Breastfeeding tips for working moms

Breastfeeding Tips for Working Moms

Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to feed your baby. It makes the baby strong and healthy, and it creates a bond between you and the baby. Despite the benefits of breastfeeding, being a working mom and breastfeeding a baby at the same time is hard work. Imagine you have to work and after closing, you return to the house to continue mommy duties. There is no time for you to rest. Not to worry, here are some life-saving breastfeeding tips for working moms you can use to help combat the workload of life during the week.

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13 Breastfeeding tips for working Moms

1)    Have some ME time every week.

You need energy to work and to get energy; you need to recharge. One way you recharge is by having time to rest. With the baby and your work, sure, resting is not part of your task. But eh, it’s your body we are talking about here. Get some few hours each week and recharge. You can get a babysitter for 2-3 hours on a weekend or get family and friends to help. This way, you can go out and enjoy yourself a bit and get recharged.

2)    Don’t obsess over a perfect house

A nursing mother’s house is always in mess. If you are obsessed in cleaning every minute, you will not have enough time to rest. You won’t have enough time to eat and take care of your baby. You may feel as if you have failed in your duty, but eh it’s not true. The mess in the house shows that you prioritize time with your baby and you want to preserve your sanity. Just go with the flow, enjoy yourself and find time to clean when you are less busy in the night when the baby is sleeping or get someone to help with it.

3)   Create a routine

Having a routine for your task in the house wires your brain to do them. You can almost do your chores on autopilot. As you do it, it gives your brain a rest.

4)    Split chores between you and your partner

Honestly, it is not possible for only you to do all the chores, especially when you have a partner or a family member staying with you. For instance, you can take care of the breakfast, lunch and dressing your baby. Your partner can do dinners, baths, and bedtimes for the kids. This way, you will have time to rest and not burn out.

5)   Sleep train your baby

Training your baby to sleep earlier – say 7pm will give you enough time, at least an hour or two, to watch Netflix, read or even take a rest. It will also help you sleep early so you can wake up refreshed the next morning before you go to work.

6)   Pay for house-cleaning

Truth be told, you may not like wasting money on such things, but where a baby is concerned, you need it. All you need is to get someone to clean the house for you, and you can always handle your laundries on weekends. If you have enough cash, the same cleaner can also help with the laundry. It is not a luxury, but an act that will help to keep your sanity and happiness. You will not get the years with your baby back. They grow so fast. You need to do all you can to enjoy the moment with them.

7)  Combo feed your baby with breastmilk and formula

Breast milk is great, but you can always supplement with formula. Pump always to keep your milk supply and use formula to cover the shortfall. It will make your life very easy.

8)   Prepare your meals ahead

Meal preparation is very important because you work during the days. Making food at night will be hard for you. Prepare your meals ahead on Sundays and store them in a freezer. This way, you have enough for the week at home. It will also save you time on how often you visit the mall.

9)    Order your groceries online

Instead of visiting the supermarkets, why not order the things you need online? Order your groceries on Fridays or Saturday evening when everyone is sleeping or during your downtime at work. Choose a pickup delivery based on how your day will be. It makes a huge difference. You can use Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery.

10)   Keep a set of cleaning supplies everywhere

The bathroom should have the toilet cleaner and brush, wipes for the counters, Windex, shower cleaner and sponges. The living room and bedroom should have dusters and wipes. This will make it easy for you to clean on the spot and you notice a mess around the house.

11)   Get a Google Home

A Google home makes life easier by helping you to plan your day, manage tasks around the house, and access media. With this, you don’t need a shopping list or set reminders for important tasks. You can have one with a screen to help access children’s media whenever you need it.

12)   Prepare your office wears ahead

Making a choice of what to wear every morning is tasking. Every Sunday night, pick out your clothes for the week. Check your schedule to ensure you have the right outfit for each day. This includes choosing the right shoes to wear.e.g. flats vs heels, based on how much walking you expect to do. Hang all the wears in your closet according to the days. This will save you tons of time and effort.

13)   Pump as you drive

Save time by pumping hands free as you drive. There are good pumps that can make this easier for you – like the hand free pump and the Medela pump in style. Get an adapter for the pump and plug it in the passenger’s seat. Put on your pumping bra, slip in the flanges, and plug the flanges into the tubing. Turn on the pump and drive off. Easy Peasy! If you are having a rough time pumping, take an affordable pumping class to learn more.

Above are 13 great breastfeeding tips for working moms. It is time to rest and be happy and sane for you and the baby.

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