Busy mom hacks

Busy Mom Hacks: 10 Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easier

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Often, the rigors of motherhood can be very overwhelming. With your kids growing daily and exhibiting new personalities and shedding those you’re used to, life only gets busier. It makes you wish you could have more hours in your day to do all that always seems to remain undone. Although getting more hours in our day will not solve the issue, having the right tips to navigate your busy day just might!

Here you’ll find useful busy mom hacks and tips to help make your daily life easier and even let you have room to fit in fun activities and quality family time.

Little-known Busy Mom hacks that make life easier

#1. Wake up earlier than the rest of the Family

The first busy mom hack is putting in adequate and healthy sleep hours. This is very essential to how well your day ultimately goes, however waking up early is an absolute necessity. It allows that quiet you-time devoid of any kid drama that allows you to do more before the rest of the house wakes up. It gives you a head start that could positively influence the rest of the day.

#2. You really need to have a routine!

The reason most of your best laid plans always never seems to cut it is that you don’t actually have a working blueprint. You are sent on high gear the second you wake up and just do what you must as it comes but that won’t do. It will have you guessing along the way what you should do next and what you should do first. The best way to get a head start with minimal time wasted is to have a routine that specifies the tasks you need to complete in very comfortable order. This helps you to be more efficient and allows you to transition seamlessly from task to task.

#3.   Get a Headstart the Night before

It helps to do whatever you can tick off your to-do list at night. You could also involve the rest of the family in this preparatory process before bedtime. Ask older kids to prepare their backpacks and put together projects and stuff they need for the school day. You could also set the table at night ahead of breakfast. Encourage the kids to shower at night before bed to reduce shower time in the morning. Also, do some clean up at night, tidy the kitchen and do the dishes.

#4.  Create a shopping list as you go

To ease the tensions of grocery shopping, it comes in handy that you have an ongoing list throughout the week. Keep track of all that is used and write what must be stocked up. Also set aside one day of the week for your grocery shopping, then make your list toward that day to ensure that you get everything you need.

#5.  Don’t do it all by yourself

If you are in the habit of taking on everything that needs to be done on your shoulder then you must stop at once; you will only burn yourself out and still get very little done because you are so tired. Try to delegate to your spouse or the older kids, set do-able chores for everyone, teach the kids to clean up after themselves. It makes spring cleaning a lot easier because then; you find the house isn’t so dirty because you clean up regularly.

#6. Online Shopping

Rather than always having to go to the grocery store to get everything you need, doing most of your shopping online saves time you can invest elsewhere. You wouldn’t have to go to a store and wait while the attendant bags the goods, you just click on the product and have it delivered.

#7.   Plan Meals Ahead

Another way time just slips away is when you are stranded in the kitchen trying to figure out what to cook! This will be made easier if you plan meals ahead on the weekends. You can have a list of the meals you intend to have for the week, then prepare them and freeze. All you need to do during the week is to get them out of the freezer, then prepare a quick meal to go with it.

#8.  Don’t let the chores pile up

It’s easy to say that you’ll get round to that annoying chore later but it life easier if you try to do the chores as you go. Don’t let the chores pile up, pick up the toys that are misplaced around the house. Encourage everyone to hang their coats and keep their shoes and backpacks in their proper place. Dirty dishes should be rinsed then soaked to ease washing and reduce pile up.

#9.  Have a place for everything

We all lose time when you rush around the house trying to find that ever-elusive key! Don’t let it happen again, get a designated spot for all items. There must be a known place for the spare key, sewing condiments, the car keys, even the baby’s favorite toy! When everyone knows where to look, then you’ll find what you need without wasting time.

#10.   Deal with Mails Right away

Always attend to your mail at least twice a day to get caught up on the messages you have received. Don’t leave them for later because you are likely to get caught up with something else. Also, set your bills to auto-pay. This allows kick back and have fun or just get on with other activities when your bills are being taken care of.

It also helps you not to always say yes to organizing the next fundraiser at your kids’ school or hosting every other sleepover or attending every school outing, including ones you could have easily skipped. Every now and again, let the baton for organizing events pass on to other parents and families so you may enjoy some family time. The healthier and happier you are, the easier it is for you to create that for your family. Therefore, set time aside to unwind and do some exercises, go for a jog or just treat yourself at a spa or take the kids out for a picnic.

There you have it – busy mom hacks that make life easier.

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