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Haakaa Breast Pump: All your questions are answered

Haakaa breast pump is a subject of discussion among many new and expectant mums. So, if you feel the need to know more about Haakaa breast pumps and have all your questions answered, you’ve stumbled on the right guide.  If you are a nursing mom looking for an amazing breast pump and milk collector that is hygienic, safe, and easy to use, then this information is for you because it answers all your questions about Haakaa breast pump. Read on!

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Haakaa breast pump is a highly recommended breast pump made from 100 percent food-safe silicon that leverages the power of suction to pump and collect breast milk. The breast pump is safe to use as chemicals do not diffuse into the breast milk when exposed to high temperatures or acidic food contents.

Can Haakaa replace electric pumps?

Haakaa breast pump is a game-changer when it comes to breast pumps. It does not operate manually or use electricity. Instead, it is hands-free and works using suction. It mimics the natural sucking style of infants. Haakaa breast pump serves as a milk collector and is helpful to nursing mothers who experience leaking when breastfeeding. However, an electric breast pump operates using a power source such as a battery or power outlet; it contains a motor that pumps the breast milk constantly, depending on how you set it. Hence, it is clear that Haakaa cannot replace an electric pump.

Does the Haakaa pump only collect milk?

Haakaa not only collects milk; it also draws the hindmilk out on its own without a power source or manually using your hand. When breastfeeding a baby or working around the house, you can attach the soft silicon material to your other breast and allow it to suction the milk on its own; leave it on for about 5-10 minutes to pump and collect milk. However, Haakaa does not drain the breast of its milk-like an electric breast pump would, but it collects enough milk and saves the leaking milk.

Besides pumping and collecting milk, Haakaa helps to relieve engorgement.

Does the Haakaa pump increase supply?

Whatever helps you collect more milk automatically increases your supply. When you fasten the silicon to your breast, instead of milk leaking into the breast pad and wasting, it slips into the bottle-like container. With Haakaa, you can save up to 3 ounces of milk. So, if you want to increase your freezer stash, sure! It does increase supply.

Can you put Haakaa in a dishwasher?

Although the silicone breast pumper is safe to wash in a dishwasher, it is more advisable to wash manually using a mild detergent or a mild dish soap bar, brushes with soft bristles, or soft sponges, and warm water. After hand washing, allow it to air dry.  Avoid using soaps or detergents containing bleaching agents as it can weaken the silicone material, making it sticky. Also, avoid using sterilizers containing bleach. We suggest using UV sterilizers or sterilize manually by boiling in water for 2-3 minutes.

Is Haakaa suitable for exclusive pumping?

Haakaa breast pump allows you to run other tasks while pumping, and it also helps you collect and save milk instead of it soaking on your pad. When pumping exclusively, Haakaa is perfect to use as it helps to increase your milk supply by collecting leaked milk and drawing the hindmilk. With Haakaa, you can collect milk and still feed the infant as it is convertible into a water bottle.

How to use Haakaa to relieve engorgement?

Since an accumulation of milk causes engorgement, the best and fastest way to relieve yourself is to pup and collect the milk.  Haakaa breast pump helps to relieve the discomfort that comes with engorgement. It soothes the pain of a stiff and swollen breast resulting from too much milk accumulated in the milk duct by pumping and collecting the already accumulated milk.

How to store Haakaa milk

After collecting milk using the Haaker breast pump, turn the milk into a usable milk storage bag and refrigerate. However, milk collected using Hakaa can last under room temperature for up to 4 hours without refrigerating.  We recommend that you use Haakaa’s milk storage bags to store your milk after you have collected it using the breast pump.

Haakaa milk storage bags

These are reusable silicone bags produced by Haakaa for storing milk; the bags are freezer and fridge safe. It is eco-friendly as it reduces the amount of disposable storage bags. After turning the milk into the storage bag, push the stopper to seal the bag. The stopper makes the bag airtight and prevents leakage.

Can you put Haakaa in the fridge?

Germs do not thrive in extreme temperatures. Hence, after washing and sterilizing your breast pump, put it in a storage bag, seal it, and store it in a refrigerator. Milk pumped using Haakaa breast pump is best stored in the refrigerator. You can also use the company’s milk storage bag to store milk in the refrigerator; you either store it by standing or lying it. 

Can I store milk in Haakaa in the fridge?

You can store milk using a Haakaa silicone milk disposable bag or alternative milk storage bag available, and not the breast pump. After pumping the milk, transfer it to a freezer or fridge-safe milk storage bag and refrigerate.

How to combine Haakaa milk

If you wish to stash up your milk after collecting it, you can refrigerate the expressed milk separately each time you collect it. When you are done pumping for the day, you can transfer them into one milk storage bag and refrigerate them. Another way to combine the milk is to turn the expressed milk into a milk storage bag, seal, and freeze it. Each time you pump, you turn the milk into the already frozen milk. Continue that way until you are done pumping, then you seal and refrigerate.

Can I use a Haakaa instead of a pump?

For some moms, they use Haakaa instead of a pump. Haakaa is a perfect help for nursing mothers when they are around the house. However, if you are going to be pumping outside the house, you should go for other efficient conventional pumps. Go down with what works out for you best.

Final Thoughts

Haakaa breast pump is a must-have for every mum that wants to breastfeed babies in a safe and convenient way. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also user-friendly and above all, pocket-friendly. Get one today!

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