Daycare problems

5 Daycare problems and what to do about them

It does not matter what daycare problems you have – be it the snacks, communication, or naps, this content provides justice to every one of them quite shortly.

Have you just found an adorable daycare where the caregivers are receptive and friendly, knowledgeable and diligent, have values and goals that fit in with yours? And to crown it all, your baby is very much happy staying there? If the answer is in the affirmative, now that is excellent!

Of course, daycares are meant to enhance your convenience as a parent, help you focus on your job, while your baby is having the time of his/her life too. But what if one day on pickup, you see something that startles you? Probably you spot a discrepancy in how they feed your baby, or the toilet manners diverge from yours. A piece of advice from you can better the daycare situation, and below are 5 daycare problems and what to do about them.

1) Daycare not feeding baby well and overfeeding:

Overfeeding a baby is the first daycare problem we will discuss. Unlike past times, nutrition is now given a top place in almost all the licensed daycare we have around today and all thanks to government regulations and a societal leap to healthier feeding. These days, daycare centers have to present healthy options and cover the four food groups, with the approval of professional dietitians accompanying the menus.

If you realize your baby is being overfed at the daycare, because of course, you can’t be wasting your breast milk or formula away; you should talk with your provider or caregiver about slowing the feeding rate a bit. And if the baby has to be frequently fed, the meal should be served in smaller quantities. Whatever issues you have about how your baby feeds should be immediately registered to the supervisor.

2) Baby clingy after Daycare

If you just picked your baby up from the daycare and discovered she is clingy, there is no cause for alarm, as that is normal. Like adults, babies and toddlers have emotions, too. This is why even when the caregiver at the daycare says she had a great day, once you pick her up, she gets clingy. She is only making sure that the secure attachment you have developed with her overtime is still there.

So rather than worry, what you should do is give her all the reassurance you can give her in the world. Make physical gestures that reinforce the fact that you love her and always will. You can also make a laminated picture of your baby with your nuclear family, one that she can always carry with her to school and any other thing that makes her know mama will be back soon.

3) Baby fussy after Daycare

Your baby could get fussy after daycare. This can be due to a number of factors such as tiredness, hunger, etc. Apart from tiredness, hunger is the most prominent reason your baby is fussy after daycare. This is possible if they feel new and are still trying to get a feel of the entire daycare process. When one is young, some things can be pretty unthinkable. And starting a new daycare or school can make them culminate into a mini hunger strike.

Another fact is that babies and toddlers can be really picky about their foods, and starting daycare will bring them face-to-face with a whole lot of different foods that may feel foreign to them.  Babies are wonderfully energetic, so there is the possibility that your baby has exhausted most of her energy, and by the time you come to pick them, they are too tired for anything. What you can do is relax them when you get home, and chill with them, then watch them go to sleep while you go about your evening tasks.

4) Baby not excited to see me after Daycare

Maybe you had a long day at work, and have been looking forward to picking your baby up from the daycare for a blissful reunion, but somehow, met with a hello followed by a sudden coldness from your baby, here is what is happening.

It is called Defensive detachment, and feels like a bucket of ice water just washed away all the warmth of the greetings. If your baby displays defensive attachment, it is a sign that they have missed you so very much that their subconscious has taken it up to step in and safeguard them against further hurt when they miss you again. 

5) Baby seems withdrawn from me after Daycare

Your baby can seem withdrawn after daycare because, she is still little, may most probably have hard times at first dealing with a sea of new changes that keep coming her way. So you should be patient with her as gets a hang of what her new environment is all about. One of the reasons your baby can seem withdrawn after daycare is excessive crying. If your baby has spent most of her day crying her voice out at the daycare, then there are high chances she may feel distant and want to be alone for the time being.

What you can do in this case is have some good bonding time with your baby, try to tend her to sleep, or if not sleep, let her take a nap while you carry on with your activities for the evening.


Daycare centers that are of great qualities keep babies and children healthy and secure. Another thing they do is they help babies, toddlers, and children, develop skills and talents that will be useful and come in handy for the success of children in school. And the academic foundation is not the only thing daycare center gives, it has also been found to be of help to little ones in areas that extend beyond their academics, such as social, emotional, and intellectual aspects.

In this content, we have written extensively about daycare problems and what we think you can do about them. Enjoy!

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