Doorway Jumper vs Jumperoo

Doorway jumper vs. Jumperoo: which is the best jumper for babies?

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What is more delightful than seeing your baby bouncing and laughing in a baby jumper!!! Baby jumpers are amazing toys for infants to exercise and play in. There are quite a number of characteristics that guides getting a baby jumper such as weight limit, seat, suspender, adjustability, storage, toys. There are so many baby jumpers around and you are having varying views of what baby jumper to go for between Doorway jumper vs Jumperoo. A quick review of both of them would be unfolded here.

Doorway jumper Vs Jumperoo

Doorway Jumper

Do not confuse them with indoor swings. They are made up of seat balanced from straps that attach to a bungee-like cable. On the other end of the elastic cable is a clamp that attaches to your door frame which implies that it is basically used on door frames. They are designed for babies to jump up and down or swing in.

Doorway Jumper makes exercise fun for babies as they can swing and rock while their leg muscles and motor skills of infants are strengthened.  Self-awareness is built as their legs, feet and toes are moving. The jumping and balance helps the baby physicality. Babies can do a 360 turn in with music and lights which turns on and off attached to some of these toys. Pillows are also added for comfort.

An example of a Doorway Jumper is Graco Jump N Jive Doorway Jumper which has a musical mat which helps baby’s auditory senses and as your child increases in age, it transitions to a dance pad. Graco Bumper Jumper Doorway which is also another example has a parent-friendly plastic dome which prevents the straps from twisting and rotating and as such you can effortlessly take your baby in and out of the doorway jumper

There are different models of Doorway jumpers which are designed according to your baby’s progress

  • Plain, soft padded straps and padded seats.
  • Straps and padded seats with toys hanging from looped hanging toys.
  • Jumpers with adjustable play trays including models with a cup holder.
  • Character style baby doorway jumpers made in form of colourful cars, fun animals or cartoon characters.

Doorway jumpers can pose a threat in the sense that the clamp can get weak or disconnected and as such can cause a split from the door frame hence, the baby falling to the ground. Babies swinging too much or with much force can also cause injuries to their neck.

It therefore requires the participation of parents for effective monitoring. They are great fun for babies and should be used only when your baby’s head can be held without any support.

Doorway Jumper vs Jumperoo


Unlike the doorway, the Jumperoo stands on its own. The weight is an essential part of the design so as to help in the safety of your baby and it also expands and contract while your baby jumps. An extremely enjoyable gymnasium for children which keeps them securely amused with rain forest animals, lights, music and bouncing. An example of a Jumperoo is the Rainforest Jumperoo which has a cushioned seat which can be lowered down for comfort and bouncing based on babies height.   

The Jumperoo is designed for the effective stimulation of the sight, hearing and touch senses of a growing child which invariably affects the mental simulation of the child and also to help develop the baby leg muscles. It can provide an occasion for the baby to develop gross and fine motor skills, and offer them with micro-surroundings where their motor responses and sensory inquisitiveness can apparently, and randomly, be combined.

It is moveable and does not compromise the space in your room. It encourages independent play as it provides parents the liberty to tend to other things around the residence while the child is secured and entertained. There is a lot of chance of leg movement in a Jumperoo and this can make your baby reach out for different things to grab which can be fun and valuable to your baby which could be really educative. It is really fun for babies and it can easily be cleaned as it has a stimulating washable seat. You have peace of mind to know that your baby is safe.

There is however a possibility for an incidence of hip dysplasia when the baby uses the Jumperoo too much. It could be damaging to put babies in there before their neck muscles are well-built adequately to hold up their head. Putting babies in a Jumperoo early when they haven’t developed some spatial awareness and movement could be harmful to them. Without parental control, Jumperoo could be unsafe for babies as they could harm themselves by bouncing into walls, getting fingers pinched in the springs. A baby falling asleep on a Jumperoo might restrict their airway and as such there won’t be enough oxygen.

Jumperoo could prove to be really amazing to your baby. Essential requirements in terms of physical milestone and age should be put into deliberation before attempting to use this for your child. It is also of importance that instructions are adhered to in using this product.

So, here you have it. Doorway jumper vs Jumperoo, the choice is yours. Some tips are highly beneficial for the use of these two products which are;

  • The floor should always be kept clean as it will help your jump in a healthy atmosphere.
  • Risky areas such as concrete and pools should be avoided while using the jumper.
  • There should not be a connection between the toys and strings of the jumper.
  • For enhanced development of your baby, consider using the jumper for a short period. 15 to 20 minutes would be recommended.
  • To prevent fall out through jumping, you must confirm that a baby is firmly fitted.
  • Please try to stay in the area where your baby is playing with the jumper.
  • To stop falling on the floor and bumping into walls, kindly ensure that your baby is firmly attached to the jumper.
  • Please stop using jumpers supersedes the height and weight limitation.
  • The uncovered strings and chains should be enclosed to avoid finger injuries.
  • In addition to the surface, the jumper on the level should be properly installed.
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