Free baby bottle samples

Low on cash? 11 ways to get quality free baby bottle samples (#2 is my favorite)

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I get it. 

Times are hard.

Your income is not really enough to cater for the newborn baby.

You are looking for how to get a free baby bottle samples to help cut down the cost.

What if I tell you you can really get a high-quality and free bottle you can use to feed your baby? The sweetest part of it all is that you can get more than 11 free baby bottle samples when you try out the methods in this article.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Get free baby bottle samples from Baby registry freebies

The first place you want to go to get free baby bottle samples is baby registries. A baby registry is a list of baby products that you will need when your baby arrives. Most stores that sell baby products allow you to create a baby registry and share it with friends and family members who will want to get some gifts for the baby. It will be easy for them to make purchases through the baby registry. Most of the stores that offer baby registry give free baby bottles and other gifts for registering with them.

Apart from free baby bottles, you can get other items like diapers, baby books, pacifiers and much more.

Below are 7 baby registry you can try out.

1.   Amazon baby registry:

When you create a baby registry on Amazon, they will send a free welcome box containing items such as free baby bottle samples, diaper samples, Huggies wipes, free baby wipes, parenting books, baby creams and lotions, snacks for moms, baby formula and food and baby blanket. These items are worth $35.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you will receive a 15% discount on eligible items for registering. You also have the opportunity of free 90-day returns if you don’t need the items purchased from your registry.

2.   Target

Target is the second place where you can get free baby bottle samples. When you register on the baby registry page, you will get a free welcome kit with free bottles, diapers, pacifiers and much more. 

Apart from that, you get $80 worth of coupons and a 15 percent discount on all the items left in your baby registry after you deliver. What a wow!

3.   BuyBuy Baby goodie bag

BuyBuy baby offers a free goodie bag for people that registers on their baby registry. The bag contains coupons, free baby bottle samples, pacifiers, 20% off baby products.

You will also get a 15% completion discount off the items left in your registry, free shipping rewards, and referral rewards.

4.   Walmart

Walmart is another store that offers baby registry welcome box when you sign up with them. The gifts inside the welcome box include Pampers, free baby bottles, Johnson’s baby, Aveeno baby, Desitin, Nanobebe, etc.

However, the content of the product samples may vary.

5.   Motherhood maternity

Motherhood offers a perks registration. When you complete the form, you will receive coupons, sample products such as free baby bottle samples, baby coupons, and exclusive offers. 

Get free baby bottle samples from Amazon family subscription

6. Amazon family subscription

Amazon family subscription is designed for a first time mom, all expectant mothers and mothers raising toddlers or tween years. When you subscribe to the Amazon family, you get exclusive deals and coupons, free baby registry welcome box containing free baby bottles, and sample size products for the first time mom and dad and the baby.

Also, you will get up to 20% off diapers, baby food and other products and much more. You need to try it out.

Trade your free gift cards for free baby bottle samples

Do you know you can use gift cards from selected stores to get free baby bottles? It is possible and I will show you where to get such cards. 

7.   Ebates

Ebates is another place to get free baby bottles. When you join Ebates, you get a free $10 bonus ($10 Walmart gift card) that you can redeem for free baby bottles at Walmart.

8.   Shopkick

Shopkick is another great place you can earn a free $10 gift card. The reward points are called Kicks. You can earn kicks in two ways. Either in-store or online. Earn in-store kicks by walking into partner stores and scanning select products or buying them. To earn the kicks online, visit Shopkick partners and view select offers or make purchases. You can redeem the free $10 gift for free baby bottle samples on Amazon. It is a great way to get free baby bottles for free.

Get free baby bottle samples from top baby bottle manufacturers

If you want to get top quality free baby bottle samples, contact top manufacturers. You can email them or call 1-800 customer service and request free baby bottles. Below are two good companies you can use.

9.   Free Gerber Baby Gift box

Gerber offers top quality products in their baby gift box if you ask for it. You can either call them on 1-800-284-9488 or fill their contact form online to make the request. They will send the baby gift box containing free baby bottles and other baby products to you in the mail.

10.   Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown is one of the best baby bottle manufacturers around. Contact Dr. Brown directly on the contact page of their website to request your free baby bottle samples.

Be a baby product reviewer

11.   Review any of the baby bottle products and get a free baby bottle sample.

This one is good for bloggers in the baby or mommy niche. Big brands offer rewards for people that review their products with free samples. You can join the product testing community in the U.S to review products and get free baby bottle samples.

Second, you can contact brands on Amazon merchants and offer to review their product in exchange for free baby bottles. Third, join and get paid to review baby products.

You don’t have to pay for baby bottles

Babies are expensive. You need ways to cut the budget.

One way is to get free baby bottle samples through the 11 ways mentioned above.

Now, you don’t have to worry about buying baby bottles.

It is time to go get them.

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