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Can I Use a Travel Cot Instead of a Cot?

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As a nursing mother, you will want your baby to have a very safe sleep whether you are at home or traveling. You might have wondered whether it is best to put your baby in a travel cot especially when you find out that there may not be enough space within your home that can accommodate a normal cot. You may even want to try and reduce expenses since the normal baby cot costs quite a fortune.

Can babies sleep in travel cots?

You can definitely use a travel cot if you are finding it difficult to get around the idea of getting a normal cot. A travel cot will provide you with the space you want since you can easily fold it whenever it is not in use. The following reasons are why you should consider using a travel cot instead of a cot.

  • Safety: If you are particularly concerned with safety, then travel cot may be the way to go. With the travel cot, you don’t need to worry about buying extra bits for preventing your baby legs and arms wriggling out the cot’s side.

Your baby will not accidentally bump the head or other body part on any wooden frame when shuffling around during their sleep. You would not need to worry about the baby falling as a result of trying to climb out of the cot if you are using a travel cot.

  • Fun: Travel cots are moveable and may be used by your baby as a playpen.
  • Good for travel: You will not need to worry about how or where your baby will sleep when travelling.
  • Hygiene: Travel cots are more hygienic since they are foldable and can be packed, and washed. Babies are less likely to become infected with germs when they are using their own cot especially while travelling than one provided by the hotel or some colleague.
  • Relatively cheaper: travel cot are more cheaper than normal cot and can be good if you are looking for where your baby can sleep for few months till he/she outgrow sleeping on cots.

Why do some travel cots appear different?

Travel cots are generally categorized into two; the first is the typical traditional cot which is mainly made using a sturdy frame with fabrics all around it and this type of cot is easily collapsed when not in use. An example of this is the Graco Pack ‘n Play Travel Dome Playard. The second is the easy-to-carry and lighter pop-up cot which forms the desired shape as soon as it is immediately opened. An example of this is the Lotus Travel Crib.

You will need to know the main reason why you want to opt for either of these two. You can get the pop-up travel cot if you travel often but the traditional and sturdy frame type may be used at home since they can serve as semi-permanent fixtures for your toddler.

Do travel cots need a mattress?

Although, most travel cots come with a padded mattress. The mattress may be too thin for the comfort of your baby, so, it is good if you can get your own mattress. Ensure that the type of mattress you are getting is foldable and can easily fit the travel cot. You should also try as much as possible to air, clean, and dry the mattress before use. Besides, travel cots are made to be used with an original mattress so that your baby can be stable and comfortable when sleeping. There are great mattresses on Amazon such as the Dream On Me Fiber Portable Crib Mattress, Newton Baby Crib Mattress, and Toddler Bed.

What age can a baby go in a travel cot?

You can put your baby in a travel cot from about 3 months to 5 years. If you have an already grown toddler, you should get a bigger travel cot that will adequately suit the size of their body. Although many of these travel cots are very light and easy to fold, they may not last very long. It is, therefore, necessary that you check the guidelines of the manufacturer for any of the cots you are buying.

How long can you use a travel cot?

It is not usually safe to use travel cots outside the stipulated guidelines. Hence, you should know that there are different travel cots for different age ranges of babies. You will know the exact travel cot to buy for your baby depending on the length of time such baby is to use it.

You can easily opt for the travel bassinets if your baby is within the first few months of birth. But you may soon discover that you may need another type of cot as your baby grows. There are some other travel buggy carrycots that are approved for sleeping overnight for your baby. Some of these carrycots comes with stand and are also moveable.

The fact that travel cots can be used to substitute for normal cots especially for a night away from home or sometimes daytime nap by your baby does not mean that they can be used over an extended period of time. Most travel cots can last for up to 18 months irrespective of their size.

Some safety tips when using travel cots

Although, travel cots are generally safe for your babies but still you may also need to adequately ensure the safety of your baby in case of accidental occurrences. Here are some safety tips you might need;

  • Ensure that the cot is stable and balanced so that your baby does not tip over while sleeping.
  • Make sure the cot is adequately fixed in the corner so that your baby’s cloth will not easily get caught; or else it may result in strangulation in an attempt by your baby to climb over the cot.
  • Be very cautious if you are using a kind of pop-up tent travel cot which has a flexible side; this is to ensure that you don’t accidentally stumble on it especially during the night since it would not be able to hold your weight.
  • Protect your baby from choking hazards by ensuring that any detached part such as zip is adequately fixed.
  • Wheeled travel cot should be amply locked if your baby is not asleep to safeguard against inadvertent rolling.
  • If you will be taking a trip and you the travel cot is new, it is better that you try it before you commence such trip.


Are travel cots safe for long term use?

Travel cots are not recommended for long term use because the mattresses are 8cm deep. This means the baby can climb or fall out from the bed. However, if you can get a thicker mattress, the baby won’t be able to climb out or fall.

Can you use a travel cot instead of a moses blanket?

Yes, you can. But ensure that the mattress fits properly. However, your back will suffer because you will be bending and reaching down for the baby.


Whether you need a cot that can serve for travel purposes, or want a baby sleeper that will not consume much space within the home, then, a travel cot maybe your best bet. From its easy-to-use feature to cheaper cost, you may necessarily not need to opt for the more expensive and permanent normal cot.

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