How to announce a Baby Registry without a Baby shower

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Knowing how to announce a baby registry without a baby shower is a cause for concern, no thanks to many recent social distancing rules. The trend of baby shower events hitting social media handles seems to be the rave of the moment. No doubt, it’s worthy of being a celebrated event for carrying a baby for nine whole months and successfully delivering.

The overall impact and importance of baby showers cannot be overemphasized; it helps bond family and friendships and announces the arrival of a new life! The need for a baby shower after having a baby is crucial. It is essential to know how to announce a baby registry without a baby shower.

Friends and family always attend baby showers bearing gifts. You may feel that not having the baby shower means you can’t receive assistance for your baby. With the pandemic raging on, it will not be wise to host a baby shower, considering that your friends and family may not be willing to keep to the safety measures. Also, a newborn baby’s immune system is not strong enough to bear some infections.

Not to be discouraged, thanks to technology, with every challenge comes a solution. A baby registry will ensure that friends and family who want to gift your newborn baby do so without necessarily doing it at a baby shower. They will simply use it to check for what you need and pay for what they wish to pay for without going out to buy it. It will even ensure that you get what you need and eliminate the situation of two people buying the same thing for the baby.

Sharing a baby registry with friends and family without a baby shower may be awkward, even though most of your friends and family will still give you gifts. Use the following methods to announce the baby registry without a baby shower.

1.         Send a beautiful cheap mug gift to your friends

Announcing to them either the delivery of the baby and attach a copy of your registry to the sent gift. This will let them know that there will be no baby shower, and the stuck registry list will let them know how they can support you and the baby even without the baby shower.

2.         Send beautiful cute cards

With a baby logo or a cute teddy bear on them, with a catchy phrase, find a way to attach the baby registry to the card. This is an excellent way to announce it without being too obvious.

3.         Send an ecard

Send an e-card to your loved ones through emails, social media, or messaging platforms that you usually use to communicate with friends and family.

Alternatively, you could still have a baby shower using these methods after you’ve sent out your registry.

Non-conventional baby showers

Virtual baby shower using Zoom or Skype

You could have the baby shower virtually using either zoom or skype or any video chat app. Send an invite to your friends with the link to the baby shower and set the date and time when the virtual baby shower will hold.

Suppose you decide to opt-in for the virtual baby shower, you could feature fun games, gift unboxing, and any other fun game and activities that can be done virtually to make it fun. You should keep in mind to make your guests aware of the time and build their anticipation either by sending updates of either baby decorations or doing a countdown on social media to make them keep a mental reminder.

If you cannot create the mood, you could get someone who could help you organize the event and make the right mindset. Create engaging and fun games that are baby-related, and be very interesting to everyone involved in that virtual baby shower. You could as well use the baby shower to announce your registry through that video call or message.

You can also get your friends and family to send in their gifts before the virtual baby shower so you could do the unboxing in front of them all. Hence, they see what they bought you and your baby, and you could also use that opportunity to thank them for their gifts and show of love. This could let them know how much you appreciate their kind gestures.

There are many other methods you could use. You could have a handful of friends over to make it small, having a baby drive-through, hosting a meet-the-baby meeting remotely. The list can go on and on, but the most important thing is to do what best suits your situation and will work for all concerned.

The bottom line is baby showers are important aspects of going through motherhood. Just like Christmas, because you get to socialize with your friends and family, and they show their love and support for you on your journey towards motherhood. It may feel weird not to have it.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your family and friends are people that love you and will always support you in everything you do. Whatever you decide to do, keep them on with your decisions and how you choose to announce your registry. Because you know that you will always have their support.

The critical thing is to send in your registry in good time, considering that some items may be shipped and may take close to a month or even more to get to you. It will also help to get your gifts in time for the unboxing if you decide to have a virtual baby shower with your family and friends.

At the end of it all, be moderate in all you do, don’t go overboard because you have to put your health into consideration. If it gets a bit too much for you, ask a friend to help you to keep things moving smoothly. At the end of it, even if you can’t have a baby shower, your friends and family will understand the pandemic and how important it is to keep the safety measures.

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