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7 Best and Adorable Crib Covers for Babies

Looking for adorable crib covers for babies? You are in the right place. Do you have a cat and are at the same time pregnant? Then you must be wondering what would happen once you give birth and bring your baby home. Your cat might have been like a baby to you before, but with the arrival of your child, things would have to change. It would be best if you did not allow your cat to have access to the crib of your child, especially with the many horror stories of cats in babies’ cribs.

How to keep your cat out of your baby’s crib must be a question constantly on your mind.

While it is possible to reduce risk and create a safe and peaceful environment for your baby and cat, it would require extraordinary efforts on your part. There are various ways to keep your cat out of the crib, like getting a crib cover, installing a screen door, or shutting the nursery door.

This article does not focus on crib covers keeping your cat out alone but also ensures your baby’s overall comfort and safety. We would be taking you through the seven best crib covers for babies and their features. Check them out:

1.   Pro Baby Safety – Baby Crib Safety Pop Up Tent

Pro Baby Safety - Baby Crib Safety Pop up Tent: Premium Baby Canopy Netting Cover - See Through Mesh, Nursery Mosquito Net - Stylish and Sturdy Infant Crib Tent - Protect Your Baby from Falls and Bite
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One of the best crib covers for babies is the baby crib safety pop-up tent. It is a product that protects your baby from tumbling out of the crib, prevents insects from biting the baby, and can also keep cats out. It boasts of first-class quality construction with a styling fit for both sexes and has over 20years of dependability under its belt. 

It comes with:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  •  A baby crib safety pop-up tent
  • Portable fall protector joined with mosquito net.


  • Durable and Delicate for Baby’s Skin

Its see-through net is the first and best of its kind, with a hypoallergenic mesh cover and an exclusive patent design that fits all typical baby beds.

  • Snug and fitted for Superior Safety

The satin base of the canopy and thick flexible net is silky to touch and perfectly installed to ensure the baby does not get injured or tangled.

  • Elegant Unisex Design that brings a unique look to your nursery.
  • Easy to Set-up
  • Self-lock Zipper with Double Tie Design

It comes with an auto-lock zipper that prevents infants from opening it. There are also two built-in ribbons per corner for incomparable safety.

  • 55″ x 52.5″ x 28″ High-End Safety Net protecting your baby from falls, getting stuck between rails, bug bites, and cat intrusion.

While setting it up, secure the suave satin bottom under any standard crib mattress, fasten the flexible mesh top then tie the corners twice to keep the baby in place.

At a friendly price, you can get this crib of exceptional quality and sleep soundly, knowing your baby is safe and comfortable.

2.   Baby Lylou Safety Pop Up Crib Tent

Baby Lylou Safety Pop Up Crib Tent - with Storage Bag and Infant Safety eBook - Canopy Cover to Keep Baby from Climbing Out - Mosquito Net for Crib
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The second best crib covers for babies is the baby lylou safety crib pop-up tent. It is not just comfortable for your infant but also secure. It comes with a storage bag and an infant safety e-book. It keeps your baby from climbing out and your cat from coming in.


  • A Door that Fits Every Bedroom

It has two different door designs, atop open design and an open bottom design that suits your diverse needs. This allows easy access to your baby in case of feeding or diaper change.

  • Durability keeps babies from hurting themselves and climbing out of their cribs.
  • Modern Net and Frame Technology

The tent of the crib makes use of the newest see-through mesh technology, which gives you a clear sight of your baby from any angle.

  • Safe for Infants as it is manufactured using lead-free, safe baby materials and BPA free.
  • Exceptional Value

It comes with a carrying bag that aids easy carriage and storage. Its e-book also guides parents on how to set it up and provides valuable parenting tips.

  • It keeps Mosquitoes Out with its solid, breathable mesh and at the same time providing adequate ventilation.
  • External Locking Zipper that prevents your toddler from opening the zip and climbing out.

It is designed to keep your baby healthy and comfortable; also keeps the cat out. Amazing right? There is still more; with its exceptional value, it is not too expensive.

