How many milk storage bags do I need

How many milk storage bags do I need?

Breastfeeding moms have a responsibility to feed their babies day and night. For some reason, they cannot physically meet this demand, especially if they’re working moms. Nevertheless, they must make adequate plans to cater to their babies while at work.

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Extracting their breast milk and storing it in the refrigerator with the help of storage bags made especially for that purpose is one of the best solutions in such situations. With the excitement of knowing how to care for your baby’s feeding when it’s impossible to breastfeed, you may ask, “how many milk storage bags do I need to pull this off?” Your baby will need about 30 oz. of breast milk in one day. That can conveniently be stored in about six storage bags. Depending on how many days you’d want to keep milk for your baby, you could multiply the number of days by six bags.

“How many milk storage bags do I need if going on a trip with my baby” depends on how many days you’d spend on your trip. You will need at least 18 storage bags if you plan to spend three days. Below are the best milk storage bags you can check out.

Best milk storage bags 

1. The Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage bags

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags are a preferred choice by breastfeeding moms worldwide. They are perfect for storing and preserving your pumped breast milk until your child is ready to drink. The storage bags are not prone to leakages because of the double zipper for added protection. This storage bag is hygienically produced to protect the health of your baby. It is free from BPS, BPA, or any substance that can harm your baby. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags have been helping moms preserve milk for their babies for almost four decades.

2. Jumbo value packs breastmilk storage bags

This Jumbo Pack Breast milk storage bag for new moms is produced to meet and surpass US industry standards. It is safe for use by nursing moms and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This milk storage is extra-large, making it capable of storing more milk. It’s also leak-resistant due to its double layer and zipper seal. It’s very suitable for taking along with you when traveling with your baby. This bag is straightforward to use. It opens up wide so you can quickly pour your milk into it. It also has graduation marks with clear labeling with which you can measure the milk capacity.

3. Dr. Brown’s 100-Piece Breastmilk Storage Bags

Dr. Brown’s breast milk storage bags help moms to protect their milk for the baby’s later use. It is carefully made with hygienic materials. You can use it immediately after you buy it because it’s pre-sterilized from the factory. With its labeling feature, which is easy to read, you can add your baby’s name and milk storage date to your bag. It’s well-secured to avoid leakages. Dr. Brown’s storage bag is BPA-free. It is shaped with a flat bottom that allows you to keep it standing or lying in the refrigerator.

4. 240 CT (4 Pack of 60 Bags) Best Value Pack Breastmilk Storage Bags

This storage bag for breast milk has an excellent customer rating of 4.5 stars. It is perfect for cooling milk for your baby. It is made with durable materials and does not leak or make the milk sour. The bags do not contain any chemicals detrimental to your baby’s health. You can easily wash these bags with a dishwasher to keep them clean. The storage bags for breast milk is portable so that you can go with them anywhere.

Breastmilk storage bag FAQS

How much breast milk should I store per bag? 

Breast milk storage bags are suitable for storing your baby’s milk. It’s, however, best to do so in small quantities per bag. Between 60ml and 120ml of milk is recommended per storage bag. This small quantity per bag allows the milk to defrost quickly without you having to wait a long time before getting the milk ready for your baby to drink. Besides that, that quantity is equivalent to your baby’s regular consumption each time they breastfeed. This way, there is no wastage of breast milk, and your baby gets all the required nutrition.

How to transfer breast milk to a storage bag 

To store your breast milk in a storage bag, you will first need to express it. You can do this by hand in a clean bowl or using a breast pump. Either way, you must wash your hands properly to avoid any impurities. Afterward, gently squeeze the breast outward to express the milk into the bowl by hand. If using a pump, fix it correctly on the nipples and express as much as you want. After that, you can pour the milk into the storage bag of your choice and seal it properly. Place in the fridge and allow to cool.


Every caring mom would ask, “How many milk storage bags do I need?” when planning how to feed their babies during busy schedules or trips where it’s inconvenient to breastfeed them. Luckily, with the help of breast milk storage bags, they can still support their newborn. Storage bags are handy and easy to use. They are a significant relief to career and busy every mom. 

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