boppy pillow vs newborn lounger

Boppy Pillow Vs Newborn lounger: Is there a difference?

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Having a newborn baby calls for adding new baby items in your house. Baby items that will help you raise your baby perfectly and improve his or her growth and development. Boppy pillow and Newborn lounger is part of the baby items you need to add to your collection. They serve as a couch made especially for babies and gives them absolute comfort. However, due to the similarities between these two, parents get confused and think “Boppy pillow vs newborn lounger, which should I get?

Thinking about this, you will need to know the benefits of both to make the right decisions on which to get. You also must know if there’s any difference between Boppy pillow and Newborn lounger that can make your baby fall short of the things needed for growth and development if you get one and neglect the other.

Well, you need not worry as this article will enlighten you on the need to get either a Boppy pillow or newborn lounger and the differences between them.

Boppy pillow

What is a boppy pillow?

The boppy pillow is a nursing pillow designed by Boppy that has a lot of benefits and has helped many parents bring up their babies and also provides comfort while doing so. The boppy infant pillow is a C shaped pillow that is comfy enough to give support to nursing babies.

The baby Boppy pillow has generated great reviews from parents who have used it. Sure you want to know when a baby can use a boppy pillow. Your baby can use a boppy pillow from 2 – 3 months old for tummy time. However, if you want to use it for sitting, the baby needs to have head control first before you use it for them. But the question most moms want to be answered is “Is a boppy pillow necessary?

Do you need a boppy pillow?

Here are the uses for a boppy pillow and the reasons you need one for your baby.

Reasons you should choose a Boppy pillow

1)           Use boppy pillow for breastfeeding

A boppy pillow can be used when breastfeeding your infants by placing it on your lap so it can support you during nursing. However, it is necessary to know how to use a boppy pillow for breastfeeding.

How to use a Boppy pillow for nursing baby

  • Make sure your back is properly supported and comfortable before carrying your baby.
  • Place the Boppy pillow on your laps and make sure it’s around the waist.
  • Put your baby in the pillow with him or her facing you upward.
  • Rest he or she on the side.
  • Then, make sure your baby’s mouth is leveled with the breast.

The above is the correct way to breastfeed while using a Boppy pillow.

2)           How to use Boppy pillow for sitting

Boppy pillow can be used to get infants into a sitting position. Below is how to use a boppy pillow for sitting:

a. Put the boppy pillow on a clean floor, preferably on a chair, a coach, or an elevated flat surface.
b. Put your baby in a sitting position inside the boppy pillow.
c. Let the baby’s backrests on the curve of the pillow so that the legs point at the opening.

3)           How to use a Boppy pillow for tummy time; Whenever it’s time to place your baby on his or her stomach, the pillow serves as the perfect equipment to use for this position.

Below is how to use a boppy pillow for tummy time

  • Put a clean blanket on the floor
  • Place a boppy pillow on top of the blanket
  • Put the baby inside the C curve of the pillow and ensure that their arms and shoulds are propperly placed on top of the pillow
  • Put fancy toys that the baby can play with in front of the pillow
  • Let the baby play in this position until they are tired. This can be between 5- 20 minutes depending on their age

4)           The pillow can be used for back laying: You can place babies into the pillow and prop them onto their back. A boppy pillow makes it very easy to do this.

5)           The Boppy pillow can be placed anywhere in the house. If you need close supervision of your baby while in the kitchen or bedroom, you can just place them on the pillow to supervise.

6)           It supports sitting from the front and behind; The Boppy pillow helps babies to sit either while facing the front or back without disrupting anything.

7)           It is useful as a baby snuggler; Place the pillow on your belly and put your baby on it, you’ll realize it will serve well as a baby snuggler.

8)           Boppy pillow is useful during bottle feeding. For infants who are bottle-fed, you can use the pillow to serve as support while doing this.

9)           The Boppy pillow can serve as sibling support. Whenever older siblings wish to play with infants, the pillow helps to support the babies such that they will be able to play without getting injured.

10)        Boppy pillow can serve as a cushion for new moms. Some mothers prefer to sit in it to heal any tear or soreness on the private part.

How many boppy pillows do you need?

One is enough, but if you have the capability, two is great. This is because you can use it for different purposes as highlighted above. This includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy time, sitting, etc.

Can a baby sleep in the boppy pillow at night?

As tempting as it seems, it is not a good idea for a baby to sleep in a boppy lounger at night. However, you can allow them to take a nap during the day with your full supervision. But if no one is watching the baby, please don’t do it. This is because the baby can slip down, throw himself forward without warning and this can lead to suffocation.

Should you wash the boppy pillow before the first use?

If you purchase the boppy pillow as new, then you don’t have to wash it. If you want, you can just wash the cover of the pillow. However, when the baby poops or throw upon it, you can wash it on a delicate cycle.

When can a baby use boppy pillow?

Baby can start using a boppy pillow from 1 month up to 1 year of age.

Can you put boppy pillow in washer?

Yes, you can wash the boppy pillow in the washer. Make sure you use the machine wash delicate cycle. When you are drying the pillow, add a sneaker or tennis ball wrapped in a pillow case in the dryer. This will help you to preserve the shape of the pillow.

