How long does a baby wear newborn diapers?

How long does a baby wear newborn diapers?

As a new mom, have you ever wondered, “How long does a baby wear newborn diapers? The duration depends on your baby’s birth weight and growth rate. A normal growing baby may spend just a month using newborn diapers, while smaller or more skinny babies weighing around 6lb or less may use this diaper for an extended period. Some larger babies even skip this diaper size.

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Chubby babies may wear bigger sizes to keep them comfortable compared to slimmer and taller babies requiring a smaller size. Buying a suitable diaper size for your baby is important to prevent leakages. This blog post will enlighten you further on “how long does a baby wear newborn diapers.”

When should I stop using newborn diapers? 

Your newborn will likely outgrow their newborn diaper at five weeks of age. Other babies may use the same size till they are nine weeks old. The specific time to stop using newborn diapers varies from one baby to the other. Age, size, and growth rate can significantly affect this decision.

Your baby may continue using newborn diapers for a few more weeks after birth. They will require that size till they are about 10lb in weight. That shows that though newborn diapers generally apply to a specific age bracket, diaper sizes are not actually based on the age of babies but rather on their weight and size.

When to switch from newborn to size 1 diaper? 

Most babies will be ready to change to the next size of diapers when they are between two and four months old. One of the signs that you should change your baby’s diaper is that they start to experience frequent leaking or blowouts. When the diaper becomes smaller on your baby’s waist and connecting the diaper tab on the waist becomes difficult, then your baby is gradually exceeding the upper limit for that diaper’s weight range. That is another sign to show that it is time to switch to size 1 diaper for your baby.

Best size 1 diaper for babies

Ahead of potty training, diapers are used to absorb fluids and catch solids, absorb moisture, and prevent diaper rash from appearing on your baby’s skin. Your little one can use 8 – 12 diapers daily to keep them dry and comfortable. 

Different types of size 1 diapers include disposable, cloth, and hybrid. You can choose among them. Disposable diapers have uniform sizing, while cloth and hybrid diaper do not. 

When buying a size 1 diaper for your baby, you should consider if it is soft and leak-proof. You don’t want your baby to have leakages often, soiling their clothes and cribs. Ensure you also go for those with good textures. Diapers come at different prices, so you should also get one within your budget. A few good brands you will find in the market include:


When preparing for your baby’s arrival, diapers are among the essential items you will need to get ready. Ensure to buy newborn diapers that are made with materials that are safe for your baby’s skin. It would also help to read customer reviews online to know what other moms say about particular brands. You should know “how long does a baby wear newborn diapers” so as to know the quantity you may likely be needing.

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