Bugaboo vs Redsbaby

Bugaboo vs Redsbaby: Which is the best Pram?

A pram is specifically designed to carry younger babies, and newborns, mostly when they are lying down. It has a sturdy texture, and can’t be folded flat. Many people confuse prams with strollers, but these two, though usually used interchangeably, can in fact be different, at times. 

The key difference between these two is that, while strollers are used to carry toddlers who are already able to sit up, prams function to carry newborn babies, until they are capable of sitting up. 

Prams boast of carriages with soft flat bottom, which allows you to place your child to sleep well in a comfortable position, while you walk them around. One of the good things about prams is, it comes with a large canopy which prevents the dust or sun from reaching your beautiful baby.

Having a pram as parents will make parenting a newborn an exciting experience for you. Let’s say your baby falls asleep, and you need to leave your car in the parking lot to the church auditorium or the shopping mall park. 

You may not want to leave her behind in the car, and neither may you want to interrupt her sweet sleep. But this is where the role of tools like prams come into play! You can just place her there, and you find your way to your destination.

We bet you have seen that the importance of a pram both to the parents and their babies cannot just be pronounced enough. 

Below are my top picks for Bugaboo Vs Redsbaby

My Top Picks 

  • Best For Versatility: Bugaboo Pram
  • Best For Convenience: Bugaboo Pram
  • Best For Adaptability: Bugaboo Pram
  • Best For Portability: Bugaboo Pram and Redsbaby Pram
  • Best For Flexibility: Bugaboo Pram
  • Best For Elegance: Redsbaby Pram
  • Best For Lightweight: Redsbaby Pram 
  • Best For Travel: Bugaboo Pram

Bugaboo vs Redsbaby: Which is the best Pram?

There are various prams out there. Different brands, different types, different quality. 

Bugaboo vs redsbaby has however been the talk in the mouths of many parents. They want to know which one makes more sense than the other. And if that is what you want to know too, then congratulations to you, because this is the article you truly need to read. 

You just gee up, and follow. It’s going to be an interesting ride! 

Bugaboo Vs Redsbaby 

Bugaboo Donkey2 

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Top Features: 

  • Grey melange 
  • Updated all-wheel suspension
  • Foam-filled tires 
  • Built-in pockets and cover 

If an improved multipurpose pram that provides versatility is the subject of your desire in an ideal pram, then find no more! Bugaboo donkey2 is the one for you. Bugaboo offers you versatility, extensive convenience, and features that are adaptable and applicable to the needs of a growing family. 

It comes with a flexible multi-purpose design that makes it expand and downsize in just three clicks, from a mono to a duo and back again. With bugaboo donkey2, you are able to go on more adventures. 

And are you wondering how possible it will be to move with your baby, and a full load of luggage? Oh, do not stress. The pram is quite easy to push and navigate around with one hand. All thanks to its front swivel wheels, plus tight turn radius.

You will love everything about the bugaboo donkey2. There are even new features to optimize the performance, and these include an updated all-wheel suspension and foam-filled tires. All adding up to its comfortability! 


  • It is versatile
  • Maximum convenience
  • It is flexible 
  • Portability


  • None that we have seen 

Bugaboo Cameloon3 

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Top Features: 

  • Foldable midsize stroller with adjustable handlebar 
  • Reversible seat
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Compact, lightweight fold 
  • Chasis with wheels
  • Extendable sun canopy
  • Rain cover
  • Bassinet and seat frame 
  • Carry handle and faux leather grips
  • Under seat basket 
  • Made from high quality and durable materials

The vision of bugaboo from day one has always been to create smart, and beautiful prams that are not only versatile, but also flexible. Their products are the results of top-notch and durable materials. Little wonder their prams are elegant, and suitable for seamless maneuverability. 

Every pram from bugaboo, including the cameloon3, is intuitively designed to help you get out of the door with ease throughout your child’s early stage. The cameloon3 is the cynosure of many parents and loved for its exceptional design.

 You do not even need to worry about transitioning to rough terrain, cameloon3 is here for you, so no cause for alarm! Know why? That’s because it is an easy-fold stroller, and has small and big wheels which give it a seamless transition into rough terrain. 

Not only that. The handlebar can also be raised or lowered, so you are able to have a comfortable ride irrespective of your height. 


  • Timeless versatility 
  • Smooth and safe ride
  • Ideal for travel
  • Credible quality
  • Reversible seating 
  • Really versatile
  • Car seat compatibility


  • None that we have seen 

Bugaboo Vs Redsbaby

Redsbaby Jive²

Top Features: 

  • Award-winning pram 
  • Sleek design
  • Single frame lock release
  • Pivoting bumper bar
  • Classic silver or black chassis 
  • Travel system compatible with Britax, Maxi-Cosi and more 

Redsbaby has mesmerized the pram market since 2013. And the reason becomes evident when you stand behind the handlebar of one of their drop-dead pushchairs. Redsbaby has built an admirable reputation for itself, over the years. If a pram has quality, stunning design, safeness of use, then look no more, it is a redsbaby pram.

The radiant nature of the jive² is apparent in the seat and carrycot. The entire materials of the jive² is every shade of awesome, and appealing to the eyes. The seat has a fantastic width and height,  and leaves room for even the tallest of children.

The redsbaby jive comes with an incredible fold. It is amazing, and surprisingly compact for such a great travel system. Plus it is also quite easy to operate. 

The jive² is a really quality pram, and was designed to offer you comfortability and convenience every step of the way.


  • Fits through doors
  • Lightweight
  • Fits in car boot
  • Adjustable handle for tall parents
  • Folds down easily 
  • Quite portable


  • None that we have seen.


The fact remains that bugaboo vs redsbaby top the list of the best prams there are. So getting anyone of the two will still be a win-win case for you, and then your baby. 

However, your shopping decision depends on your personal preferences. It could be flexibility for you, and elegance, for another person. 

Bugaboo Pram scores the highest points in this article, and tops our list of recommended ideal prams for you.

So, take your pick, and have a nice time. 

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