can babies be allergic to green beans

Green Bean Allergy in Babies: Can Babies Be Allergic To Green Beans?

Most new mom asks “can babies be allergic to green beans?”. Feeding a baby is in different stages, starting from breastfeeding to formula and then to solid foods. You provide your baby with solid foods when they are about 6 months old but some babies develop allergies towards these foods. Allergies shouldn’t be new; after all, your baby might have encounter one during formula feeding. Many parents feed their babies green beans when it’s time for solid food feeding, but some parents are afraid of the green bean allergy in babies.

Green beans are from the same family as peanuts (which is a well-known allergen), so there is a tendency for your baby to get green bean allergy symptoms after eating it. Studies have shown green beans is one of the solid food parents deem fit for feeding their baby immediately after six months or less. However, to answer some parents’ ask, “can babies be allergic to green beans? The answer is yes.

Babies can get allergic reactions to green beans and break into hives, vomit, and even have diaper rash. So, therefore, parents should take note of green beans as possible allergens. For some babies who are allergic to soy, they may also be allergic to green beans; this is because soy and green beans are of the same family, which means babies can react to them easily.

Whenever you have a doubt about any food, it is best to stay away from it until you’re sure it won’t cause your baby any harm. Foods known for causing allergic reactions in babies include Eggs, milk, tree nuts e.g., almonds, peanuts, soy, fish, and shellfish.

You should take note of these foods and ease them gently into your baby’s diet. Add them to their diet every week to see if they react to them or not. If there is no reaction, you’re OK to continue feeding with the foods, but you should stop the food immediately if there is a reaction. However, how will you know when your baby has an allergic reaction? To know when your baby is having an allergic reaction, they will show some symptoms that include any of the following:

Signs of allergic reactions in babies

1)    Hives: These are red and itchy bumps that can be found in your baby after eating an allergen. You need not worry as it will leave by itself after some time but will appear back if the allergens aren’t stopped.

2)    Flushed skin: Your baby’s skin might become flushed after eating allergens; take note of this.

3)    Skin rash or Eczema: The skin rash may come with bumps, filled with fluid and eczema may make the skin dry, itchy, and scaly. This can be really discomforting for your baby.

4)     Coughing or wheezing: Allergy can make your baby produce a wheezing sound with cough when breathing out. It is a sign that the lower airways in the lungs are swollen.

5)     Loss of consciousness: The baby could be unconscious after consuming food that they are allergic to, especially green beans.

6)     Face, tongue, or lip swelling: The baby’s face, tongue, or lip can swell because of the allergic reaction.

7)     Lightheadedness: This is a condition where you baby starts feeling dizzy or lightheadedness. It is a sign of an allergic reaction.

8)     Throat tightness: A baby can develop a sore throat because of an allergic reaction. This can make them cry in pain when eating.

9)     Difficult breathing: An allergic reaction can cause a baby to find it difficult to breathe.

10)   Vomiting or diarrhea or nausea: Baby can vomit or have diarrhea as a result of an allergic reaction.

The above-named symptoms can be seen in a baby when he or she has an allergic reaction; it is essential parents take note and stop the allergen immediately.

The Green bean allergy in babies can be detected when your baby is seen with allergy symptoms immediately or some minutes after eating green beans. If the green bean allergy symptoms are just hives or rash, it’ll disappear some minutes after, so there’s no need to worry too much. But, you must prevent your baby from eating green beans to avoid the allergic reactions that can make him uncomfortable.

Ways to prevent Green Beans allergy

 There are some ways you can prevent the green bean allergy in baby, and they include:

1)          Checking the label and ingredients of ready-made food before feeding your baby. Sometimes green beans will be a part of ready to eat food, causing your baby to develop green bean allergy reactions.

2)          Avoid green beans. Whenever you realize that your baby is allergic to green beans, you should avoid it altogether. You can speak to a nutritionist to advise you on other solid food you can use as its replacement.

3)          Ensure your friends and families know that your baby is allergic to green beans, so they won’t give him the food whenever you’re not available.

4)          Ensure you add green beans as a new food into your baby’s diet slowly. Doing this will give your baby time to either react to the food or adjust to the food

The green bean allergy in a baby can be prevented with the highlighted ways above, but if you mistakenly give your baby green beans or gave your baby green beans as a new food added to their diet and they have green bean allergic symptoms, what would you do? You should know that you can manage the green beans allergic reaction in babies using the following before going to your doctor.

How to manage green bean allergy in babies

1)   Cortisone creams: They help to relieve green bean allergic symptoms and are known to be very useful.

2)   Antihistamines can also be used for allergic symptoms like sneezing, hives, itching, and runny nose.

3)   Nasal corticosteroids: These are nose sprays that can relieve nasal allergic reactions and gives your baby relief against swelling caused by an itchy and runny nose.

You should know that you can manage allergic reactions in your baby by yourself, but you must not use any drugs without the doctor’s recommendation. Even the above management tips can be run through your doctor before using them on your baby. This is to prevent your baby from developing much worse infections.

Green bean allergy in babies

When your baby is at the stage of eating solid foods, you should be careful about the type of food you give them to eat because babies can be allergic to green beans. Consequently, some parents want to know if babies can have allergic reactions to green beans. This will help them to avoid it in babies’ food directly or not. The truth is, generally, most babies are allergic to it, so you need to watch out for reactions in your baby.

The green bean allergy in a baby can be detected when you see allergic symptoms immediately or some minutes after feeding the baby green beans. To know how to prevent and manage an allergic reaction in your baby, read the above article.

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