Does A Newborn Need Both A Bassinet And A Crib

Does A Newborn Need Both A Bassinet And A Crib?

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The expectation of a newborn brings about the need for adding several baby stuff to the household. As it is, it’s vital to prepare the house for your baby and have her things ready. The nursery is one of the most important things you should put in place- the nursery and what it should contain. Another vital thing after the nursery is the equipment where your baby will sleep. It’s seen from research that most babies spend their time sleeping so won’t it be great to have an ideal bed for your baby?

Bassinets and cribs are common little beds for babies. They’re similar in some aspects and different accordingly. However, you might get into the dilemma of not knowing which to choose or the dilemma of thinking if your baby needs both bassinet and cribs. Now, this article will put you through what you should know about cribs and bassinet, hence, you’ll get to know the answer to the question ‘does a newborn and both a bassinet and a crib?.


First and foremost, before you decide on which to choose between Cribs and bassinet, you should check your budget. Cribs are a bit expensive when compared to the bassinet. However, there are different kinds and brands of cribs hence you might still find one that fits your budget. Although bassinets are cheaper than cribs, they don’t last for long. As it is, most bassinets will only serve till your baby is six months old meaning you’ll have to buy more than one bassinet.

Baby’s growth & development

Choosing either bassinet or crib should improve your baby’s growth and development- and not impede it. Bassinet might be a suitable choice at first due to its price but you must also think about its lifespan. As said before, the more your baby grows, the less useful the bassinet becomes. Bassinets have a weight limit so you must choose the right one. Some bassinets have about a 15-20 pounds weight limit meaning your 10+ pounds baby will grow out of this kind of bassinet easily.

As for Cribs, they last for a long time and don’t have a weight limit like a bassinet. Cribs rarely have a weight limit and they can serve well till your baby becomes a toddler or older. However, it’s not all babies that can feel comfortable in cribs. As it is, premature babies or babies with small size might find cribs spacious and feel uncomfortable- they will want something as cozy and small as the bassinet.


While comparing bassinet and crib to know the best one for you, you should consider the space. Bassinet, as said, is quite small and has a small footprint, meaning it won’t take too much space in your room. Yes, your room! The Consumer Product Safety Commission has said that it’s advisable to sleep in the same room as your baby until she’s at least six months.

 So, the bassinet won’t take many footprints in your room. However, there are different types of Cribs, that is, you can get some that’ll take up much space and you can also get cribs with a small footprint. Hence, the decision of space about bassinet and cribs will be determined by how big your room is and the space you’re willing to allocate to your baby’s bed.

Ease of use

While considering whether to use a bassinet or crib for your baby, you need to consider the ease of use. Using both bassinet and cribs has its advantages and disadvantages. Bassinets have lower sides so you won’t have to bend over any rail to pick your baby- that’s relatively easy when compared to cribs with rails. Cribs have rails that you’ll need to bend on to lay your baby down and that doesn’t sit well with some parents.

Also, bassinets have a hood that you can use to cover your baby while sleeping or when outdoors, whereas cribs don’t have any hood.

Similarly, you’ve seen the comparison between cribs and bassinets but it’s also vital to know some of the rules guiding hand-me-downs cribs and bassinets. It’s no news that you might get some cribs or bassinets from friends and family but are they safe to use? See some of the rules guiding old bassinets and cribs below.

1) The Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC)  said it’s advisable not to use any cribs or bassinets older than ten years or the ones that have undergone modification.

2) You must make sure the old cribs and bassinets you’re about to use are free of toxic materials. That is, they must be made of non-harmful material.

3) You must check the heights of the cribs to prevent your baby from rolling out. The height must be within the recommendations and mustn’t manage the crib if it isn’t.

4) You should check for sharp edges, loose screws, and broken parts to prevent accidents while your baby is in the crib.

5) The old crib and bassinet must be stable. It mustn’t be the kind of equipment that can tumble when you’re trying to check on your baby.

6) The bars and slats of these pieces of equipment must be within the recommendations and not below or above.

All of the above rules are to prevent your baby from falling into accidents or choking hazards, hence, you must adhere to them if you’re going for a hand-me-down crib or bassinet.

Does A Newborn Need Both A Bassinet And A Crib?

Does a newborn need a bassinet and a crib is the kind of question an expecting parent will ask? Both the crib and bassinet perform the same function, even though they’ve got some differences. But should you get both to balance up? The idea of getting a bassinet or cribs or both is up to you. However, because you might find it hard to answer this question yourself, the above article has the answer.

The article contains the comparison between bassinet and cribs under some categories and it also contains some of the things you should note about old cribs and bassinets.

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