How Much To Pay A Friend To Babysit

How Much To Pay A Friend To Babysit

A baby needs to be monitored constantly, cared for, and not left unattended to and babysitters can care for your little one(s) in your absence. You might need an extra hand at home due to the numerous things you’ll be doing as a mother. You might have a date night with your partner or a girl’s night out. You might even have to resume work after few weeks of giving birth. Some people prefer their friends or someone close to help them babysit and this can sometimes require a lot of thinking when it comes to how much you would pay a friend.

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Hiring a babysitter has a standard rate that depends on your location and the number of hours you would require a babysitter. There are payment statistics for babysitters in every geopolitical location that can be accessed to have knowledge on how much to pay your friend. Below are other factors that can influence how much you can pay a friend to babysit.

4 factors that influence how much you can pay a friend to babysit

1. The number of hours/ days

The number of hours or days can determine how much you can pay your friend after babysitting your little one. Baby sitters usually have higher fees after midnight, so, if you would be going for a date night with your partner, you might consider increasing the pay of your friend. Also, the pay rate for holidays which might take a couple of days would be fairly higher than the normal rate.

2. The number of children

The number of children your friend would be babysitting would be a big factor in deciding how much you would pay your friend. Taking care of one child is different from taking care of two or more children. The more children your friend would need to take care of, the more cautious and watchful your friend would need to be and this requires more effort.

3. The age grade of your baby

A hired babysitter would charge more for an infant than a toddler. They both require a different level of supervision and care and this would determine how much you can pay your friend to babysit.

4. Level of expertise/ knowledge about children

Some people have had lots of experience with children or might have taken a certified course in child care. If your friend has such certification, the pay rate should be different from someone who doesn’t have a certification in handling children.

How much to pay a friend to babysit an infant (1-12 months of age)

Infants, who range from 1- 12 months of age would require a lot of care, attention, and supervision. Although, it is recommended that infants between the ages of 1-3 months of age should not be left with a babysitter due to their fragile nature. If you would pay $20-$25 per hour on an average to a babysitter, it might be reasonable to pay between $30-$35 per hour for an infant due to the extra care and attention. For infants, it is recommended that a person with infant CPR/First Aid is recommended in the case of any emergency.

How much to pay a friend to babysit a toddler (1-3 years of age)

While Infants require extra care and attention, toddlers can be a handful and would need a different approach from the way an infant would be cared for. Toddlers tend to throw tantrums and refuse to do things they are told to do. Hence, you would need a person who can handle their mood swings and keep them busy with lots of activities. If you would pay $20 per hour on average to a babysitter, it might be reasonable to pay $25 per hour for your toddler.

What to do if your friend refuses payment after babysitting

You might have friends who would refuse payment to babysit because they feel they shouldn’t be paid. It is important that their effort and assistance are still appreciated and rewarded. Below are a few ways you can appreciate their help without actually offering a payment.

  • Ask if they need a favour from you

Your friend might need a mutual favor to help babysit. He/she might also need to get something from you, need your assistance in moving to a new house, or any other favor they might think of. You can also watch out for an opportunity to offer your assistance if you notice that your friend needs your help.

  • Offer them Credit Gift Cards

A credit gift card comes in handy for movies, getting items from the store, or even getting a meal. You can offer your friend a credit gift card with a substantial amount that could equal a normal payment. This is a great way to show that you appreciate their help.

  • Take them on a treat/ Buy them a gift

Taking your friend on a treat or buying them a gift is another way to show your appreciation even when they refuse payment. You can ask if they would love to have a spa day, go shopping, see a movie, visit the park, etc. You can also get them their favourite wine, pair of shoes or any item you think they would love.

Babysitting requires time, energy, and attention and you might not have an idea on how much to pay your friend to babysit. Highlighted above are factors that would influence how much you can pay your friend. To find out more on how much to pay a friend to babysit, you can ask your neighbors, friends, or family who usually hire babysitters. This might give you more insight into the payment rate of your geopolitical location. While leaving your baby with your friend to help babysit, it is important to provide all the necessary items which include – diapers, formula, change of clothes, etc. It is advisable that you also drop a number to call in case of any emergency if your number cannot be reached.

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