Can the grandmother host a baby shower

Can the grandmother host a baby shower?

Regarding baby showers, people always ask many questions about who should and should not host them. People in different cultures have different perceptions about how it should go and what to do and not do. Today, we will examine one of those questions: “Can the grandmother host a baby shower?” Even though different people may have varied answers to this question, it is safe to say that grandmothers can host a baby shower for their pregnant daughters. They are a part of the family, and most importantly, they have a strong link with the expected baby and its mother. 

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What if no one offer to throw me a baby shower?

Most expectant mothers expect close family members to throw a baby shower for them. That can be their mother, sisters, aunties, or grandmothers. However, if you do not find anyone to organize a baby shower for you, which is most unlikely, you can throw one for yourself. In modern times, hosting your own baby shower is perfectly okay. All you have to do is to draw up a budget and try your best to stick to it. After that, you go ahead and have all the fun you deserve while waiting for the arrival of your newborn.

Is it tacky to host your own baby shower?

If you were to ask this question in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, the answer would have been yes. That is because, in those times, there were a lot of rules guiding events like baby showers. There were a lot of dos and don’ts, which people grew to accept as the norm back then. So, any soon-to-be mom who opted to host her own baby shower would be greeted with queer looks while the vocal persons around her would quickly hush her and remind her how inappropriate such a move was. 

In the present time, people have moved from many old traditions and become more relaxed in how they live their lives. With globalization and people becoming more social, many rules have become outdated, and people have adopted new ways of thinking and doing things. Therefore, it is no longer considered tacky if an expectant mom decides to host her baby shower.

Pregnant women often decide to host their own baby showers for some reason. They may want to have their way with the planning and want everyone to refrain from interfering with their taste and preferences. Others do so if they are still looking for someone to host it.

Hosting your own baby shower invitation wording

It will be a great idea if you decide to host your own baby shower. As the day of the event draws near, you should send invitations to your friends and family members you want to attend. You can make small fancy cards and hand them out to the guests or send them the invite by email or through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

The wording of the invitation should contain some vital information. These include the purpose of the event, the expected baby’s name, and your name and address. Other necessary details are the date for the event and the time it will be commencing. If you have someone who can take messages and inquiries about the event, you should include their name and phone number in the invitation. Below is a sample of an invitation for your own baby shower. Just make sure to include your details in the provided sections.

Baby Shower Invitation Sample

We are thrilled to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of [baby’s name]! You are invited to a baby shower in honor of [mom’s name] on [date] at [time] at [location].

We look forward to enjoying this special occasion with you and having you share the joy of the new arrival. 

Please RSVP by [date] to [host’s name] at [host’s phone number].

We’ll be delighted to see you there!


Can the grandmother host a baby shower? Indeed, she can. Grandmothers have a strong connection with the expected baby and its mother. They are therefore permitted to throw baby showers for their pregnant daughters. They can come to the rescue if no other person is available to plan and foot the bills for the event. Can the grandmother host a baby shower? Yes, they can still ensure that their daughters celebrate their babies’ arrival no matter what.

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