How to bathe a baby without a bathtub

How to bathe a baby without a bathtub

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Bathing a baby is one of the most important things to do as a new mom. It is not an option! It can be a difficult task to bathe a baby in a big bathtub since they are small and slippery. Also, if you live in a small space where there is no bathtub, you will need to consider other options. This is why most moms want to know how to bathe a baby without a bathtub.

So, in this article, you will be learning about how to bathe a baby without a bathtub. But before then, let’s consider the questions below.

Do you need a bathtub for a baby?

You don’t really need a bathtub as there are several ways you can bathe your baby easily such as in a regular bathtub, in the kitchen sink, or in the shower. But if you are a new mom, it makes sense to get a bathtub to make it easy for you to bathe your baby without any accidents such as the baby slipping or hitting their heads on the tub. Now, there are different types of bathtubs you can get if you need one.

a.         Convertible tubs

The boon naked 2-position collapsible baby bathtub and the AquaScale 3-in-1 Digital Scale, Water Thermometer, and Infant Tub are convertible bathtubs. This means they can serve your baby from newborn to toddler. They simply grow with your baby.

b.         Plastic tubs

Plastic tubs such as the Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Tub. This tub can last your baby till they are able to stand and walk. Less expensive, easy to clean, and easy to drain.

c.         Folding tubs

Folding tubs such as the W WEYLAN TEC large foldable bathtub and BBSUN Folding Baby Bathtub Portable. These are bathtubs you can use and fold when done. They are great for small spaces and for traveling purposes. The tubs, especially the BBSUN can last the baby up to 6 years. That’s a good use of money.

d.         Inflatable bathtubs

Inflatable bathtubs such as the Baby Inflatable Bathtub, and FLYMEI Baby Bath Tub. These are bathtubs designed for children between the ages of 0 – 3 years. They are convenient to use, especially when traveling or if you live in a small space.

Now that you know the types of bathtubs available, the next question is how much does a baby bathtub cost?

How much does a baby bathtub cost?

Generally, bathtubs are not expensive. The price depends on the features available in the bathtub. Ordinary plastic tubs go for $11 to $30. While the ones with more features such as the convertible tubs can go as high as $150. These features include a thermometer, digital scale in addition to a bathtub that can last as long as 3 years.

Now you know the cost of a bathtub, in case you don’t want to use a baby bathtub, what alternatives are there for you to use? Find out below.

Baby bath tub alternatives

Here are the lists of baby bathtub alternatives you can use if you don’t want to use a bathtub due to one reason or the other such as when your baby outgrows a bathtub or lack of space for baby bathtubs.

1.         Baby blooming bath lotus

If you are looking for a baby bath that is easy to store and clean, the Baby blooming bath lotus it is. It is suitable for use in sinks such as kitchen and bathroom sinks. It is made from soft materials and it cradles and protects the baby during bath time. You can adjust the petals to support the neck so the baby doesn’t slide down. This makes it comfortable for them to enjoy the bath.

2.         Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa & Shower

The Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa & Shower gives your baby a luxurious spa experience right in your home. The calming whirlpool and massaging bubbles created by a motorized water jet entertain the baby during bath time. The insulated double wall tub helps to keep the baby warm during bath time. The newborn sling and plush bolster are suitable for the sink, infant tub, and adult bathtub. This is a bathtub that grows with your baby.

3.         Soft sink baby bath by Frida

This is another suitable baby bath designed for the sinks. The soft sink baby bath by Frida fits in most sink sizes and shapes and helps to cradle your baby. It is easy to fold and store and even travel with. It is super soft and the padding is great. It has head and neck support which is important for the comfort of the baby.   

4.         Angelcare Baby Bath Support

The Angelcare baby bath support is suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months. You can use it directly in a bathtub or in sinks. The silicon mesh is soft on the baby’s gentle sink and it is secure for babies. It holds the baby comfortably in place. It is suitable for first time moms who are afraid of bathing babies. It provides support and helps you to free your hands for cleaning.

It comes to a time when your baby outgrows the baby bathtub, what are you going to use henceforth. Find it listed below.

