Can you use snoo without swaddle?

Can you use snoo without swaddle?

A snoo is a baby essential that helps your little one get adequate and quality rests during naps and sleep. It consists of a swaddle that prevents your baby from rolling over into uncomfortable and suffocating positions. Can you use snoo without a swaddle? The answer is yes. After taking off the swaddle, some moms use the snoo as a temporary bassinet or crib. Doing this removes the restriction from the swaddle and provides more room for babies to lounge.

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Can you use snoo without a swaddle? This blog post will answer this and other questions that moms frequently ask about the snoo and give you 3 options for reliable swaddles you can find online.

Can you use Snoo as a regular bassinet? 

Yes, you can use the snoo as a regular bassinet. However, to do this, you should remove the swaddle from the snoo. If you are worried and asking, “can you use snoo without swaddle?” Yes, you can. It allows your baby to move around more freely, removing that sense of restriction.

To let your baby lie flat on the improvised bassinet, you should also take off the snoo bottom. Despite converting the snoo to a bassinet or crib, you must not forget that it’s only suitable for your baby up to 6 months of age or 25 pounds.

Can you use Snoo without motion? 

Yes, you can use the snoo without the rocking motion on. While most parents prefer to have it rocking and soothing their babies all night, others can do without motion. Some parents feel it helps them swaddle their babies long, while others would want to know if their baby is a natural sleeper or not.

If you decide to use the snoo without motion, you may want to leave it in the weaning mode, which makes use of white noise to soothe your baby to sleep. If your baby cries in weaning mode, the snoo will resume the motion added to the white noise and get your baby eased back to sleep.

Can you use a different swaddle with Snoo? 

The snoo has a swaddle attached with which you can prep your baby for naps and sleep at night. Other suitable swaddles can give your baby the comfort and safety they need while sleeping. The SwaddleMe swaddle, Halo swaddle, and Ollie swaddle are among the most reliable swaddles you can use with the snoo.

3 types of swaddle you can use in place of the Snoo swaddle 

1. SwaddleMe swaddle

The SwaddleMe swaddle is one swaddle that makes your baby feel like they’re in the womb again. It’s easy to use, as all you have to do is wrap it over your baby. It has wings that can adjust to your baby’s shape and natural sleep movement.

This swaddle is ideal for newborns who are not yet capable of moving a lot and rolling over. It is safe and secure to use, so you need not worry about your baby getting startle reflexes which can interrupt babies’ peaceful sleep. You can buy this original swaddle in three different sizes, with the largest accommodating up to 18 pounds.

2. Halo swaddle

The Halo swaddle is a 100% cotton three-way swaddle that fosters baby’s sleep. It is suitable for day naps and night sleep. It’s a three-way adjustable blanket that you can wear on your baby. It’s also ideal for transitioning your baby from swaddled sleep. Halo swaddle is a preferred choice in hospital nurseries to help babies sleep well.

The swaddle makes it easy to change soiled diapers by providing an inverted zipper that opens upwards. This feature saves you the hassle of removing the swaddle before diaper changes. You can use the Halo swaddle for your 3-6 month-old baby and continue using it until your baby attains the 18 pounds weight mark. 

3. Ollie swaddle

The Ollie swaddle is a comfortable swaddle made from conventional breathable, quick-drying material, which prevents your baby from overheating. It is an adjustable one-size-fits-all swaddle that helps to relax your baby in preparation for a good sleep. With the Ollie swaddle, diaper changes are not a challenge, as you can easily do that by opening the swaddle at the bottom. Ollie swaddle is designed to serve your little one through different stages of development.

How long can you use the snoo? 

The snoo is essential for promoting good sleep in infants, whether during the day or at night. It’s appropriate for use in babies below six months old, unable to get up unaided on their knees and hands. It’s also used for babies weighing up to twenty-five pounds or less. That means you can either use the snoo until your baby attains either 6 months of age, 25 pounds in weight, or stand up unaided from the sleeping position. It depends on whichever milestone your baby meets first since all babies don’t have the same growth rate.


Can you use snoo without swaddle? Yes, you can do so when transitioning your baby to a bassinet. Only ensure that your baby has not crossed the 6 months mark or exceeded 25 pounds. If you prefer a different swaddle, try the recommendations above and give your baby a good sleep experience.

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