Dr. Brown's blue bottles versus green bottles

Dr. Brown’s Blue Bottles Versus Green Bottles

Thinking of choosing between Dr. Brown’s blue bottles versus green bottles? This post is for you. While there is no argument that breastfeeding is the ideal approach to sustain a baby, some new mothers need to choose bottle feeding because of different reasons. Regardless of whether you are pumping your own milk or preparing a formula, a feeding bottle turns into a vital child care item to have.

Many mothers love Dr brown’s bottles because of their inner space. This unique design helps to decrease gassiness in babies. The bottles come in two different types; Dr. Brown’s origin (blue) and Dr. Brown’s options (green). The variation gives mums the privilege of choosing any of the bottles they most prefer.

The green bottle is only an update of the blue bottle with a green inner vent. With the green bottle, one can utilize the bottle with or without the inward vent.

Dr. Brown Blue Bottles

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Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles (blue bottles) with the blue vent system are made to decrease colic, gas and protect essential supplements in the milk. This works by wiping out the air pockets and negative pressing factors through its 2-piece inward vent framework.

The vent framework resembles a straw dipped inside the bottle and a circular embed at the bottle’s peak. As a child sucks through the bottle, it collects air from the teat collar (rather than the teat) through the vent framework that looks like a straw, skipping the milk to the furthest limit of the jug (over the milk). This feeding bottle design has helped to ease colic-related pains, throwing up, and burping. The chances of taking in air into their bellies are incredibly diminished as a result of these processes.

The venting framework on the inside of the bottle causes pressure that makes feeding from the bottle easier unlike in other regular containers. This way, the baby will not spoil the bottle teat. It works just like breastfeeding, where the baby does not need to struggle for the milk to come out. This makes it easier for children to move from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Also, it prevents oxidation of the milk as air does not get into it, thereby preserving the necessary nutrients like vitamin C, A, and E


  • The two-section vent framework has greatly reduced the amount of air that babies swallow while feeding, hence, they do not spit as much as the would if they were using normal containers.
  • The vent ensures the baby feeds at a pace. (Ie he isn’t overeating fast).
  • The vent framework carries air to the lower part of the bottle so that the teat doesn’t fall in on itself during feeding.
  • The bottles are made in such a manner that they fit pleasantly in hand. One does not encounter any issues holding the containers.


  • The marks made on the bottle to hell determine the quantity of water in it are clear. Because of this, it is difficult to know how much water is in the bottle
  • When mixing the content in the bottle, there is often spillage. The cover has to be screwed so firmly to avoid spillage.
  • Carrying the bottle about could be a pain because it is bulky.

Dr. Brown Green Bottles

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Dr. Brown’s Options Bottle has a green vent framework. It is a more up-to-date form that permits users to utilize the container whether it has a framework or not. This adaptability is a significant benefit.

The vent framework is very good for infants and little children who normally swallow much air when feeding, and become burpy. However, as these children continue to grow, they start to have less gas in their stomachs. This body change removes the need for the vent framework.

Another feature that makes the Dr. Brown Options Bottle unique is that it has a different cover design, and the markings on its body are clear.


  • The options bottle is made in a way that one can use it with or without the vent. This feature is helpful when the bottle is dirty and it needs to be used immediately.
  • The marking lines on the 2 ounces and 4-ounce bottles are painted in blue, making it easy to see the quantity of water that is in the container. As a result of the markings, filling the bottles does not take much time.


  • The green bottle spills its content so much, both with and without the vent. 
  • There are basically six pieces to each container. Assembling these pieces could be a great deal in a case where you need the bottle rapidly.
  • Cleaning is hectic because the bottle is made up of many smaller parts. It makes it take loner time than a three-piece bottle. Also, cleaning it requires you to use standard jug brush and an uncommon vent brush to clean the inside of the vent.
  • After a few dozen uses, the containers usually lose a portion of their clearness and are currently dark. 

Significant Differences Between Dr. Brown’s bottles versus green bottles

Dr. Brown’s original bottle with the blue vent and the options bottle with the green vent are pretty different. Below are some of the differences.

Dr. Brown’s original bottle cannot be used without the vent because the liquid in the bottle will spill. This, therefore, means that even if your child outgrows the need for a venting framework, you will need to keep washing the entire bottle, including the parts that are not being used.

Nonetheless, with the new Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles, you CAN utilize it without the accessories, so the bottles can still be used by the child as he grows older. The ability to convert this bottle to a simple drinking container saves you cash and time.

The verdict

Above is the comparison between Dr. Brown’s blue bottles versus green bottles. Mothers are usually concerned about the best bottles to use in feeding their children. Trying out different bottle types may help them in their final decision of knowing which bottle is the best. Bottles like Dr. Brown’s blue bottles versus green bottles are designed to have so many features and types that may seem to confuse first-time moms. The Dr. Brown Options Bottles would have been a better choice, especially because it is flexible. However, more people complain about the leaking of the option bottle than about the original bottle. 

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