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5 Best and Cute Baby Bottles for Newborns

Babies eat a lot, especially when they are still very young. They can eat up to 8 to 12 times a day. Whether you are breastfeeding or using formula feeding, you need cute baby bottles for newborns. For moms that breastfeed, you may need to pump your breast milk at one point or the other. Storing it in baby bottles is one of the best options. If you are also doing formula feeding, you need feeding bottles. Ensure that the bottles you want to use for your babies are free of harmful chemicals, easy to use and enhance a good latch.

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Below are 5 best and cute baby bottles for newborns.

1.    Best baby bottles for newborns – Comotomo Natural feel baby bottles

cute baby bottles for newborns

The best and cute baby bottles for newborns have ascertained by experienced moms is the Comotomo Natural feel baby bottles. The design mimics breastfeeding and milk flow in every way. The bottle has a unique feel soft to touch and squeezable. This makes it easy for babies to feel like they are close to their mom’s skin. The nipple is wide and looks natural and feels. Babies can contact their cheek, tip of their nose and chin with the nipple base. With this, babies will feel as if they are latching from the breast when they are using the bottles.

The wide base makes it a breeze to clean the bottles. The small tab at the side of the wide green base ring makes it easy to open or tighten the bottle. The nipple has a dual vent which helps babies to ease any discomfort and to minimize burps.

It comes in sizes of 8.5 and 5 ounces and in pink and green colors or styles which makes it suitable for feeding most babies.


  1.   They are easy to clean because the parts are few
  2.   The soft silicone of the bottle is ideal for picky bottle babies
  3.    It is made of silicone which is BPA free
  4.   The nipples have a dual vent which helps it to prevent burps
  5.   They are suitable to go in the dishwater and microwave


  1.    The translucent bottles make it easy to see the number labels on its side
  2.    It is expensive

2.   Best baby bottles for breastfed babies – Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles

Cute baby bottles for newborns

The Tommee Tippee Closer to nature bottles is closely related to Comotomo. They have almost the same shape. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles have a wide body with curvature for your baby or you to grip. The nipple is not as wide as the Comotomo bottle in shape and size. They have a natural elongation and retraction movement that makes it look like breastfeeding.  The bottles are easy to clean because they are wide and short. It has a single vent on the nipple.

It is designed for moms who need flexibility between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. They look like the breasts so your baby will not confuse the nipple with anything else. When your baby is ready to hold it, it is easy with the grip.

It has easy-to-read numbers on the side, which makes it easy to measure babies’ feed in the night.

It comes in a set of six bottles and it is BPA free.


  1.     It is BPA free, so it is safe for babies
  2.     It is easy to clean
  3.     It mimics the breast so there is no nipple confusion
  4.     It is easy to grip for grown babies
  5.     It has a natural elongation and retraction movement that makes it look like breastfeeding


1.            It doesn’t vent very well

3.   Best baby bottles for colic: Munchkin LATCH BPA-free bottle

Cute baby bottles for newborns

The Munchkin LATCH BPA-free bottle is designed for babies with colic issues. It has a unique anti-colic valve found at the bottom of the bottle. As your baby drinks milk from the bottle, the valve gently allows air to enter the bottle.  This helps to reduce air ingestion in babies. When this happens, it reduces colic in babies.

The Munchkin LATCH BPA-free bottle has a nipple that looks and feels like the breast. The nipple stretches as the baby sucks the milk. This is to give the baby a good latch and better control of the flow of the milk.

The Munchkin LATCH BPA-free bottle nipple flexes with the baby’s head and arm movement. This helps the baby to minimize air ingestion and consequently colic.

You can use the Munchkin LATCH BPA-free bottle with a pumping adaptor and pump directly into the bottle.


  1.    The nipple’s flexes to prevent air ingestion that can lead to colic
  2.    The baby can control the flow of milk with the aid of the accordion-style nipple
  3.    It makes it easy for a baby to transition from breast to bottle
  4.    The nipple helps babies to latch correctly
  5.    With an adaptor, you can pump breast milk directing into it         


1.            The shape of the bottom of the bottle can be difficult to clean

4.   Best baby bottles for reflux:  MAM Newborn Gift set

Cute baby bottles for newborns

The MAM Newborn Gift set comes in a set of two 5 ounces anti-colic bottles, two 9 ounces anti-colic bottles and two newborn pacifiers. Reflux in babies can be a great deal. They become cranky and cry. The MAM Newborn Gift set is created to solve this problem. The bottles come with a patented vented base that leaks out air bubbles, so it doesn’t go into the baby’s stomach. The company tested the bottle with mothers and it was reported that 80% of moms that use the bottles said that their babies had less colic.

The nipples look like the real breast. It is a soft silicone nipple. The nipples also have a textured surface at the bottom that keeps it from slipping out of the baby’s mouth.

It is a great buy and worth a purchase because it comes in a set of two different bottle sizes you can use from newborn till your baby grows.

The MAM Newborn Gift set is BPA, BPS, lead or PVC free. It is also self-sterilizing. To do this, remove the base of the bottle and fill it up with water, put in the nipple and screw it back in. Heat the bottle in the microwave for three minutes and you are done.


  1.     It has a self-sterilizing system
  2.     It is good for babies with reflux
  3.     It comes in different colors for boys and girls
  4.     It is accepted by 94% of babies
  5.    The vented bottle base allows for smooth milk flow


1.            It has too many parts, so it is difficult to wash and assemble

5.   Best Baby bottles for gas: Phillips Anti-colic baby bottles

Cute baby bottles for newborns

The best baby bottles for gas is the Phillips Anti-colic baby bottles. It has an anti-colic valve in the nipples that helps to push away the air from your baby’s tummy and into the bottle. This helps that your baby only drinks the milk while air that can cause gas and fussiness is pushed back into the bottles.

The Phillips Anti-colic baby bottle nipples give your baby the best feeding experience. The nipple has a ribbed texture that helps to prevent it from collapsing when the baby is feeding. It is also soft and comfortable, making it easy for babies to latch

Phillips Anti-colic baby bottles come in sizes of 4 ounces or 9 ounces size making it

The bottles are free from PVC, Phthalate, and lead which makes it safe for babies.


  1.      It comes in fewer parts which makes it easier to wash and assemble
  2.      The anti-colic valve helps to prevent gas and air swallowing
  3.      It is free from BPA and other harmful chemicals
  4.      It comes in plastic bottles and glass
  5.      It is easy for grown babies to hold the bottle


1.            The plastic is thinner which makes it look cheap.

There you have it – five (5) cute baby bottles for newborns.

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