Halo bassinet vs pack n play

Halo Bassinet Vs. Pack N Play: Which is the best?

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Yes, babies and sleep, I’ve never seen a better love story than that; and as a parent, you must realize this to be true. Babies love to be comfortable when they’re sleeping or resting. As a parent, you have to provide them with an excellent and comfortable infant bed that they enjoy sleeping in. Else, you will learn the hard way that when they’re not sleeping, you will not sleep as well. There are so many infant baby beds in different sizes, designs, and colors that you can get for your newborn from the market. But today, we will be analyzing two separate baby beds of varied designs: Halo Bassinet Vs. Pack N Play.

The Halo Bassinet and Pack N play are top-rated baby bed products standards for purchasing baby essentials. You can be confused as a new user when deciding to select the right one that is perfect for your baby. But not to worry, this piece will guide you on the path to make the right choice. The two beds are excellent and have been recommended by baby health experts. Let’s dive into the subject matter without any delay.

The Halo Bassinet

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Soothing Center with Nightlight, Vibration and Sound, Premiere Series, Pebble

As a newborn parent, you will most definitely not want to be far from your baby at all times. This will make you want to consider sleeping in the same room as the baby. Therefore, this will mean that you have to keep him at a close distance but safe enough from harm’s way. If that is the case, then you should look no further than the Halo Bassinet Swivel sleeper.

Halo Bassinet is a baby bed that can swivel 360 degrees. It is a feature that allows you better access to your baby from your bed without having to get up from your bed. It is a very adjustable bed that you can adjust according to the height and proximity of your sleeping position to your baby. It comes with a standpoint that is adjustable to be either higher or lower, which you can lock at a reasonable height you’re comfortable with. It’s a very sophisticated bed for babies.

Pros of the Halo Bassinet


You can adjust to the height you feel is comfortable for you to reach your bed using the Halo Bassinet. This means that you won’t have to stress yourself as you recover as a new mother.

Breathable Safe Mesh

The bed also comes with a mesh cover that your baby can safely breathe from. This also gives you an excellent sight to monitor your baby from any position on your bed. The Mesh will also safeguard your baby from rolling off to danger or from your watchful eyes.

Good for Co-sleeping

With Halo Bassinet, sleeping with your newborn baby shouldn’t be difficult after all. The legs will enable you to move the baby bed closer to your bed, and it will fit comfortably and give you a reasonable safety space that you can manage.

Light, Music, and Vibration Advantage

Halo Bassinet also comes with some delicate features for your baby, such as nightlight and music. These are some of the things that will captivate the baby even without you doing much. It gives you that extra hour of sleep without worrying about your baby.

Pocket Storage

It comes with pocket storage that will be perfect for storing baby accessories. You do not want to get up in the middle of the night to start looking for that diaper. The storage can do that for you.

Cons of the Halo Bassinet

It’s not a long-term Bed.

It’s perfect, but it’s suitable for babies that are older than 6 months. You may have to look for a new crib.

Not Easily Moveable

The Halo Bassinet is a bit heavy for newborn mums. Therefore, they may find it hard moving it from place to place in the house.

Pack N Play

Graco Pack 'n Play Close2Baby Bassinet Playard Features Portable Bassinet Diaper Changer and More, Derby

Pack N play is that bed that you would need as a convenience if you want to make a short trip for your baby. Just as the name implies, it’s a pretty portable and comfortable baby bed to set up, and you can always pack it up at any time. It can be used in place of a crib for baby infants until you’re ready.

Pros of the Pack N Play

It’s Safe for the Baby

Placing your baby in the Pack N play is very good for securing them from getting harmed when they’re allowed to move freely. This is very effective, especially when you’re a busy parent. It enables you to observe the baby from a distance.

It’s very Convenient.

Ever thought of making that sudden trip to your workplace with your baby or to the grandmas? The Pack N play will always come in handy. It’s a convenient bed that you can move from place to place, and you can always set it up within minutes. It has underground storage units that you can pack any accessories you need for the baby.


Pack N Play is that baby bed that you can always carry anywhere without worrying about the weight. It’s very light and portable for anyone.

Easy to Set up

The Pack N play is one of the most straightforward baby beds that anyone can set up. They were designed for travel and outdoor movements, hence making their packing simple for anyone.

Cons of the Pack N play

It’s short term

Just like most infant baby beds, you will need to look for a much permanent option as your baby grows older and bigger.

Similarities between the Halo Bassinet and Pack N Play

  • They’re both comfortable and safe for the baby.
  • They both have a storage unit for baby accessories.
  • They’re both portable.
  • They both have a side meshing that one can observe the baby from.
  • They’re both easy to set up.

Halo Bassinet Vs. Pack N Play: The Verdict

The Halo Bassinet Vs. Pack N Play is an interesting one since they’re both great beds that anyone can get for their babies. There are many things on your mind at the moment concerning which choice you have to make. Therefore, I hope that this beautiful piece will help you make the perfect choice for you and your baby.

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