How to baby proof a trash can

How to Baby Proof a Trash Can

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Babies are usually so curious and would always utilize any opportunity to play with anything they come across in their environment hence you need to ensure you keep them safe. Trash can might look interesting to play with because of their size and color and since babies are just learning what a potential risk looks like, the trash can might not seem to pose a threat to them. Therefore, it is important to baby-proof a trash can to avoid your little one from playing with it and having a health risk.

Additionally, supervising your little one at all times is necessary. Below is how to baby proof a trash can.

Best ways to Baby Proof a Trash Can

1. Put a garbage can on top of something else such as a rectangular wooden box

You can place your trash can on top of a rectangular wooden box to make it baby-proof. To prevent your child from getting hurt, it’s crucial to make sure the wooden box is strong enough to withstand the weight of the garbage can and its contents. Additionally, to keep the garbage can from slipping, it’s a great idea to put a non-slip rug or mat underneath it. 

2. Put the garbage can in a nearby room and shut the door

You can place a trash can in a nearby room and shut the door to baby proof it. This could be a good solution to keep your baby safe and still have access to the trash can. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this may not be a long-term solution because babies develop and grow quickly, and what may be safe for them today may not be safe for them later. Consequently, it is important to supervise your little one at all times. 

3. Use child safety strap locks for garbage cans such as Child Safety Strap Locks

You can effectively prevent your toddler from reaching some undesired household objects with these smart safety locks. They perform perfectly on level areas as well as corners. You can quickly install and remove them thanks to the strong industrial grade 3M tape that is applied to both sides of them. Additionally, no drilling or specialized equipment is required.

4. Buy baby proof trash can such as

a. Simplehuman 50 Litre / 13 Gallon Semi-Round Kitchen Step Trash can with Secure Slide Lock

This simple human trash can has specially designed dampers that make it possible for the lid to open smoothly while also offering enough resistance for it to gradually slide down without making a loud pounding noise. This trash can also features a slide lock on the lid, making it more difficult for curious kids, dogs, cats, and other animals to get inside. Additionally, a steel pedal increases durability, and a built-in handle makes it simple to transport the can.

b. iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter and Lid Lock

A unique lid status alert is a feature of the itouchless trash can; solid green indicates the lid is in the stay-open mode while blinking red indicates the lid is going to close. It is not intended to close on your hand as the exclusive Reflex Technology, which is used during lid closing, immediately opens the lid if it detects that you have moved your hand back in. The integrated carbon filter can do its magic, effectively removing and neutralizing offensive odors. The deodorizer is NON-SCENTED and gives you a cleaner, fresher home that is safe to use around kids and pets.

c. Amazon Basics 20 Liter / 5.3 Gallon Round Soft-Close Trash Can with Foot Pedal – Stainless Steel

The Amazon basic trash can be a great option if you have been searching for how to baby proof a trash can. It has a stainless steel exterior that is sturdy, smudge-proof, and excellent if you have children. The lid features a soft-close feature that lessens noise when opening and closing and increases product lifespan. Additionally, it has an internal bucket made of heavy-duty plastic that is simple to remove for easy waste bag change. The Amazon basic trash can’s space-saving design allows it to fit in tiny spaces like tight corners or spaces between appliances.

Babies are ready to play with anything that catches their fancy and this could include your trash can. It is important to keep your trash can out of reach for your little one but you need to know how to baby proof a trash can. Highlighted above are the guideline to follow and recommended baby proof trash cans to get.

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