How many snoo sack do I need?

How many Snoo Sacks do I need?

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Snoo sacks are extra soft sack-like swaddles designed to make your baby sleep comfortably in a snoo. Knowing how useful they are, one question on the minds of most moms is – “how many snoo sacks do I need?” 

While some people believe you should have about two or three snoo sacks, others feel it’s a matter of personal preference, meaning you could have as many as you wish.

What matters most is that you are prepared to keep your baby snug and comfy so they can easily sleep and get all the rest their tiny bodies need to grow strong and healthy.

When to start using the Snoo?

You can begin using the Snoo once you have your baby – that’s from day 1. The Snoo is designed for use in the first 6 months of your baby’s life when they’re not capable of vigorous movements yet. Once your baby gets up on their hands or knees, it’s time to move them to the crib.

What to wear under the Snoo sack?

You should dress your baby according to the weather when using a Snoo. That means that whatever is safe to wear on them during the summer may not suffice during winter. The essence of the clothing is to give an extra layer of protection as your baby lounges in their Snoo sack.

During summer, you can choose not to dress your baby in anything before swaddling them in the Snoo sack. Since the weather is warm in these months, you don’t need to worry about your baby overheating because the Snoo sack is made with organic cotton. The mesh protects your baby by circulating air around their arms and legs, keeping them cool.

If you prefer to wear some clothing under the snoo sack, you can dress your baby in a lightweight onesie. You can also choose to wrap them in a muslin-swaddling blanket

During the cold months of winter, you should ensure your baby doesn’t get cold inside the Snoo sack. While you may continue with the lightweight onesie, you should add a hat for better coverage. You can also wrap a blanket over the Snoo sack for added warmth. Alternatively, you can wear them a thicker onesie and ensure the hat covers the ears well to prevent them from getting cold. 

You must also maintain a room temperature of between 65 and 72 degrees consistently in your baby’s room. This way, your baby is well protected from the hazards of the cold winter weather. 

How often to wash the Snoo sack 

When washing your baby’s bedding, a rule you can follow is that the Good Housekeeping Institute advises that you should wash bedding and pajamas two or three times weekly. That should keep your baby’s sleep area clean and smelling fresh. 

There are, however occasions when your baby may spit up food on the Snoo sack or even have a leaking diaper. You should wash the Snoo sack immediately, even if you did so the previous day.

Having more than one Snoo sack will also be helpful here because you can use a spare while you wash the dirty one, which answers the question of “how many snoo sacks do I need?”

Your priority should be to keep your baby’s bedding as clean and hygienic as possible.

So the rule of thumb is to wash the Snoo sack every 3 days, but if you notice any dirty stains before the 3 days, you should clean them immediately. 

How long to let baby cry in Snoo? 

Ideally, the Snoo should calm your baby and rock them back to sleep within a minute of crying. If your baby is not comforted within that time, you should check on them as they may need food or a diaper change. You should never allow the Snoo to time out before checking on them.

Will Snoo put baby to sleep?

Knowing the effectiveness of a Snoos sack is equally as essential as knowing “how many snoo sacks do I need?” The Snoo will put your baby to sleep and help them sleep better and longer. The Snoo is programmed to calm your baby and put them in a relaxed mood.

Once that happens, you are sure your baby will fall asleep quickly. The swaddling effect of the Snoo sack also makes your baby feel snug and cozy, stimulating sleep hormones. 


The Snoo sack is a valuable resource for any new or busy mom, and this realization answers the question, “how many snoo sacks do I need?” You need as many Snoo sacks as you can afford. Just ensure you have a spare when you have to wash the one in use. Your baby deserves all the sleep it can get, and the Snoo sack guarantees that.

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