Do you really need a diaper genie

5 Reasons you need a diaper genie for your baby

With the arrival of motherhood, comes the issue of what to buy and what not to buy for the baby. One of the issues that concern moms, is baby hygiene and the issue of diapers, especially if they are new to motherhood. A newborn baby can use between 6 and 8 diapers (approximately) a day, so the amount of diapers to be thrown away is very high. This is why new moms asks “Do you really need a diaper genie? The truth is diaper genie is becoming a staple that can not lack in any house where there is a baby.

If you count the daily diapers that a baby needs when he is little, the room in the house where you usually change him may end up smelling bad if you do not empty the bucket constantly. But in addition to eliminating bad odors, diaper genue fulfill other functions. That is why diaper genie is highly recommended for parents or will soon be.

These products are specially designed to save you from additional chores. Below are five (5) reasons you need a diaper genie.

5 Reasons you need a diaper genie

  • It keeps the baby’s room free of odors produced by diapers: The diaper genie is equipped with an activated carbon filter which makes it possible to channel the harmful odors which could escape from the container. It is sealed, so you avoid spreading drips, bacteria, and bad odor.
  • You don’t need to open with your hands: When it comes to throwing away diapers, it’s easy: you have a pedal to lift the cover and a spring-loaded hatch. This can be especially ideal for grandparents who have some difficulty bending down or have joint pain.
  • It’s is actually weightless and highly portable for an easy conveying: The baby genie is highly proficient and very comfortable to deal with because of it’s light-weighted nature. They can be taken from one point in the room to another with great ease.
  • You can reduce the number of plastics you throw away: It minimizes the number of plastics you trash away so you also help take care of the environment.
  • In addition, with the current designs and colors, you can make it match your baby’s room: whatever decoration for which you have opted, you will find a color that suits you. There is indeed an impressive variety: white, gray, orange, sand, purple. you can always choose from.

Nevertheless, the baby’s diaper genie comes in different varieties and types thereby giving you’re a wide range of choice to make. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is.

Types of Baby Diaper Genie

  • Tommee Tippee Simple Sangenic Diaper Genie:

The Tommee Tippee Simple Sangenic Diaper Bin is suitable for parents who have just had a little baby and comes in different colors such as pink, purple, and grey. Its design is very careful, giving a very visible color that will combine very well with any room. It can contain 18 diapers at a time. The film has an anti-bacteria substance that kills 99% of germs and each refill can dispose of up to 180 nappies.

Ubbi Steel Odor Locking

The Ubbi steel odor locking diaper genie comes in different adorable colors such as pink, blue, gray, yellow, green, etc. This makes it easy to choose the best color that matches your baby nursery. It saves you money in buying bags, refills, or inserts unlike other diaper genies in the market. The steel locks help to keep the odor shielded inside. It is also has a childproof lock that makes it difficult for small hands to open it up.

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

The Munchkin step diaper pail is one of the best diaper genies in the market. It helps to keep your nursery fresh with no diaper smell. It has compatible rings and snaps, seal and toss bags. The lavender-scented arm, the Hammer baking soda, and patented self-sealing technology help to seal the odors and closes the lid to keep the environment fresh. It has a dual refill that works well with both rings and snaps. The step pedal makes it easy to dispose of the diaper.

Playtex diaper genie

The Playtex diaper genie is a complete baby gift set consisting of a diaper genie, 8 diaper genie refills, and 8 diaper genie carbon filters for odor control. It offers a year’s worth of diaper pail refills and carbon filters so you don’t have to worry about buying diapers. The diaper genie helps to control odors with its built-in antimicrobial that prevents bacteria growth in the container. It has the capacity to hold up to 270 newborn diapers.

Dekor Plus Hands-free diaper pail

The Dekor plus hands-free diaper pail comes in different colors and designs. It is a hands-free diaper genie that needs you to step on it, drop the diaper, and you are done. The Dekor’s powder scented refills help to control the odor and keep the diaper smell in the container. It comes with a full refill pre-installed in the genie. The Dekor diaper genie is also suitable for collecting cloth diapers. When you don’t need the diaper genie anymore, you can convert it to a trash can.


From the discussions above, you really need a diaper genie to keep the dirty diaper smell out of your house. It is a one-time investment you need to make and then you can use it subsequently for other kids. Check out the 5 types of diaper containers mentioned above and choose the best from them. It will serve you for long and keep your environment clean.

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