dry before you start to pump because any moisture from the pump components can damage the suction on the pump. Additionally, moist parts may draw moisture into the tubing, which may encourage the development of mold. Ensure you fully air dry the pump parts before usage because if a towel or cloth is used to dry the parts instead of letting them air dry, germs could be transmitted from the towel onto the pump parts and then into the milk that is being pumped.

Is buying wet/dry bags for breast pump parts a wise choice with all the baby supplies you need to buy? After pumping, using a wet/dry bag is a great way to prevent bacteria from forming on your pump parts. Highlighted above are the best Wet/dry bags for pump parts you can check out when getting yours.

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