Essentials for feeding baby solids

15 Essentials for Feeding Baby Solids

A newborn only needs breastmilk or formula to meet their nutrition requirements. Between the age of 4 and 6 months, most babies are ready to start solids. Starting solid foods is one of the most important milestones in an infant’s life. It is the most exciting phase for parents and the baby as they try to discover which food babies like the most and which one is their least favorite. Some signs that your little one is ready for solids are:

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  •    Baby has lost its tongue reflux that used to push food out of their mouth.
  •    The baby can sit upright with support and can support his head.
  •    The baby has become curious about whatever you are eating and wants to taste it.
  •    Baby is still hungry even after having his daily portion of milk.

During this phase, most mothers worry about how to go about it, what to buy, what not to buy, etc. To make this stage exciting, easy and more manageable, here is a list of 15 essentials for feeding baby solids.

1.   High chair

Essentials for feeding baby solids

One of the essentials for feeding baby solids is the high chair. It is a sturdy, safe and comfortable place that your young foodie needs to enjoy mealtime. It must have a seatbelt to safely secure the baby and a tray (for food) that is detachable for easy cleaning. The Graco high chair above is a 6-1 convertible high chair that can serve your baby from infant through to their youthful age. It can even sit two toddlers at the same time. Click on the image to check it out.

2.   Bowl

Essentials for feeding baby solids

A small, nice and strong bowl with an eye-catching design is perfect for your munchkin. Having a lid is also a nice feature as it will be easy to take it with you when you are out with your baby. The toddler plates and bowls above free from harmful maters, easy to clean and great for fussy eaters. The bowls have suctions to help keep it in one place while your baby eats. Click on the image to read more about it.

3.   Spoon and Fork

Essentials for feeding baby solid
Doddlu Cutlery set for babies

It won’t be long before your little is reaching for the spoon so they can feed themselves. Having a nice set of spoons and fork is very important. Make sure that the utensils you buy are BPA approved and are made up of material safe for babies. I love the Doddl Cutlery set for toddlers and babies. It a 3-piece knife, fork, and spoon (as shown in the image above) that helps babies to learn to eat easily. Its short handle is perfect for little hands The handle makes it easy for babies to grasp comfortably in their hands. Click on the image to check it out.

4.   Bibs

Essentials for feeding baby solids

A mess is a big part of starting solids. Once you start you realize that you can never have too many bibs. The bigger the bib the better it is in protecting your baby’s clothes. Buy the ones with snaps, as they are easy to put on and take off as compared to the ones with strings at the back. The Ultimate waterproof baby bib (shown in the image above) has three layers – a cotton front, a waterproof inner liner, and a plush Minky dot. It has a nickel-free snap that is not easy to undo by little hands and the best thing is that it grows with your baby. Click on the image to check it out.

5.    Weaning Bottle

Essentials for feeding baby solids

It makes feeding semi-solids very easy. It is very easy to clean and does not create a lot of mess when used to feed the baby. Helpful in giving semi-solids i.e. cereals, shakes, juices, and purees, etc to the baby. A good weaning bottle you can try out is the NUK toy story active cup. It makes the transition from bottle to cup a breeze. It has an easy-flow soft spout that is gentle on baby’s teeth and gums. Click on the bottle in the image above to read more about it.

6.   Sippy Cups

Essentials for feeding baby solids

One of the most important parts of starting solid is also learning how to drink independently. Sippy cups can help your baby master the art of drinking from a cup. If you think buying a sippy cup is expensive, then you can also buy the silicone lids that can turn any cup into a sippy cup. However, one of the best sippy cups you can try out is the Stainless steel cups with silicone sippy leads and grips for babies is one of the best sippy cups out there. It is safe, spillproof and leakproof. It is easy to clean too. Click on the image above to check it out.

7.   Blender/Steamer

Essentials for feeding baby solids

Although not a must-have, it is definitely very helpful in the early stages of introducing solids. It’s useful in making purees, steaming fruits and vegetables, juices, shakes, and fruit yogurts. Homia Dansa baby food maker is one of the best so far. It is 8-1, meaning you can use it to steam, chop, sterilize, cook, Juice, warm, defrost, puree and chop. Click on the image to check it out.

8.   Insulated Jars

Essentials for feeding baby solids

Some babies are picky eaters and won’t eat their food unless it’s warm. Insulated jars can keep the food warm when you are on the road with your little one. Click on the image above to check out the Kitsure Thermos food jar. It is a leak-proof vacuum insulated food container for kids.

9.   Freezing Trays

Essentials for feeding baby solids.

These can be a lifesaver for working moms. Just make the week’s worth of baby food on a weekend and freeze it. It would just be like pumping breast milk. Click on the image above to check out the best homemade baby food storage container freezer trays. It does not spill food and it is odor-free. It freezes baby food without freezer burns. Check it out.

10.  Mash and Serve Bowl

Essentials for feeding baby solids

Mashing food has never been easier before. It can also be stacked in your bag and is useful during trips and travel. It is also dishwasher friendly with an easy to use handle. Check out the Baby toddler feeding set (click the image above) containing six items – Divided plate suction bowl, spoons, mash and serve bowl, suction bowl with cover and 1 10 oz bowl. These items make self-feeding easy for your baby.

11.  All in One Tray and Bib Kit

Essentials for feeding baby solids

It can fit most of the highchairs. Makes mealtime fun and less messy protect the floor, chair, and baby (comes with coveralls for baby) from spills and stains. It is also very easy to clean and can be washed in a sink or machine. Check out the Evla’s baby feeding set (click on the image above). The set consists of silicone bibs with pockets, plates, bowls, spoons, etc. It makes it easy for your baby to self-feed.

12.  Fresh Food Feeder

Essentials for feeding baby solids

It allows your little one to enjoy finger foods without making you worried about the risk of choking. Simply put a piece of fruit or vegetable and snap the lid shut. It is very nifty for soothing aching gums during teething. The Kidsme food feeder has an adjustable width you can adjust according to the size of your baby’s mouth. It helps your baby to eat fresh food without the risk of choking. Click on the image to check it out and read reviews.

13.  Small Food Containers With Lids

Essentials for feeding baby solids

It is useful when you have to go somewhere with your baby. Just store it in your diaper bag and use it when your munchkin is hungry. The Home and harvest stainless steel food storage containers are ideal for this purpose. It comes in a pack of four with leak-proof silicone lids. It is freezer safe, leak-proof, lightweight ad perfect for baby food. Click on the image to check it out.

14.  Mess-Free Mats

Essentials for feeding baby solids

Between dodging flying bowls, cleaning every corner of the kitchen and wiping the highchair, a mother gets exhausted. These mats are there to counter these chores for you. The Little Growers baby splat mat for eating mess with non-slip backing is one of the best mess-free mats for babies. It is easy to clean, all you need is to shake food and water off the surface and wipe clean. It is also machine-washable.

15.  Baby Cookbook

Whipping baby cereal making purees, mashing potatoes does not require much effort. There are several food combinations that you may never have thought of. So, if you love cooking, get your hands on a baby cookbook and create great concoction for your baby.

Essentials for feeding baby solids

Above are 15 essentials for feeding baby solids. The truth is, giving your baby their first solid food is the first major step towards growing up. So moms get your hands on the things you think are most important and get started for a new chapter of life. There will be a lot of setbacks and messes but learn to enjoy your little one’s sloppy tray and sticky, gooey hands while you can. They will grow up before you know it. Then, you will fondly recall the tantrum your munchkin threw because he/she didn’t like something that loves so much now.

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