Can you put Boppy pillow in bassinet?

There is a warning on the label of the boppy pillow that says you should not allow the baby to sleep on it. It is also written on the website not to allow babies to sleep in a boppy pillow in a crib, bassinet, playpen, and play yard.

What to use instead of boppy pillow?

Are you searching for alternatives to the boppy pillow? Find some of them listed below:

a. My Breastfriend pillow
b. Regular pillows
c. Boppy Anywhere Nursing Pillow
d. Dream on Me, Beeboo nursing pillow
e. Infantino Elevate Adjustable Nursing and Breastfeeding Pillow
f. Lansinoh Nursie Nursing Pillows

Can I bring a boppy pillow on the plane?

Yes, you can bring a boppy pillow on the plane. But the truth is that space is limited, so it is advisable for you to look for a nursing pillow that is small like the Lansinoh nursing pillows, the Boppy Anywhere Nursing Pillow, and the inflatable Mybreastfriend pillow.

Are boppy pillows worth it?

The boppy pillow is worth it because of the following reasons:
a. It is good for breastfeeding
b. Baby can lie in it when they are older
c. It is great for tummy time
d. It helps babies with reflux to sleep better
e. Useful for baby therapy due to torticollis
f. It is useful for practicing sitting up for the baby
g. It helps to keep babies off the c-section incisions

Tummy time on boppy vs floor

Are you considering doing tummy time on boppy for your baby or on the floor? Actually, it is fine to use a boppy pillow for tummy time for your baby as it helps the baby with head lifting. However, as the baby grows, you will want to allow the baby to lay flat on the floor in order to work harder against gravity. Apart from doing tummy time on a boppy pillow, you can also do it on your chest and on your lap.

How to nurse without a boppy

Searching for ways to nurse without a boppy? Find some of them below.

  1. Roll up a blanket and tuck it under the baby’s bottom to raise him up
  2. Use the cross cradle hold for breastfeeding
  3. Use a chair or bench with arms and prop up your elbow
  4. Use any old pillow at home to prop the baby up
  5. Use a nursing sling: The sling makes it easy for your to nurse at home and when up and about. It is small enough to fit into a small bag or backpacks.
  6. Use the football hold for nursing, especially if you have large breasts

If you are looking for ways to nurse without a boppy when you are outside the house, use any of the following:

  1. Use a blanket
  2. Use a nursing shawl
  3. Use a Muslin nursing scarf
  4. Use a nursing sling
  5. Use the boppy anywhere nursing pillow: This is a perfect nursing pillow for nursing at home and on the go. It is designed for both the petite and plus sized moms. Check it out now!
  6. Use Lansinoh Nursie Nursing Pillows for Breastfeeding: It is a slide on the arm pillow covenient for moms on the go.
  7. Use the Inflatable mybreastfriend pillow: It is an inflatable pillw that fits in a dipaer bag or a purse, suitable for airplanes, travels and use on the go.
  8. Boppy newborn baby carrier: It provides a cozy environment for baby to nurse.

Newborn Lounger

This is a product that is made for the comfort of babies. Infants can sit in this lounger comfortably without having any issues. Parents use this because of its benefits and how it seems to make the baby’s care easy. Here are some benefits of a newborn lounger.

Do I need a newborn lounger?

Do you need a newborn lounger? It is useful as it is a place you can keep a baby for some minutes while you attempt to do other chores nearby. It is also a great place to take baby pictures when they are young. It is also easy to carry around to other people’s houses than a swing or bouncer.

Advantages of Newborn loungers

  1. The baby boppy lounger has an interior that makes it easy for babies to sit comfortably.
  2. A newborn lounger is very comfy and soft
  3. It is easy to carry and can be set up anywhere.
  4. The boppy lounger pillow can serve as a baby seat.
  5. It is made of materials that are easy to clean.
  6. It has a carrying handle that makes it easy to take anywhere.
  7. Setting your baby up in a newborn lounger will give you a great view of them.
  8. Newborn loungers will allow you to use your hands for other activities rather than carrying the baby all around.

With the above explanation of Boppy pillow and Newborn loungers, it is seen that there isn’t much difference between the two baby items. So the answer to Boppy pillow vs Newborn loungers: is there a difference? Is based on you as a parent. This is because both items are for the comfort of your babies. Whenever you’re in a situation to choose, it is absolutely up to you to know the one you can afford and if it’ll be the best for you and your baby.

However, you can get both a newborn lounger and a boppy pillow. Deciding to choose between Boppy pillow Vs Newborn lounger should no more be a cause of worry for you because getting one while neglecting the other won’t have much difference.

Can a baby sleep in a boppy lounger?

Yes, the baby can sleep supervised in the boppy lounger. Don’t leave them unattended when they sleep on it because they can wiggle down too far and their head can come forward and blocks their airway. Once the baby starts to roll, they can no longer sleep in the boppy lounger so they don’t get smothered.

Boppy pillow vs lounger

It is absolutely normal for parents to get second thoughts on baby items they want to buy. However, it is necessary to get the right information so you won’t make mistakes. The above tips will make it easy for you to decide whether to get a Boppy pillow vs newborn lounger. Just make sure you get the one that fits the baby and your needs.

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