Can you add vanilla to breast milk with high lipase

Can You Add Vanilla to Breast Milk with High Lipase

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Can you add vanilla to breast milk with high lipase? This is a popular question from moms. The thing is, few things are as heartbreaking as finding out that your baby won’t take any of your freezer stashes, because of the high lipase content in your breast milk. For nine months, your body has prepared for nursing, and your baby rejecting your milk now can seem like a dead end, especially as a first-time mom.

In this article, we have outlined the various ways vanilla can be used to aid your baby’s feeding experience. Cheers.

What Causes High Lipase in Breast Milk?

Lipase is a naturally-occurring enzyme in breast milk. It plays a role in degrading natural fats present in breast milk, thereby helping your baby digest fat easily. In a case where your body overproduces lipase, the enzyme begins to degrade the fat content rather too much and quickly, and this results in a weird taste and smell.

Signs of High Lipase in Breast Milk

Milk with high lipase content will typically smell and taste soapy, or metallic. The longer the milk stays around, the more pungent it smells and tastes. Plus you can always taste and smell your milk to find out for yourself.  

Best Vanilla to Add to Breast Milk with High Lipase (Alcohol-Free Vanilla Extract For Babies)

1. Simply Organic Vanilla Extract

Top Features:

  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher diet type
  • Award-winning

If you are adding vanilla to breast milk with high lipase, the Simply Organic Vanilla Extract should be your number one product. Made from premium Madagascar Bourbon beans, this vanilla extract is as smooth as it is naturally sweet. Not only that, it was voted by Cook’s Illustrated as the #1 vanilla extract in 2018.

A pure extract with zero sugar and zero artificial ingredients, the Simply Organic Vanilla is possibly the best you will find anywhere. To everything you bake, it introduces an effective organic goodness and great taste. Whether for smoothies, beverages, or desserts, this vanilla will always come through for you.  Ultimately, the product comes in an amber glass bottle, which safeguards the vanilla from the degrading influence of light.

2. Trader Joe’s Pure Vanilla Extract

Top Features;

  • Alcohol-free
  • Vanilla flavor

The Trader Joe’s Pure Vanilla Extract is another substantial product you cannot go wrong with in adding vanilla to breast milk with high lipase. A pro-baby product, this vanilla comes free of alcohol and lasts you for a good period of time, all at an affordable rate. If your baby will take anything but your breast milk, simply add the Trader Joe’s Pure Vanilla Extract to the milk, and you will wonder at the ease with which your baby will adore it.

3. Kirkland Signature Pure Vanilla Extract

Top Features;

  • Alcohol-free
  • Pure vanilla extract

Does your baby have a hard time drinking your breast milk due to high lipase? Try Kirkland Signature Pure Vanilla Extract, an alcohol-free product designed with your baby’s maximum safety in mind. When your breast milk contains high lipase, it smells weird and tastes weird, and your baby may not find that nice. That said, breast milk is too vital nutrition for your baby to miss out on because of high lipase. With the Kirkland Signature Pure Vanilla Extract, you can change the narrative and get your baby feeding well again. What’s more? The vanilla sells at an affordable rate, and so you have no business breaking the bank.

Bottom Line

Breathe mom! The high lipase in your breast milk is not the end of the world, or necessarily your fault, so stop beating yourself. Accepted, your baby will have issues putting up with the smells and taste, but vanilla is a credible way out of this case.

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