Birthday without a Party

How to Celebrate First Birthday without a Party

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Your baby is a year old. That’s an essential milestone in the life of your young one. Like most moms, everyone may expect you to have a big party to celebrate the occasion. However, you have decided not to go along that line for some reasons. For example, you may want to save money instead for more essential baby expenses like education or healthcare. You may have a point there since your little one cannot remember a first birthday celebration. In this blog post, we’ll share some beautiful ideas on how to celebrate first birthday without a party.

7 Ways to celebrate the first birthday without a party 

1. Schedule a visit to the zoo

One option on how to celebrate the first birthday without a party for your baby is to take them on a special visit to the zoo. You may have read many animal stories to your baby before now. It’ll be a delight to see your baby’s eyes light up when they see the animals in their natural form. Taking your baby to the zoo will give them as much excitement as a party. Ensure to go along with your baby essentials. Your baby will also need a carrier or stroller. Mornings are best for making such visits to the zoo to avoid the harshness of the midday sun. 

2. Have a small get-together at home

You can decide to have a small get-together comprising your family and a few friends to mark your baby’s first birthday. That shouldn’t take too much planning. Just make your family’s favorite dish and get a few snacks. You don’t have to bother decorating the house since you’re not having a party. You can play some happy music using your phone. This get-together is an opportunity to relax with your friends. So, your baby can have an excellent time while you cool off with family and friends. By the end of the event, you will have solved the problem of how to celebrate the first birthday without a party.

3. Take the baby to the amusement park

It’ll be so much fun to take your baby to the amusement park on their first birthday. Amusement parks, as the name implies, are filled with exciting events and games that will make your baby’s day. The best part of the excitement is that they may not have seen such things before. You could let them go on baby car rides or sit with you on a merry-go-round. Other exciting events include boat rides and train rides. 

4. A visit to the beach

Beach visits are a delight to everyone, your baby included. You can surprise your baby on their first birthday by taking them to the beach. Even if this may not be their first time there, you can make it a special visit by inviting a few friends. Go with some drinks and snacks. Ensure your baby has their favorite toys with them. Your baby may take a few naps during the visit, so come prepared with their carrier. Remember the usual baby essentials like diapers, wipes, baby sunglasses, and a change of clothes. Apply sunscreen on your baby’s skin to protect them from the sun’s rays.

5. Have a birthday photo-shoot

Still wondering how to celebrate first birthday without a party? You can schedule a photo session with your photographer. That won’t take much effort as you don’t have to prepare anything. Take your baby to the photo studio and take all your desired pictures. A photo session will help you keep memories of your baby’s first birthday. Your baby will also find the studio environment interesting with all the colors and effects present.

6. Indulge your baby with a color pallet

You can paint a picture of your baby to mark their first birthday. That can serve as a memorial for such a remarkable milestone. You can also allow your baby to paint to make it even more enjoyable. Let them explore the beauty of colors on their special day. Ensure to keep your baby’s painting too. Imagine the joy that will fill their hearts on revisiting the pictures after a few years when they must have been wiser!

7. Decorate the house

Even though you’ve decided not to have a party on your baby’s first birthday, you can still have some baby decorations on. Put up some balloons and first birthday decorative banners. That sets a happy mood for the whole day. Let your baby play with all their favorite toys while you play some happy music in the background. Most importantly, show your baby much love and kindness on this special day. Sing the happy birthday song at intervals and keep a cheerful look. Though young, your baby will know that the day is unique and revolves around them.


Happy first birthday to your baby! Now you have different ideas on how to celebrate first birthday without a party. You have so many options available that you shouldn’t have difficulty picking one. Your little one deserves their special day, party, or no party. So which of the options above will it be?

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