Bottle Warmers that fit Medela Bottles

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Nursing a child comes with precious moments no mom will ever take for granted. However, it is not easy! Hence, mothers are looking for any means possible to cut stress.

Before now, most mothers use manual methods such as dipping the milk bottle in hot water to warm, while others bring the bottle out of the fridge and leave it to melt on its own. However, the story is different now; bottle warmers help nursing moms warm their baby milk.

There are different types of milk storage bottles, and not all bottle warmers are suitable for them. Hence, you need to know the bottle warmer that fits the bottle you use.  In this article, we are focusing on Bottle warmers that suit Medela bottles.

Medela bottles are plastic bottles manufactured to preserve the nutrient of breast milk. Due to the type of material used to make the bottle, not all bottle warmers are good. Hence, to help you maintain your Medela bottle, here is a list of bottle warmers suitable for Medela bottles.

1. The Simple Serve First Years (2-in 1- Bottle Warmer)

Simple Serve First Years is a 2-in-1 bottle warmer specially designed to quickly warm breast milk, baby’s food, or formula. Instead of microwaving the breast milk, which causes it to lose its nutrients or baby formula, this bottle warmer is safe for use on the Medela bottle. Simple Serve First Years fits into any bottle style and saves you time.

Asides from the warming of breast milk, the 2-in-1 bottle warmer can also be used to sterilize pacifiers. Plus, it is pretty affordable. It is straightforward to use; fill the jar with water to the volume you need and store it in a warmer so there won’t be a need to measure it at night again. The size of the bottle is compatible and can be kept on a counter, nursery, or nightstand to access it at night easily. The Simple Serve First Years 2-in-1 bottle warmer can contain different sizes of baby bottles.

2. The Philip Avent electric bottle warmer

The Philip Avent warmer is another fantastic product that makes mealtime more comfortable for infants. It mixes the milk in a repeated flow when warming to ensure that no hot spots are formed. The product has a sensor that automatically adjusts to the heating pattern of different milk volumes; It warms the milk pretty fast.

Philip’s Avent electric bottle warmer keeps baby milk warm for up to 60 minutes, after which it goes off to avoid overheating and to give you peace of mind in case you sleep off or get distracted after a late-night feeding. The panel at the device’s front is easy to read with a transparent guide on the setting, by milk volume for an excellent outcome with the same set. Always test the baby’s food hotness before feeding the baby. If you’re using a silicon case, it is ideal you add 3-4 minutes to warming time.

3. New Munchkin98′ Digital bottle warmer

The perfect 98.6 degrees is another type of brand which safely heats a baby’s milk to body temperature. This device is easy to understand and handle with no measurements to make or reservoir to fill. Just grasp a full container from the fridge, twist it into the product’s base, set the unit, and go! It is easy to keep track of bottles temperature as it warms. Also ideal for pumped breast milk and formula, the device is excellent and compatible.

When breast milk or baby formula is heated to 98.6 degrees, it will remain at that temperature for 30 minutes. The bottle warmer doesn’t have a confusing water tank measurement before you can get the right temperature needed for baby milk or formula. It was produced with four adapters to fit most different bottle brands such as Avent Medela, Dr. Brown’s Original, Tommee Tippee, and several others.

4. Electric Baby Bottle warmer (The Brezza Safe & Smart)

This product is unique; it has two warming modes; you can choose which one is best for you, either steady warming for breastfeeding or rapid warming for formulas and baby food. The continuous warming setting allows you to use a warm water bath to gently heat and remove frost from breast milk to body temperature and keeping its nutrients intact.

On the other hand, rapid warming uses steam heat to quickly heat a baby’s food and formula to body heat. Other features of this device include:

Control wirelessly: This gadget can be controlled with your mobile phone or devices through its free app. You get alerts, and guess what? The app works on both Androids and iPhone.

 Fits all bottles (shapes and sizes):  the product help fits different sizes and shapes of bottles.

5. Breast Milk Warmer & Baby Bottle Warmer – Kiinde Kozii

The unique device allows you to safely and quickly warm breast milk, formulas, and baby food while maintaining its nutrients. The product is specifically designed to keep the essential nutrients from breast milk warm, frozen, and thawed breast milk and baby formula. The device also works with reusable or disposable bags, jars, bottles, and materials of different sizes and shapes. The built-in timer eliminates the risk of overheating whenever you get distracted and forget to put it off.

 The bottle warmer is unique and designed to strictly follow the directions set by CDC and USDA to safely and quickly warm breast milk using warm flowing water. The device is typically manufactured alongside items or materials like a bottle sterilizer, breast pump, and bottle set. You can find this brand on Amazon or notable Babies Stores around you.


Bottle warmer that fits Medela bottles is the sure answer to feeding babies without hassles. Bottle warmers make feeding babies more convenient and more accessible. You no longer need to have your attention divided because you’re trying to get some things done while you prioritize your baby’s feeding. Mothers also no longer have to go through the stress of breastfeeding regularly as a bottle warmer that fits Medela bottles can heat their liquids in a matter of minutes.

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