Can I eat domino's pizza while breastfeeding?

Can I eat Domino’s Pizza while breastfeeding

Let’s start by expounding on breastfeeding and other necessary information to know. Breastfeeding is simply what happens when you feed your baby breast milk, directly from your breast. Another name for breastfeeding is nursing. 

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The decision to breastfeed or not is usually personal. While some parents may decide to breastfeed, others, for one reason or another, may decide not to. And some just cannot. 

Lots of medical authorities including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, seriously recommend for babies to be exclusively breastfed for six good months. By breastfeeding exclusively, the experts exclude the addition of formula, juice, or water. 

But of course, following the introduction of other foods, it is recommended to continue breastfeeding through the baby’s first year of life

Now, Can You Eat Domino’s Pizza While Breastfeeding?

A common question from moms who loves pizza and are breastfeeding is ” Can I eat Domino’s Pizza while breastfeeding?. Taking pizza does not affect your breast milk composition, neither will it cause cold, cough, nor tamper with your baby’s digestion process.

Breast milk is made up of mother’s blood, and the composition of mother’s blood and breast milk remains the same regardless of what the mother eats. Unless your baby has reflux, allergies, or breast milk issues.

Pediatricians do not give specific foods to eat while breastfeeding. But if you have noticed a link between what you ate and your baby’s reaction in the past, you should see to cutting that food out. 

For instance, some babies have sensitivity to tomatoes, and if mothers of these babies take Pizza all the time, we don’t see how that is of help. 

But like we have pointed out earlier, in the absence of allergies, reflux, and breast milk issues, you can take anything moderately.

So yes, you can eat Domino’s Pizza while breastfeeding. 

Does Pizza Cause Gas In Breastfed Babies? 

Pizza doughs are made solely from flour, and have the potential to leave infants gassy. Apart from the fact that pizza contains gluten, it also comes with salt, sugar, and plenty of oil;

Oil drops fats that are not easily and quickly processed by the enzymes present in your baby’s digestive system. 

The breastfeeding phase is an essential one for both you and your baby, and the food you eat can impact the two of you, either directly or indirectly. 

As much as there are no spoken rules about what you should eat and not eat while breastfeeding, a balanced diet should be at the center of your choice of foods. Moderation is just as important too. Because you don’t want your baby gassy, do you? 

Can a Pregnant Woman Eat Domino’s Pizza?

There is nothing wrong with eating pizza in pregnancy. What you just need to ensure is; the pizza is completely, carefully cooked, and piping hot.  While mozzarella is pretty much okay, be careful with pizzas topped with soft, mould-ripened cheeses such as Danish Blue. 

Because, compared to other cheeses, these cheeses contain more listeria bacteria. And if you get infected by listeria, listeriosis results. Listeriosis is not a common illness, causes flu-like symptoms, but rarely shows until weeks after exposure to the bacteria. 

Listeriosis may not necessarily have a severe effect on you, but the severity is greatly increased on your baby. 

But here’s a balance — if you happen to crave a pizza that is topped with cheeses like these, there’s a way you can make it safe for you to eat. You will cook it thoroughly at an increased temperature, and continue cooking till it pipes hot. This way, the bacteria is evacuated. 

You should make sure to eat it hot, though. Because once it cools down, the bacteria may start to grow again. 

Equally, if your pizza has shellfish topping such as prawns, scallops, or mussels, ensure the pizza is carefully and thoroughly cooked. That way, every bacteria and virus will be killed, and the snack will be safe to eat. 

According to the NHS, though, it is safe to eat cold cured meats such as salami, pepperoni, and Parma in pregnancy, once the packs indicate to do so. The risk of listeriosis is low here. 

Ultimately, the safest and best option in the interest of not only your baby but also yourself is to subscribe for vegetable-packed toppings. This will offer you two added fiber, nutrients, and vitamins. 

Things You Should Avoid While Breastfeeding

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Excess Caffeine
  • High quantities of fish
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy Products
  • Citrus fruits
  • Wheat/ Gluten
  • Garlic
  • Cruciferous or “gassy” veggies

Can a Breastfeeding Mother Eat Potatoes? 

Potatoes are a great source of energy. When they are baked, potatoes have been found to increase breast milk supply in many folds. 

A little downside — potatoes have been found to be a little gassy. And this doesn’t bring comfort to your little one in any way. 

Sweet potatoes, however, provide rich nutritional benefits for breastfeeding mothers. This mainly derives from their vitamin A content. A single sweet potato contains about 18,000 IUs which is a measure of fat-soluble vitamins, and more than half of the standard daily amount. 

Vitamin A is very much important for vision, immunological function, and healthy maintenance of organs such as the heart, kidneys, and lungs. 

Can I Eat Burger While Breastfeeding?

While there’s no clear-cut instruction as to what to eat or not while breastfeeding, parents must know that junks are not always healthy options. 

Here’s the fact — if you skip a meal, skimp on vegetables, or occasionally drink a soda, your breast milk’s quality won’t be affected. If you keep taking in junks and foods that are deficient in nutrients, you will keep generating nutritious breast milk, only that your body’s own reserve will decline. 

So for the overall good of yourself and baby, do not make junks your go-to food.


Nutrition is the most important thing to take care of when your baby starts to eat. And right now, if your baby is less than a year, you are the source of her food. 

You must love your little angel enough to know what you as the mother should eat and not eat. Since she somehow eats what you have eaten too. 

Above are guidelines in this article regarding breastfeeding, things to embrace and avoid. Hope this information helps you!

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