The Best 5 Breathing monitors for tummy sleepers

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The Best 5 Breathing monitors for tummy sleepers can help babies sleep better at night. Parents too can benefit from this experience and do away with the anxieties that set in with the need to monitor the baby constantly through the night.

Anxieties can occur in parents within the first few months of a baby’s life. The responsibility of giving the baby optimal care without fear is not an experience many parents enjoy without help. In many cases, lots of parents become restless without sleep anytime the baby falls asleep.

Many parents become worried about a baby’s habit amidst other concerns. One common concern with many parents is the baby’s breathing habits while asleep. The concern about a baby’s breathing habit intensifies if s/he was born immature or has respiratory or cardiac challenges, though full-term babies often exhibit erratic breathing patterns during sleep.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ), babies experience periodic breathing within their breathing pauses that last between five and ten seconds. While this is normal, some babies exhibit erratic breathing patterns during sleep. This is where baby breathing monitors come into play. Whether a baby exhibits normal or irregular breathing patterns, a baby breathing monitor can come in handy to track a baby’s respiratory patterns.

If you find yourself worried about your baby’s breathing habit when asleep and you need to deal with the constant need to check up on your baby’s breathing habit while asleep, then you need to consider one of The Best 5 Breathing monitors for tummy sleepers below:

Angelcare baby breathing monitor

Angelcare 3-in-1 AC527 Baby Monitor, with Movement Tracking, 5’’ Video, Sound & Temperature Display on Camera

The Angelcare® AC527 Baby Movement Monitor is a reliable and advanced baby care monitor that is specially designed to track even the slightest movements in babies while asleep. This device features a breathing sensor pad that signals an alarm if no movement is detected every twenty seconds. This advanced baby monitor offers mums and dads peace of mind knowing fully well that you can get alerted to any lack of movement in your baby during sleep.

The sensor is designed to fit under a baby” mattress. It comes with a parent unique feature – a display monitor that changes with temperature and affords parent visual feeds to monitor the baby better. It also offers a two-way audio system that enables parents to communicate with the baby to soothe the baby when restless.

Benefits of Angelcare Baby breathing Monitor

  • It features a wireless system and eradicates the need for cords and cables
  • It comes with a video feed system so parents can monitor the baby from a separate room
  • It is affordable and easy to setup


  • It doesn’t play lullabies, though a sensor movement pad can make up for this

NANNY Baby Movement European Monitor

NANNY Baby Movement European Monitor - EU Medical ‎device SIDS Certified - NOW ON US ‎MARKET + ‎Breastfeeding Apron.

The NANNY Baby Movement European Monitor makes it easy to keep an eye on a baby while asleep. This baby monitor helps parents maintain continuous checks of the baby’s breathing patterns and motions and gives an early signal in the case of any possible threat. It does this by activating a loud hearing and visible alarm.

Parents can sleep with joy and peace knowing the baby is safe while asleep. This device is clinically certified with Class IIB Medical Certification. It features a sensitive sensor pad and is suitable for mattresses up to 12cm deep. It can be used for babies up to a year old and is easy to use and understand.

Benefits of NANNY Baby Movement European Monitor

  • It is clinically certified safe for baby’s use
  • It features a very loud alarm system
  • It is easy to understand the alarm system


It may be considered pricey by some parents.

Snuza Baby Monitor

Snuza Hero SE - Portable, Wearable Baby Movement Monitor with Vibration and Alarm. Cordless, Clips onto Diaper to Monitor Baby Breathing. New Model.

The Snuza Hero (SE) Movement Monitor is a simple device that can be worn or easily attach to a baby’s diapers. Snuza makes it easy to track a baby’s abdominal movement making it easy to track the slightest movement. This is done by signaling an alarm whenever abdominal movements reduce below eight movements for every sixty seconds or when the movement is weak.

It vibrates whenever it detects no movements in the baby every 15 seconds. This is done to rouse the baby to make abdominal movements. One smart feature of this baby monitor is that it reverts to its monitoring mode after it rouses the baby to make movements when it senses weak or little abdominal movement every 15 seconds.

It should be noted that this baby monitor can also respond to outer movements and is therefore unsuitable for bad-sharing or co-sleeping. This is a compelling reason to use it more during a baby’s sleep and not when in motion, like in a car seat or baby stroller.

Benefits of Snuza Baby Monitor

  • It rouses the baby to make movements helping you with an extra needed function
  • It is safe to use


It can’t be linked to any app, and this means that you don’t get data

Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor with Smart Sensors

Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor - HSA/FSA Approved - Tracks Baby's Breathing Movement, Feeling Temperature and Stomach Sleeping for Baby Safety with Audio Alarm on Smartphone (Green)

With the Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor, you can be sure your baby is safe and can monitor your baby’s abdominal and breathing activity with ease. This device monitors your baby’s sleep position and signals an alarm whenever it observes abnormal activity.  The Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor notifies you when your baby rolls over and sleeps on the stomach.  It is also designed to help you keep track of your baby’s temperature. Whenever your baby’s temperature goes out of normal range, it signals an alarm

It has a lighting and loud sound system that alerts users about the baby’s activities. These notifications can be received over a smartphone as it gives audible notifications over a smartphone. The Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor is undoubtedly one of the best 5 Breathing monitors for tummy sleepers and gives the assurance of safety in babies while asleep.

Benefits of Sense-U Smart Baby Monitor

  • It is compatible with smartphones
  • Provides service in different languages


  • It comes at a high cost that some people cannot afford

AKOi Baby Care Alarm System

AKOi Heart Real Time Baby Care Alarm System, Baby Monitoring Sensor, Breathing Monitor, Rollover Monitor, Diaper Monitor

AKOi alarm system is a multifunctional device with which you can ensure the safety and comfort of your baby without overworking yourself.  With its feature of monitoring the breathing of a child, the device alerts you on your smartphone when your child stops breathing for more than ten seconds. This function is active twenty-four hours a day.

The rollover feature also sends an alert to your phone when your baby rolls over 120′. With this, you can keep a close watch on your child and protect him/her from accidents when he/she wakes up at night. It is especially good for babies who cannot hold their heads up yet.

Aside from protecting your child from accidents and dangers, it also ensures that your baby stays dry and comfortable at all times. Sometimes, you may not notice when your baby’s diaper is wet. The device sends an alarm to your phone to notify you when the diaper is wet. This helps prevent rashes that may occur when a baby’s diaper is not changed as often as is required.

Benefits of AKOi Baby Care Alarm System

  • It is multifunctional
  • The device is linked to smartphones, and users can hear alarms easily.
  • It is made from ABS material


  • All the functions cannot be used at the same time

Final Thoughts:

The Best 5 Breathing monitors for tummy sleepers outlined in this guide will help you sleep better, knowing fully well that your baby is sleeping safe and sound. You have absolutely nothing to fear if you use any of the breathing monitors recommended in this guide. Just choose any of the recommended products, and you can be on your way to monitoring your baby’s breathing and sleeping habits while at sleep.

Good Luck!

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