3.  L Runnzer Crib Pop-Up Tent

L RUNNZER Crib Pop Up Tent Baby Safety Mesh Cover Mosquito Net Toddler Bed Canopy Netting Cover Protect Baby from Biting and Falling, Emerald, 51 x 51 x 27 Inch
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This crib has a size of 51 x 51 x 27 inches. It comes with a baby crib safety pop-up tent and easy how-to enjoy instructions, as well as a 100% guarantee.


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Solid and Safe Crib

The tent is so sturdy it prevents your cat from climbing in. The tent is also made of hypoallergic materials that ensure the baby’s safety.

  • Upgraded Mesh and Frame

The mesh is soft yet made up of dense and small holes, which makes it strong; it is also see-through, providing an unobstructed view of your child at all times.

  • Easy Pop-up Setup in two minutes flat; remove the strap, then the crib net is released and snapped into place robotically.

It comes at a fantastic price with a lifelong guarantee ensuring your satisfaction.

4. Pro Baby Safety Grey Canopy Cover

Pro Baby Safety Grey Canopy Cover -Safety Pop Up Tent – See Through Crib and Nursery Soft Mesh Cover, Net with Viewing Window - Zippered Safety Top for Mosquito Bites and Falling Protection for Infant
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This cover crib has kept toddlers safe for over 21 years now.


  • Top Opening for Baby Monitors

Its unique design makes room for a baby monitor to be installed without any obstruction by nets.

  • An Auto-lock Zipper designed to keep the baby from opening the net from the inside. It also ensures it is shut against cat intrusion.
  • Easy to Set Up in about five minutes or less, and it does not require any tool.
  • Front and Back Openings allow easy access for changing the sheets, putting your baby in, and taking them out.
  • Delicate but Flexible Mesh Netting that allows your toddler to see the surrounding without the risk of irritation and entanglement.

It goes for an affordable price with a full refund if there is something wrong with your crib.

5. Joinsi Baby Crib Pop-up Tent

JOINSI Baby Crib Pop up Tent Infant Safety Mesh Cover Mosquito Net - Canopy Cover to Keep Baby from Climbing Out
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It comes with a baby crib safety pop-up tent, two zipper storage bags, and a baby bed hanging mesh bag.


  • Breathable polyester net and nylon cloth at the bottom which is safe for your child
  • Its strong net prevents your toddler from climbing out and also keeps pets away.
  • The mesh design is see-through, providing a 360° view of the crib all day.
  • It is easy to fold into a circle and store in a bag.
  • Easy Installation possible within seconds.
  • A sturdy zipper gives easy access to your baby.

For its quality, you can get it at an affordable price.

6.   KinderSense Baby Safety Crib Tent

KinderSense - Baby Safety Crib Tent - Premium Toddler Crib Topper to Keep Baby from Climbing Out - See Through Mesh Crib Net - Mosquito Net - Pop-Up Crib Tent Canopy to Keep Infant in
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It has a two-year warranty and can be used to prevent cats and other pets from entering.


  • Made up of 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton.
  • Its safety topper keeps your toddler in the net and pets out.
  • The YKK locking zippers guarantee strength and durability; it ensures the tent’s longevity and prevents your baby from opening the tent and climbing out.
  • The materials used are very safe as they are BPA, latex, and lead-free.
  • A high-quality see-through mesh that prevents wear and tears as well as insect invasion.
  • It can be hand washed.
  • It is fit for both genders.
  • The Fabric trim covers the height of the mattress.

It is not expensive, and picking it is not a choice you will regret.

7.   YeTrini Crib Netting


  • Its rectangular safety net cover is strong, with the strength remaining amazing after installation.
  • The crib netting reduces the risk of pets bothering the baby and the baby falling out.
  • It’s safe for kids as it is BPA-free.
  • YYK Zipper prevents the crib from being open on the inside.
  • It is Unisex.
  • It is effortless to install.
  • It has ample space, which is suitable for most cribs and gives room for child play.

Final Thoughts

Above are the best crib covers for babies. Having seen the different crib covers available for the safety and comfort of your child, you have probably made up your mind on which to get. They are very affordable, with the most expensive being about $78 so, make the best choice and enjoy.

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