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Mom Hacks: Game-changing diaper bag hacks for babies

Imagine this scenario:

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You are out and about with your baby.

Then suddenly you discovered that the baby needs a diaper change.

You settled down in a convenient place to change the diaper.

But then this happens:

The baby is wiggling. You use one hand to hold the baby and the second to find a new diaper and wipes to use. But then, you could not find the diaper because you can’t figure out where you placed it. You tried all you could, but your hand couldn’t just reach the diaper and the wipes.

Then you got frustrated.

How many of us have been in this kind of situation before?

The truth is, a diaper bag can be a collection of a disorganized mess of stuff, from receipts to empty water bottles if you are not careful. By the end of the day, the diaper changing essentials are messed up with irrelevant things and makes finding it difficult.

Therefore, you need diaper bag hacks to help figure out how to organize your baby stuff so it will be easy to reach out for them whenever you need them.

The diaper bag hacks include organization tips so you can save a lot of time and headache especially when you need to quickly change your baby’s diaper.

1.    Choose the best diaper bag with an attached changing pad

Diaper bag hacks

Having the best diaper bag with many compartments, insulated pockets, internal pockets and a changing pad will help you stay organized.

One of my favorite diaper bags is the Pipi Bear diaper bag. It is a waterproof and trendy diaper backpack for moms. It has 13 big pockets that include 2 insulated bottle bags to keep your baby bottle milk warm, side pockets, 1 anti-theft cellphone pocket, space for diapers, changing pad, keys, wallet, makeup, baby clothes, etc. This bag is a one-time investment that will be useful for all the kids you plan to have. Click on the link above to view and read positive mom reviews on it.

2.     Know what goes into the diaper bag and organize them accordingly

Diaper bag hacks

Now, you have a diaper bag, great. What are the baby essentials for the diaper bag?  There are different baby items you need to pack for the baby while going out, traveling or taking a vacation. Below are some of them and how to organize them.

  •       Diapers, diaper cream and a wet bag (put them in the same pocket)
  •       Add two extra pairs of baby clothes in a different compartment
  •       Pack feeding essentials such as the bottles, cup, snacks, bibs and burp cloth in one pocket
  •       Add the swaddle blanket in another compartment
  •       Pick a few baby toys that are not too big for baby’s entertainment
  •       Pick some of your own essentials such as the house keys, mobile phone, snacks, and water bottles and put them together in one pocket.

3.    Get a wet washable and reusable bag handy

Diaper bag hacks

A wet bag is necessary for different uses. You can use it to keep baby’s dirty diapers, dirty clothes. There is a set of a washable, reusable wet bag that I love so much. It is the Flock three washable and reusable bags. It is a set of 4 wet bags that you can use for storing both dirty and clean baby essentials. It can serve as a toiletry bag, cosmetic bag, laundry bag, etc. It is perfect for all kinds of outings and vacations.

The good thing about the wet bag is that it is reusable and washable. Each time you use it, you can toss it in the washing machine to get it clean for the next use. It is a must-have for your diaper bag.

4.     Invest in a formula dispenser

A formula dispenser is a lifesaver for moms who have babies that drinks formula. It makes it easy to pour powdered formula into a bottle. It is especially useful when you are not at home. You can have a formula dispenser for your diaper bag to make feeding easy while you are out.

One good formula dispenser you can check out is the Ankou portable formula powder dispenser. It comes with a spaced layer for a spoon to make it easy to scoop milk and maintain hygiene. It is easy to carry out and about in your diaper bag. When your baby grows up, you can use the container as a sweet dispenser, cookie pot, and other snacks. You can also use the inner box as a penholder.

5.     Get baby bottle coolers

diaper bag hacks

Baby bottle coolers make a great addition to your diaper bag. They help to keep baby’s bottle cool for a long time. Whether you pick bottles of milk from your fridge while going out or your baby did not finish their milk while you were out, a bottle cooler will help to keep the milk from going bad. A good bottle cooler you can invest in is the JJ Cole Baby Bottle. The interior of the bag is insulated, helping you to keep the baby’s bottles cool. The bag can store baby bottles, sippy cups, and snacks.

Carrying a disorganized diaper bag can make it difficult to find baby essentials. It can frustrate you, especially when the baby is wiggling and crying. Therefore, you need to save yourself the headache by organizing your diaper bag according to the diaper bag hacks above. Ensure you have a strong diaper bag with many pockets and compartments, so you can have enough space to store your baby things. 

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