Can babies die from crying too long

Can babies die from crying too long?

Crying is a regular occurrence in babies, right from the moment they are born. They cry when they are feeling discomfort, sick, or in need of something or your attention. Can babies die from crying too long? No, babies don’t die from too much crying. However, allowing your baby to cry for too long is not healthy. It is best to attend to their needs as soon as possible so they can stop crying. This blog post will give you more insight into the question – “Can babies die from crying too long?” You will also learn some tips on stopping your baby from crying for too long. 

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How long can a baby cry without stopping?

There is no specific amount of time that a baby can cry without stopping. Babies can cry for any duration, depending on their feelings and circumstances. Babies can cry from a few minutes to several hours at a stretch without stopping. Different factors, such as hunger, wetness, sleepiness, and illness, can make a baby cry for various lengths of time. If they cry because they need something, they will likely cry for as long as it takes you to attend to them. You can only reduce the crying time by giving them what they desire. 

Side effects of Baby crying too much

Too much crying can have different side effects on babies. These side effects can affect them both physically and psychologically. 

Physically side effects

  • Babies can develop headaches after crying for so long.
  • Babies experience breathing difficulties when they cry for extended periods.
  • Excessive crying can make babies feel fatigued. 
  • Babies who cry too much could also have high temperatures and fever.

The physical side effects of crying for too long affect babies’ health and make them fall ill. 

Psychological effects

  • Babies experience sadness after crying for too long.
  • They suffer from helplessness which makes them cry even more.
  • Because their needs are not met, they feel frustrated.
  • Too much crying can also make babies experience difficulty concentrating. 
  • They cannot eat when crying for extended periods, depriving them of necessary nutrients.
  • Too much crying causes a lack of adequate sleep in babies. 
  • At other times, they will feel depressed and unusually anxious. 

How to stop a baby from crying at night? 

  • Check if they are hungry. Babies will likely cry at night if hungry and need to eat. You should feed your baby to make them stop crying.
  • Check for wetness: Babies cry at night from discomfort inside wet diapers. If your baby cries at night because their diapers are wet, a quick change should make them feel calm again.
  • Try swaddling your baby if they are crying at night. Swaddling will help them feel calm, secure, and comforted, and they should sleep off within a short time.
  • Rocking your baby in your arms is another way to soothe them when they cry at night. Besides your arms, you can also do so while sitting on a rocking chair. 
  • Offer your baby a pacifier (Wubannub pacifier is one of the best) when they cry at night. A pacifier can help your baby to self-soothe and stop crying. They should fall back asleep soon.
  • It would also help to play white noise when your baby cries at night. White noise can help silence other noises, helping your baby relax. 
  • Try taking a walk around the house with your baby in your arms. That can help to calm your baby. 


Can babies die from crying too long? Your baby will not die from crying for too long, but it could make them suffer some side effects which are not pleasant for them. If your baby does not stop crying after trying the above tips, it may be a sign of illness. You should call your pediatrician to run thorough checks on your baby to identify the cause of their prolonged crying correctly and offer possible solutions.

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