What to do when baby outgrows baby bath (at 6 months)?

Babies most likely outgrow the baby bathtub at around 6 months of age. Below is the list of products you can use to bathe your baby once they outgrow baby bath.

1.         Use the bathroom bath with a seat

One thing you can do when a baby outgrows a baby bath is to use a baby bath seat in a big bathtub. A good bath seat you can try out is the Summer my Bath seat. It is easy to set up and put in a tub. You can use both hands to clean your baby as it provides 360° support. It has a comfortable and supportive backrest for babies. It is suitable for babies from 5-10 months

2.         Put a Duck tub in the bathtub

The Munchkin hot inflatable safety duck tub is great to use when your baby outgrows baby bath. It is designed for babies from 6 – 24 months of age. It is ideal for use in an adult bathtub. The inflatable design is padded making it secure and comfortable for babies to splash water around it. It folds easily when deflated which makes it easy to carry around when traveling. It has a white-hot dog that changes when the temperature of the water is too hot, cold and when it is right for the baby’s bath. It is useful for vacations and as a flotation device in the lake (with caution though)

3.         Kinbor Baby Bathinette

The Kinbor Baby Bathinette folding changing table diaper station with bathtub unit is a bathtub and changer table designed for the comfort of the baby and the parents. It has a storage place for all baby care needs for bathing and diaper changing. It has 4 locking wheels to make it easy to move anywhere in the home. It is suitable for babies from 0-12 months.                       

4.         BBSUN Folding Baby Bathtub Portable

This is one of the best bathtubs for children from 0 – 6 years of age. This is a good bang for the money. The BBSUN folding baby bathtub has several features you will love such as a baby bath pad that makes it easy for a mother to bathe a baby, a temperature-sensing water plug that turns white when the temperature is more than 39° C, and blue when it is 40° C. This feature makes it easy to control the temperature of the water and avoid scalding the baby. It is suitable for small spaces as you can fold and store it.     

5.         Use the Yimobra baby bath floor mat in the bathtub

Another way you can bathe your baby when they outgrow the baby bathtub is to use the baby floor mat in the bathtub. The Yimobra baby bath floor mat is one of the best. It has a suction cup that prevents the baby from slipping in the bathtub. The drain holes allow water to pass through the tub. It is machine washable and lasts for a long time.

What age can baby sit in bath without seat?

Baby can sit in a bath when they can comfortably sit on their own. This is usually at the age of 6 months old.

How to get baby to sit in bathtub?

Most babies are excited when they are in the bathtub. So, they want to stand, kneel and crawl in the tub. This is not safe for them, you need to get the baby to sit in the bathtub. Below are the ways you can get your baby to sit in a bathtub.

1.         Use a bath seat

With a bath seat like the BLANDSTRS Baby Bathtub Seat with Backrest & Suction Cups for stability. It is suitable for babies from 6 – 18 months. It comes with a temperature sticker for you to know the water temperature. It is suitable for a bathtub. It has a good suction that sticks to the bottom of the tub. This prevents the baby from slipping.

2.         Use an inflatable duck

There are different kinds of inflatable duck you can get for your baby. A good one available on Amazon is the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub. It is a padded tub that makes it easy and comfortable for babies to have their baths in a big tub.

3.         Use a non-slip mat

A non-slip baby bath mat such as the Sheeping baby bath mat is big enough to cover your bathtub in order to offer maximum protection for your baby. The holes in the mat allow water to pass through. It is easy to clean, durable and machine washable.

4.         Bath with the baby in the tub

Another thing you can do to make your baby sit in the bathtub is to sit down too and bathe with them. It is fun, easy, and comfortable for you and the baby.

5.         Use a laundry basket with holes and some tub toys to keep the baby busy. The toy will distract the baby and they can concentrate and get the bath done.

How to bathe a baby without a bathtub

Above are different ways you can bathe your baby without a bathtub. You can use a duck tub in the tub, Baby blooming bath lotus, Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa & Shower, Soft sink baby bath by Frida, etc. Above are also what to use when your baby outgrows a baby bathtub. It is time to make a decision. Get the best products for the comfort and safety of your baby.

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